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Pairing(s): Kaoru/Soujirou & one-sided Kao/Ken

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So Beautiful

She is so beautiful.



She has a temper, yes, and we all suffer the bumps and bruises,

But she is still so beautiful.

On the inside and outside, she is beautiful.

But she can never be mine.

She is supposed to be my woman.

Not his.

This one has saved her so many times.

How can she love him?

Him, of all people?

This one once fought with him, and he nearly killed me!

And yet, she loves him so. Not I.

I can see her looking with longing at his kind face.

There she is, calling out his name.

I want to scream.

She is supposed to be mine!

But no, she fell in love with him.

Does she even know his past?

How could she fall in love with him?

And yet, however I try to change it, she will never be mine now.

They say it is forbidden love, and it should be.

But it is not.

She is the woman I love, and I owe her so much.

I cannot be so cruel now.

I have decided to give up.

She loves him, and he loves her.

I will not stand in their way any longer.

I cannot stand to see it, though.

I barely know what I am doing as I pick up my sakabato and unsheathe it.

I barely knew that I had flipped the blade until I felt it plunge into my chest.

I could hear her voice, screaming my name.

I felt her arms around me.

The last thing I saw was her crying face,

And him, his hand on her shoulder.

Then all was dark.

They are free.

I am no longer an obstacle.

Their love is no longer forbidden.