Title: Fushigi no Kuni ni Miyukichan: Never End

Chapter: 1-Koutougakkou no Kuni ni Miyukichan (Miyuki-chan in High School Land)

Manga: Fushigi no Kuni ni Miyukichan

Rated: PG-13 for sexual situations

Author: Death Mountain

Disclaimer: Me no own Miyuki-chan. CLAMP own Miyuki-chan.


The unfortunate Aijou Miyuki tore down the halls of Tohama Koutougakkou at top speed, tears flowing comically from her eyes. Her fuku skirt frequently fluttered up, earning hoots and cheers from her pursuers in response to the blatant panty shot. Why me? Why always me? She wondered miserably. I haven't done anything wrong—I study hard, I have a job, and I don't have a criminal record.

Her question was left unanswered, and it would probably remain that way, forever out of Miyuki's reach. For the moment, though, she had to focus on escaping the latest bunch of ridiculously amorous nutcases hot on her heels. A classroom door was propped open up ahead, so she seized the opportunity and ducked in. The concourse of lascivious ladies thundered obliviously past the room, a parade of skimpily dressed schoolgirls, sadistic but sexy gym teachers, and several underdressed staff members.

Miyuki leaned back against the wall and breathed a heavy sigh of relief, still sweating and panting from her long run. Finally, some peace!

She jumped when the classroom door slammed shut and the lock clicked into place. Her face turned red in horrified anticipation of the next bizarre dame that seemed to have made her entrance.

A loud snap pierced the silence. "Class is in session!" someone announced. The voice had come from an unsurprisingly ravishing woman sitting on the edge of the teacher's desk. Her red hair was done up in a tight bun, and glasses rested on her nose in front of stern, very controlling eyes. Here, however, all resemblance to a contemporary teacher ended. Her white button-up blouse was open more than halfway down to show her bust. The blouse was small and nearly skintight, clinging to the woman's every curve. The skirt she wore was short enough that it gave Miyuki a good view of the teacher's panties. Long, black leather boots hugged her slender legs. In her hands was a long, menacing yardstick, which she was currently fiddling with.

"Class helpers!" The teacher clapped her hands.

Out of nowhere several schoolgirls attacked Miyuki, jamming her into a desk in the front row and tying her to it vigorously. They finished, bowed to the teacher, and disappeared again. Miyuki sweated frantically in terror.

The teacher whipped out a roster and examined it. "Aijou Miyuki-chan. Absent, absent, absent. These absences are simply unforgivable! You have been a very naughty girl, Miyuki-chan!"

"Uh . . .sorry?" Miyuki squeaked.

The teacher grinned and leaned forward, nicking her in the chin. "You're so damn cute I'm almost tempted to let this go. But a teacher who shirks her duties is no teacher at all!"

She smacked her yardstick against the blackboard, where several questions were written. "What, what, WHAT is the main commodity of Algeria?"

As frightened as she was, Miyuki knew that this would somehow inevitably end up with her clothes being ripped off. She tried for the question anyway. "Uh, copper?"

"WRONG!" the teacher thundered. A crack from the yardstick and Miyuki's top fell open.

"KYAAAAAAA!" Miyuki shrieked.

"Solve this problem in the next ten seconds! 5d minus ½ (3d8) is less than or equal to –47/2d!"

She wracked her brain to figure out the equation in the impossibly short time span, but to no avail.

"Time's up!" CRACK! Miyuki's skirt fell down to her ankles. She was facing her ordeal in nothing but her bra and her favorite bunny undies!

"Miyuki-chan!" The teacher grinned psychotically. "Where was William Shakespeare born?"

"Uh . . .uh . . .Stratford-on-the-Avon!"

"Oooh, aren't you precious! Correct! Unfortunately, that's two out of three wrong. You are hopelessly undereducated! Time for some one-on-one tutoring!" The teacher's eyes were wide and shining very greedily. "And now, the real fun begins!"

"KYAHAHAAAAA!" Miyuki screamed and shot up in her desk. "Hunh?" A large drool stain permeated her algebra homework, which she had been sleeping on. "Oh, good! Just a dream! Phew!"

The classroom door slammed shut and the lock clicked into place. Miyuki paled as a horrifyingly familiar voice rang in her ears.

"Class is in session!"

Never End

Nyan. Short. I seem to have a thing for short first chapters.

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