Title: Fushigi no Kuni ni Miyukichan: Never End

Chapter: 3-Otogi Banashi no Kuni ni Miyukichan (Miyuki-chan in Fairy Tale Land)

Manga: Fushigi no Kuni ni Miyukichan

Rated: T

Author: Death Mountain

Disclaimer: Me no own Miyuki-chan. CLAMP own Miyuki-chan.

"KYA!" A startled scream and a thundering crash resonated through the public library, instigating the librarian to jump out of her seat and come running to the scene of the crime, where a high-school girl was lying on the floor amidst numerous volumes of books which had fallen from the shelves.

"Library is for quiet!" the librarian snapped. "So be quiet!"

"S-sorry . . ." Aijou Miyuki sniffed, pulling herself up and picking up the books around her. The librarian sniffed and disappeared once more, leaving the schoolgirl alone. Miyuki's face streamed with silent tears. "If I weren't so tired, my reaction time might have been quicker. But I'm exhausted! Baseball practice yesterday turned into another freaky strip show and those girls were chasing me for half the night! I never get any peace!

"Now, what was I looking for?" In her hand was a book titled, "Traditional Western Fairy Tales." "Oh, yeah! I remember now!"

Her English teacher had assigned a project that involved fairy tales from the West, and Miyuki knew nothing about that topic. So the logical place to turn to was the public library. She sighed and opened the book to the table of contents. It had a long list of unfamiliar story titles. Miyuki's finger stopped on one. "'Sleeping Beauty in the Wood.' That looks interesting."

She turned to the indicated page and was instantly blinded by an unexpected flash of white light. The world spun around her and she screamed, "Not again!" as she was drawn in a nauseating spiral into the pages of the book. With a pop she disappeared, and the book plopped to the ground.


"Itetetete." Miyuki sat up and rubbed her head, having smacked it very hard on the stone floor. As the throbbing in her skull died down she took in her surroundings. She was in a corridor with a stone floor and walls lined with lush curtains and paintings in expensive frames. "Aaaa, no. Did I fall inside the book? I better find a way outta here."

As if on cue a torch lit, making her jump. It was followed by the sudden illumination of other torches on the wall past it. The last few lit on a spiral stone staircase. "Ah! Stairs? Maybe someone's up there." Miyuki hurried down the hall. Each time she passed a torch, its flame disappeared, its purpose fulfilled.

There were no windows, just torches. After several minutes of trudging up the winding stairs, Miyuki began to count the steps. She had reached one hundred twenty-seven when she ran smack into a door, earning yet another nasty bump.

"Please be a way to help!" she pleaded. "Urk!" Oh, why do I even bother?

Across the room, lying on a windowseat, was a beautiful woman in the type of dress that a princess might have worn in medieval England. The drapes on the window were drawn, allowing streams of sunlight to pour in, illuminating her pale skin. In her hands were clasped a bouquet of roses. She appeared to be sleeping.

"When did she have time to pose like that?" Miyuki wondered out loud. After all, who would ever feel asleep so perfectly?

She approached the sleeping woman tentatively, observing the subtle swell of her bosom, the delicate curve of her full lips painted red, the blush of her cheeks. How ridiculous! thought Miyuki. Getting all made up just to go to sleep.

"Phew!" Miyuki wiped her forehead. "Why is it so hot in here?" Her eyes fell on the closed window. "Don't any of these crazy places atleast have air conditioning? I'm gonna let some air in before I go."

She stepped up to the stone bench and leaned forward to open the window. With lightning quickness the sleeping woman's arm shot out like a snake striking. It wrapped around Miyuki's waist and pulled her down on top of the woman, who sneezed and started to snore loudly. Miyuki screamed shrilly and struggled with all her might to escape from the steel grip that held her.

"This was not what I was planning to study! Kyayaaa!"

The woman's other arm grabbed Miyuki's breast. She shrieked and pounded at the windowseat. One fierce lurch pulled the two women over the edge of the seat and onto the stone floor.

"Ow!" the woman cried, sitting up and rubbing her head. "That doth hurt." She grabbed the roses she had dropped. "Ist thou going to explaineth?" she asked Miyuki.

"What are you talking about? You grabbed me!" Miyuki pointed out, shaking.

The woman stared haughtily at her. "All we want'd wast one little kiss."

Miyuki's face turned red. "You faker! You were only pretending to be asleep!"

"A kiss, a kiss! A kiss to free'st us from our hundred years of slumber!" She moved with arms outstretched to Miyuki, who scrambled to her feet and pressed against the wall.

"Hey, stay away!" Miyuki shrieked. "I, I know jujitsu!" she lied. The window was behind her. She crawled on the seat and struggled to push the amorous lady off her, carefully avoiding the woman's lips Sweat popped out on her face and she glanced about for a means of escape.

"Why do I always end up like this?" she bemoaned.

A scramble backwards, leaning against the window. Miyuki pulled back just a little too far and with a push from her feet, she tripped backwards and the window clattered open. With a scream, Miyuki tumbled out. She grabbed for something to pull her back up, but found nothing.

"I'm gonna dieeeeeeeeeee!" she screamed.

As the ground came shooting up the wind blew and to her surprise it caught her as though she were light as a feather. Her heart was still pounding when her feet touched the ground. Her skirt fluttered up in the rush of air and she hurriedly patted it down. Whew! What a close call! Eh?"

A cobblestone road extended out before her lined with small houses of wood or brick. A cart pulled by a donkey rolled past and disappeared a ways down. Miyuki tapped the stones with her shoe and smiled. Finally, a nice, calm little town.

But it was getting dark, and it didn't look as though she would be going home anytime soon, but with these crazy places you never knew. Either way, it might be wise to get a place to sleep. Maybe she'd wake up at home.

Sighing, she chose a house by random selection and knocked on the door.

She ended up with a kindly couple who made and sold shoes. They didn't have much money, so Miyuki paid them to let her stay for the night. She curled up with a blanket and pillow in a small room by the kitchen. Late at night something awakened her. She could hear noises coming from the workshop.

Rubbing her eyes blearily, Miyuki followed the noise into the dimly lit room where the couple kept materials for shoes. At once, she was wide awake and alert. Sitting at the table and working were two young women with dark skin and silky blonde hair and pointy ears. Most striking was that they were completely naked. Miyuki eeped and tried not to look at their naked, round breasts while pushing out of her head questions of whether their pubic hair was blonde, also.

They merely glanced at her and went back to their work, unconcerned. "W-who are you?" Miyuki asked.

"We're elves!" they replied in unison.

"Um, what are you doing?" Miyuki continued nervously, certain that she was not going to like the answer.

One of the elves looked up, all dark rosy cheeks and platinum blonde hair and Junoesque physique. "We're making bondage gear, of course!" the elf answered, staring at Miyuki as if she were a little slow.

Miyuki twitched. "W . . .why would you do that?"

The other elf held up a black leather lace-up boot and examined it carefully. "Well, this couple, all they ever do is make shoes, and they have no time for anything else. So we thought we'd help to spice up their sex life a little!"

The schoolgirl face-faulted and crashed to the floor in shock. "With bondage gear?" she shrieked, pulling at her hair. Why are the people I meet in these places always so crazy? "Don't you think instead you should make shoes for them to sell?"

"You're crazy, child! Cute, but crazy!" the first elf finished braiding a leather whip.

Her companion set her supplies down on the table and pulled Miyuki over, holding up a black leather corset for scaling. "Hmm . . .we should really test this stuff before we give it to that nice couple! Here, try it on!" She pounced on Miyuki and in no time had replaced the brunette's sailor fuku with a whole ensemble of skimpy black leather.

"Kya! What the hell are you doing?" Miyuki screamed, trying in vain to cover herself with her arms. "I look like a slut!"

"A cute slut," one of the elves pointed out.

"Give me back my clothes!" the schoolgirl shrieked. She changed back into her uniform at top speed. "Freaks!" Not wanting to spend one more second there, she raced out of the room and out the front door.

One of the elves pouted. "What are we going to do now? That couple is still asleep and there's no one to use this bondage gear."

Her companion shrugged. "There's us."

"These ARE more our size, anyway." The first elf held up the corset. "S&M is fun!"

"Why?" Miyuki moaned, trudging through the forest in despair. "Elves, princesses, bondage . . .why can't it be for once someone normal? And why am I always the one getting jumped? These people should just get together for a . . .an orgy or something! I don't even have any shoes anymore!"

The leaves of a bush rustled somewhere, and Miyuki froze in place. "Hello?" she muttered. Oh no! What if there are wild animals in these woods? Damn it, can't I ever get some luck?

"RAWR!" someone snarled, and a gray blur leapt out of the bushes and pounced on Miyuki. She screamed as she hit the ground hard enough that it made her head spin and her ears ring. Her attacker grabbed her by the lapel and shook her furiously, growling like an animal.

"Itai itai itai itai itai itai!" Miyuki wailed, her head bobbing back and forth.

"Eh?" The assailant paused and peered at her. "Hey, who the bloody hell are you?"

"Guh?" Miyuki blinked and looked up. A moan escaped her throat when she saw the figure on top of her.

It was clearly a woman—very clearly—with tan skin and wavy red hair and gray ears set on top of her head, sniffing curiously at Miyuki. A fluffy grayish tail swung out from behind her, swishing around lazily. The woman was dressed in nothing but gray furs that just barely covered her chest and crotch, as well as long fur gloves with small claws. "You're not Red Riding Hood!" the woman observed.

"Well, I hope not!" Miyuki squeaked, trying to find a way out but failing, seeing as the animal woman had her pinned to the ground.

"You're awfully cute though. I could just eat you up!" she smirked, rubbing her body very subtly against Miyuki's. "And I have to eat someone, seeing as I am the Big Bad Wolf."

"I think I'll paaaaaaaaaass!" Miyuki shrieked, squirming to pull herself away.

"Aw come on, just a little nibble," the Wolf purred, bending her head down to kiss Miyuki's neck.

"Wolfie!" shouted a new voice, sounding very irritated.

The Wolf sat up, still holding Miyuki to the ground. "Oh, hi, Red!"

"Oh, bloody hell," Miyuki groaned.

The dark-haired young girl's only resemblance to Little Red Riding Hood was the red cloak she wore, but underneath it was an ensemble that Red's mother probably would not have let her step foot outside of the house in—red camisole and lace panties.

"Wolfie, what is this?" Red demanded. "You were supposed to meet me on the way to Grandmother's!"

She's younger than me! Miyuki thought, trying very hard to ignore that the kid actually looked pretty cute in her curious apparel.

"Aw! But, Red, she's so cute! Look at her!" the Wolf implored, poking Miyuki in the cheek. The schoolgirl squeaked and swatted her hand away indignantly.

"Oh, my!" Red sidled up to the pair and bent over to examine Miyuki. "You're quite right! But why such queer attire?" Her hands found Miyuki's skirt and lifted it up. "I wonder what this is supposed to cover, hm?"

"Hey, stop that!" Miyuki pulled her skirt back down, hiding her upper legs from Red's inquisitive eyes.

"Nice knickers," Red remarked.

The Wolf sat up. "Do you want the first bite, or shall I?"

Miyuki seized the opportunity. She scrambled to her feet and took off like a shot through the forest, leaving Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf to gaze after her in thinly disguised disappointment.

"Awww, she ran away." Red pouted cutely.

The Wolf shrugged and brushed the dirt off her front. "Oh, well. Wanna go jump the Three Little Pigs?"

Sniffling and rubbing the tears from her eyes, Miyuki started walking at a normal pace when she was far away from the two women. "This sucks," she moaned. "Why me? I never asked for this! I just wanna go home!"

She tripped on a tree root, hit her head, and blacked out.

"Young lady, will you please be more careful and keep it down!"

She was lying on her back among a pile of books, and the snarling face of the librarian loomed over her. Miyuki blinked. At that moment she felt like jumping to her feet and hugging the elderly lady.

She's ugly! She's an old bat! The high-school girl burst into happy tears as the librarian shuffled off. That means I'm back home! My shoes are gone, though.

Uncaring, Miyuki pushed herself up and examined one of the books, determined to get back to work on her project.

The book read, "Goldilocks and the Three Bears."

Hehe! Bye, bye!