A/n: All right, as you can see, I hate Neela. She is rude and I am putting a stop to her. She needs to be stopped. Anyways, this is a Ray/OC fic. Don't expect Neela and Ray to get together.

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Chapter 3: Thanking Him

Ray walked into one of the rooms expecting to find Amanda but she was gone. Ray walked over to the Nurse's Station.

"Hey, where did patient Amanda McKenzie go?" Ray asked Sam.

"Um, she was taken up to ICU. She will be there for awhile." Sam said.

"Okay, do you have a room number?" Ray asked.

"No, I am sorry." Sam inquired going back to work. Ray shook his head as Neela entered the Nurse's Station.

"I saw her." She said placing stuff down.

"What? Wait, did you tell them I still had to check her vitals? They just let her go?" Ray said.

"Oh, about that, I checked them. Then I sent her on her way upstairs." She said. Ray shook his head.

"That was my patient." Ray said angrily. Neela laughed.

"Oh Ray, its alright. She was ready to leave anyways." Neela said walking out. Ray looked at his watch, which had now said 5:30 pm.

"Sam, is there anyway you can find her by morning I would really like to talk to her." Ray asked.

"I sure can but I am swamped now." Sam said. Ray nodded and put his lab coat up and walked off. He grabbed his stuff and walked out of the ER carrying his skateboard as he walked down the street. As he walked he saw a shop and headed in.

The next morning, Amanda was lying in bed.

"Now, Amanda what did we say about that damn car." Amanda's mother, Scarlet asked.

"Mom that truck came out of no where. I swear, it was like, I was just driving and suddenly, boom, I was hit." Amanda said clapping her hands together.

"Well, I tell ya! Look!" Amanda's father, Doug said.

"Sorry dad." Amanda said lower her head.

"Alright. I am hungry. Doug come with me to get some food." Scarlet said standing up. "We'll be back in a little while dear."

"Alright Mom. I will be here, I don't have anywhere to go." Amanda laughed as she laid her head back. Her parents left and she was left to think. Her life was going wrong but now it was worst with the accident. Her eyes closed and she thought about the things going through her mind.

"Hello..." A man's voice said. She opened her eyes and looked at the figure in the doorway. She smiled as she saw the handsome, Ray Barnett standing there.

"Hey." She said sitting up in her hospital bed.

"You left yesterday without seeing me. Neela said she checked your vitals and let you on your way." Ray said.

"Yeah, she said that it was okay. I was hoping to get to talk to you but when I was rolled up here I thought there was no chance." Amanda said as Ray pulled up a chair next to her.

"Well, I am glad I found you." Ray replied. He held a bag in hand and placed it on the floor.

"What is that?" Amanda asked looking on the floor at the bag.

"You shall know in due time." Ray smiled with his excellent grin. Amanda laughed and closed her eyes.

"I am so pissed they ripped my shirt. I have had it since the 80's! When I was a young girl that was the only thing my father every gave me!" Amanda said angry.

"I am sorry. Its procdure that we cut anything that is in our way. And in that case, it was your shirt. But I have a surprise to give you." Ray said.

"Is that surprise in that bag?" Amanda asked.

"Yeah. It is. Do you want it?" Ray said holding it in arm length. Amanda nodded and grabbed the bag from his hands. She opened the bag and saw a black t-shirt with lots of pink and yellow on it. She took it out and smiled.

"A Sex Pistols shirt. Oh thank you." Amanda said hugging him. He felt a warmness run through him as her arms wrapped around him. She let go and smiled.

"Wow, that was a great thank you!" Ray said smiling. Amanda blushed a little then placed the shirt back in the bag.

"You are one of the nicest doctors I have ever had." Amanda laughed. He nodded and smiled.

"So how much longer are you going to be in the hospital?" Ray asked looking at her.

"Well, I am not quite sure. They said I am doing a lot better then I was but now they are saying that I need to have x-rays and all the stuff. I know I will be here all week." Amanda said with a sign.

"Maybe I can sneak up here on my late shift tonight and I can bring you something to eat. The guys downstairs say I have a high metabalisiom." Ray said. Amanda nodded in joy. Anything to spend more time with Ray Barnett.