Willow felt her head floating with exhilaration, she had Buffy in her arms, she was kissing her and she was kissing back, oh boy was she! 'They' were moving towards her bed. Suddenly fear gripped her, insecurity hit her. 'What the hell am I doing. I must be a fool to think I know how to please her, she's had a man who's been around long enough to learn every trick in the book, what if we make love and she doesn't like it'. Willow froze.

Sensing a sudden retreat in Willow and Buffy pulled back to make eye contact.

As Willow met Buffy's eye's she saw a strange insecurity in her face. Gone was the confident slayer who had seduced her and in it's place the often hidden insecure Buffy, that few ever saw. Realising that she wasn't alone and that somehow making it something she had to fix, also made it easier to face her own demon's. "You do know that we don't have to do anything more tonight. Holding is fine. Kissing is way fine. I know we're both on unknown territory here, so no pressure, okay?" She softly ran the back of her hand along Buffy's chin, hoping to sooth her, remembering her first time. "I'm nervous too you know."

Buffy suddenly looked very foolish and young. "Yeh right, cos you've never been here before."

"True, I've never been here, with you in my arms, about to be in my bed, permitted to kiss and caress you, nope never been here before, well not for real anyway." Willow blushed at her bumbling confession.

"See there I am feeling all 'fear of built up expectations' woman and with one sentence you remind me that I'm not alone. I love you Will's." Buffy leaned forward and drank in Willow, at least that's how it felt. Ending the kiss Buffy pulled Willow back onto the bed, where they both giggled and held each other.

Buffy's heart was pounding, so loudly in her chest that she thought she would faint. The sweet and then sensual kisses that Willow reigned upon her, were making her head spin. She couldn't even recall how she had become naked, or more's the pity how Willow had.

The nearness of Willow, the scent, the touch, the feel, her senses were overloading and yet she wanted more, she wanted this woman to consume her, carry her away. Desperately she pulled away shaking her head.

"Buffy?" Willow questioned, observing her lover's flushed cheeks and short breaths. A moment of pride at the affect she was having, was all she allowed herself, before turning her full attention to her love.

"Sorry Will, brain overload. Just need to get a ………(gasp) handle on myself."

"Need a hand?" Asked Willow, with a sexy smirk.

More blood rushed to Buffy's face, as her heart leaped at the simple and true desire, she saw in he eyes. No one had ever looked at her like that. Normally it was hunger, need, lust or the thirst for conquest, she saw. But in Willow eyes she saw the desire to love, fully surrounding her.

She felt inadequate and unsure of herself, she knew she loved this woman more that she had ever loved anyone else in her life. But was she just being selfish, needy, hungry for what Willow could give her. No, it was so much more than that, it was this connection, this feeling that the world was only right if they were orbiting each other. They were meant to be, Willow was her soul mate, her split apart, she made Buffy make sense.

"Oh sweet heaven, if you help me anymore I think I will melt."

"Mmm, melting Buffy, now that would be a first." Willow replied and lowered her head again, to continue raining kisses on her love.

Buffy mind suddenly froze as Willow's lips moved down 'Oh God' resounded in her head 'Oh God, Yes.' Willow was heading where only hands had ventured before. 'Oh God, No.' Mentally she slapped herself – she knew this would probably be involved in making love to Willow, why was she freaking. 'What if I smell awful down there, no one ever wanted to do this to me before. Oh God, just the idea of Willow's lips on my….. Oh God, there must have been a reason why no one ever… Oh please be as soft and gentle as in my dreams. What if she hates the way I taste, what if mines different from other women's, what if…..' Right at this moment she would rather be unarmed and naked in the cemetery, face to face with the Master.

Willow moved slowly down drawn by the sweet scent of Buffy, now beginning to ooze from between her legs. Drawing a long deep breath, she drowned in her scent, as if falling into aromatic bliss. Slowly she moved between her legs, kissing the small mound of neatly trimmed, soft and naturally blond hair, as it led her to the Orchid in Buffy's garden. Her ministrations were drawing shakes, trembles and sharp intakes of anticipation from her love.

Willow paused, 'Ok now just a little more anticipation before…'

Buffy was going crazy between fear and longing. She could feel Willow's hot breath against her skin, against her, It was wonderful. Then she felt something soft, warm, against her…she arched uncontrollably, pushing herself against that wonderful…. 'Oh God.' Electricity shot up her body. Then it was removed 'Oh No.' Then it was back, stroking her most sensitive place, opening her up, laying her bare. With each lick, slow and deliberate, she settled into a series of shocks, begging and bliss….she found religion, she was a complete convert to the Goddess that lay between her legs, her Willow.

Willow could hear the soft moans leaving Buffy's lips, between gasps and sighs, with each stroke of her tongue. Her heart leapt at the pleasure she was giving her love and she felt herself becoming moist. 'Keep it slow girl, its her first time, make it special.' She reigned in the rush of passion, knocking at her door and settled her course. She was determined to ensure that Buffy would never be able to say those fearful words 'this was a mistake' in the morning. She wanted every memory, moment, first, taste and sweet sound.

"Oh God Willow. I Love you." Buffy almost shouted as she found her voice, through the sweet river of pleasure in which she was bathing.

Willow's heart leapt and she knew that now, was the time for another first. She moved down just a fraction, down towards Buffy's now glistening opening. Slowly she ran her tongue, down from the Orchid and into Buffy, dipping in and out. Drinking in Buffy's love juices, she placed the memory of every drop, taste, scent of Buffy's warm and wet centre in her heart, as her chest heaved with satisfaction, no more wondering, no more dreaming, she knew.

As she dipped her tongue yet again, two very strong thighs gripped the sides of her head and then she felt it, she was bathed in Buffy's juices – 'Oh My Sweet Goddess – I did that – little me!' A very stupid grin forced its way across her partially crushed face.

Every muscle tightened, as if she was being compressed whilst the top of her head seemed to begin to unscrew itself. 'So soon? Never been here so soon. Oh God. Just a few gentle strokes of that oh so innocent, soft and oh so hot tongue and she was undone. How the hell could she live up to that? Damn it girl your gonna learn, I am so not letting her ever do that to anyone else but me, ever again.'