A/n: All right, I do know that ER just came into its newest season and I am already trying to get rid of my fascination with one of the new characters; hot shot Ray Barnett. MMM-yummy Shane West. I have been following him since the beginning of his career. Henz...Once and Again, Whatever It Takes, A Walk to Remember (A big fan), LXG. Lets Just say I am a big fan ask QueenBeth2. So I am writing a story. NO PARING FROM SHOW!

Chapter 1: ER Rush

Ray stepped into the Emergency Room with his, not normal doctor attire. He had been up late the night before at a concert with his band. Although he was out late, Ray was no stranger to no sleep. He normally stayed up late and did mid-term papers drinking butt loads of coffee with no cream or sugar.

Now, adding to working in the ER, he had a truckload. The ER was no easy task; you had to do every little thing, which made getting to know the patients not a lot of time. Ray was a people person. Little kids were his specialty. He loved little children. He had two little brothers and a little sister.

"Late again Hot Shot!" Samantha Taggert said.

"Sorry, sorry! There was traffic! I had to park my car." Ray said.

"You don't even drive to work Barnett. You skateboard." Dr. Carter said placing patient files on the counter.

"Okay, so I sleeped in late." Ray said putting his lab coat on.

"You can't always stay out and party." Sam said.

"No, but I can try." Ray said with a grin.

"Alright! Get to work." Carter said. Ray nodded. Suddenly, the ER doors busted open.

"A 15 year old boy, riding a 4 wheeler, he hit a hill and flipped. Cuts on his chest and back. Unconscious and contusions to the skull." The young man said pulling him into the ER. They pulled the boy in and worked on him. Ray helped and then 30 minutes later, he came out as he saved the young man's life. He placed the patient's file on the counter and wiped his eyes of sweat.

"Having a rough morning?" Dr. Abby Lockhart said behind Ray. Ray turned around.

"Oh no! I am fine it's just, was I this stupid when I was a teenager?" Ray said realizing that the teen in the room was stupider then he.

"Well, Ray, I don't know what you were like when you were 16 or 17 but I think every teen has there flaws and they always make mistakes according to what goes on and how people treat them. Honestly, to tell you the truth. When I was 18, I went out on a boat and I kind of flipped it. Sent 4 people to the hospital including myself and all the while I know that in life we all make mistakes" Abby said sitting down and looked at him.

"Thanks Abby. Your words of wisdom has helped me through rough times." Ray said laughing. Abby padded his back and went back to work looking at a few patients in the next room. Neela walked into the ER late by an hour. She knew Carter was going to yell at her not to mention Weaver will go crazy. Ray never tried to cover for Neela because she often that of Ray as a rough rider and no good. So Ray never said anything to her.

"Neela, nice of you to grace your presence to us." Carter said walking into the main station.

"My parents are in town I had to pick them up for the airport." Neela said placing her stuff under the counter.

"Well, you knew you had to work an hour ago. You have 5 rounds to make up Neela." Carter said walking out. Neela signed and walked to the patient's room.

"I figure she doesn't like me much." Ray said to himself.

"Yeah, she hates you buddy." Dr. Gregory Pratt said entering.

"Figures. Well, I have to make more rounds. There is a little girl in 4 who broke her leg. I better go check on her." Ray said walking out to the room.

"Daddy, I want to go home!" the little girl cried.

"I know honey. But the doctor has to fix your leg. Then we can go home." The older gentlemen said.

"Hello, I am Dr. Barnett, I am going to fix your leg." Ray said smiling at the young girl and pulling a rolling chair up to sit with him.

"I want to go home!" The girl cried.

"Well," he looked down at the chart to find out her name. "Blossom, we have to fix your leg then you can go home and watch Spongebob and eat ice cream all afternoon."

"How did you know I like Spongebob?" Blossom asked.

"Lucky guess." Ray smiled.

"Okay, fix my leg." The young girl said in sarcasm. He smiled and nodded as he finished the procedure to fix a broken leg. Around 2 o clocks, the ER had slowed down a little and he took a break for lunch. When he came back there was a big rush. A 26-year-old woman was hit by another car. A girl the same age as him.