He Could Not Let Her See It

There was glass everywhere. Jack scrambled to clean it up. Any moment Popuri would be home and he couldn't let her see it. The vase that had rested on their table had been a wedding present from Rick. Now the shards were everywhere. The window was also shattered. The glass was everywhere. It was an accident, however. Surely Popuri would understand, wouldn't she? It would break her heart, however. He could not let her see it.

Jack still held his sickle. He had been harvesting hay for the stock and had brought it into the house with him. He threw it hastily into a corner and quickly grabbed a couple of shards of glass. The glass was sharp and there was blood on his hands. He was mesmerized by the reflection of the blood in the glass for a moment and then he dropped the glass back on the floor. There was blood on the floor. How would he clean it up in time? He could not let her see it.

Jack grabbed a broom and barely noticed the blood from his hands staining the handle. He feverishly swept the mess on the floor into a garbage bag. Jack stole a glance at the clock. She would be home soon. She must not see it. He found every last piece of glass and swept it into the bag. However there was the blood. The blood remained. He stared at the blood. How badly did it stain the floor? Would he clean it in time? He could not let her see it.

For the moment, he ignored the blood and ran to the barn. He found a large pane of glass there, and hastily refitted it to the window. The window was repaired, but through it he could still see the mess he had made. Popuri would be home any moment. He could not let her see it.

He ran into the house and scoured the floor. He also cleaned the broom handle and got the blood off of his hands and clothes. He was just tying up the handle of the garbage bag when Popuri walked in the door. Jack glanced anxiously at the garbage bag. He could not let her see it.

"Hi honey!" Popuri said brightly as she walked into the room.

Jack answered her nervously. Was she suspicious? He inched closer to the bag. He could not let her see it.

"Rick may come over today." Popuri continued.

Jack glanced nervously at the bag.

"I thought we could invite him to stay for dinner." She moved closer to the table.

Jack was sweating now. Did she notice the vase missing?

She walked over to the garbage bag.

"I'll take this out honey; you finish your work so you can relax until dinner time."

She grabbed the handle of the bag, but she could not lift it. The bag did not budge. Jack snatched it out of her hands.

"I'll take it out with me." he said. He could not let her see it.

"You're so sweet!" Popuri said pleasantly.

She took his hands in her own and gave him a kiss. Then she put his hands to her face.

"Harvesting hay today? It's amazing you never cut yourself with that sharp sickle!" She examined his hands. "not one scratch on them!"

Popuri went to the kitchen and began to get things ready for their meal. She noticed the sickle lying in a corner.

"I wish you wouldn't leave that lying around the house sweetie. If it fell on the baby, it's so sharp that it could cut off his arm, or worse!"

These words had an effect on Jack. He snatched up the sickle and heaved the bag over his shoulder before exiting the house. Would she notice? She had to forgive him! It was an accident after all. A person could slip, hit their head on the window and break it and then crash against the table and knock off the vase.

Jack glanced at his sickle and was horrified. There was still blood on the blade. He glanced anxiously at the house. She was preparing dinner and wanted to invite Rick. She had to forgive him. Jack had not meant to push Rick so hard. But he had to hide the mess. Jack glanced at the sickle again. Rick was not coming to dinner, but he could not let her see it.

By Zinovia H. Hatzipetros