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Chapter one: Another Horror in Store

If you had wonder what happen to the yugioh gang well.........they had been trapped on the Survivor island. But now everyone had returned to their beloved homes. Seto Kaiba had now returned to his beloved technology. Yugi isn't happier to see his grandpa; Soloman M. Tea is back to friendship speeches. Marik and Bakura, partner in crime, is now plotting plans to take over the world to make up for lost time. Yup, everyone and everything is back to normal. But of course they're not getting off that easily......they won't know what hit them until it's too late!!

Hahahhahaha!! Hey wait!! Now I sound like Marik!!.................Nah!! Hahahhahaha!! (Evil laugh)

Joey came into the room and lifted up the covers. "Hey Bloom, why are you laughing evilly under the covers like that?? Reminds me of Marik." He shudders at the thought.

I looked at him. "Do you have to come in here and interrupt my evil time??!!" I asked.

Joey looked a bit surprised. "Well...um.....um....if you think I'm surprised well....well.....I'm not!!" (Uh huh nice save)

I smiled evilly. "Um, Joey??"

"Yeah??" he asked.

"Can you tell everyone to come to Yugi's house tonight??"

"Well, sure I'll go right now."

"Thanks, Joey."

I pulled the covers over my head again just as Joey made his exit.

I then took out the flashlight I had kept behind my back when he was present.

I turned on the flashlight. The light shined on my face. "They won't know what hit them until it's too late!!! Now prepare for the worst.......oh yeah, they can't because they don't know yet!! Hahahaha!! (Evil laugh)

That night at the Game shop or Yugi's house.............(A/N: Its both, right??)

Everyone was seated and was not waiting for the terrible news they must receive that night, of course they don't know that.....not yet anyways.

I waited until the noise died down then made my way to the center where everyone can hear and see.

I started talking. "As you all been notified, everyone has been arranged to come here tonigh-"

"Just cut to the point!!" called a voice who was no other than the CEO himself.

I looked at him with disgust and continued on. "You all have been to the Survivor island and had conquered what had been conquered so....I decide to let you have some fun."

"Yeah!!!" yelled Yugi.

"Awesome!!" squealed Tea.

There were a lot of "Great", "Yeah", and "Awesome".......but of course their fun would soon turned into pure horror fro the gang but fun for me.

I smiled. "To have this fun of yours we'll be........."

Everyone was wide eyed and was waiting to hear the rest of the news.

"Completing each other for the proud title of Fear Factor!!" I said as the news ended.


Everyone screamed that except for Yugi. He yelled "Yugioh!!!!!"

And let me tell you it was loud!!!

I got no idea why so I just covered my ears and waited.

Malik made his way to me. "How could you do this to us?" he cried.

I looked at him. "It will be fun and besides you have no choice in the matter.........."

I snap my fingers and the room turned dark. Purple swirls started to appear then the room turned completely dark.

On an island far away.............

The gang awoke themselves to a sandy, grassy plain......

I walked up to them with a smile. "Familiar??"

Malik took a look around. "No!! It can't be!! The nightmare is re-happening!!"

Isis walked over to her brother. "Don't worry Malik, here."

She handed him his rod.

Malik took out Mr.Fuzzy and held them tightly. (A/N: I do not now Mr.Fuzzy. It was Laria's idea, so more credits goes to her. Thanks.)

I swear if he had hugged that thing any harder than it is now, the stuffing would explode out of it.

Malik begin sucking his thumb, rocking himself back and forth. "Don't worry Mr.Fuzzy. Nothing will happen to you. I won't let her harm you........."

I looked at him, then at Isis. "I think he lost it."

"Did he ever found it??" replied Isis, without looking up.

"How could he lose it when he didn't even found it??" I asked with confusion rushing over me.

Isis continued to stare down at her brother. "How should I know?? I'm only his sister."

"Good point." I answered.

I snapped back to reality.

Everyone was either crying or looking for a way out. Yami was on the edge of the island looking for an exit.

Out of the corner of his eye he can see a metal box on the sandy ground almost being covered by sand and grass.

Mmmm, I wonder, Yami thought to himself as he reached down to touch it.

I saw what he was doing and shouted out. "Um Yami........ I wouldn't do that if I were you."

"Why??" He touched it.


"That's why."

Yami staggered his way back to the others.

Ryou was the first to notice. "Yugi!! Your yami got electrocuted or bbq!!!!"

"Bbq!! Where??!!" Joey yelled as he jumped up, searching frantically,

I decided to ignore him. Yami's hair was all sticking up and his face was filled with ashes.

I stepped up to them. "Now for the rules. There will be 13 people playing in all. Each night two people will be gone from this game. Usually there are six people and three stunts but, I've double it to 13 people and six stunts. You can't go easy on others and no cheating. If you attempt an escape you will end up like this."

I pointed to Yami. A few snickered.

"This island is surrounded by high-tech laser beams instead of water like most islands because Mako boy here can swim." I say as I looked at Mako.

"Awww, that was my plan!!" complained Mako.

"Find another plan, water boy." I shouted. "The other people will arrive shortly after."

I snap my fingers and a table appear out of nowhere. "Now place you mille.items here."

I pointed to the table.

Marik glared. "No way, it'll be like last time. We put them down and you whisked away with them."

I stared deep at him. "But you have to!!"

Marik continued to stare back at me, his arms crossed.

I growled. "Then brace yourself."

I withdrew a light saber from nowhere and handed one to Marik. (A/N: I do not own Star Wars or light sabers. Thank you.)

He gladly took it and stood in an attack position. "Prepare to fight."

"Back at you." I relied.

We took off flying through the air. He tried to whack me in the head. But, I blocked the dreaded attack.

As we were on the ground once again, he stuck his leg out trying to trip me. Thinking fast, I jumped.

As I landed, I saw him coming for me again. With the light saber in hand, I hold it out to block before his hit me in the middle of my face. He pushed me toward the beams at the edge of the island.

The beams were inches from peeling the flesh off me. I gave one final push in his direction and he felled back. I jumped up and kicked him. He landed on the sandy plain, fainted.

Defeated at last, I thought. I walked over and picked up the rod and placed it on the table.

"Anyone else?" I asked.

Everyone shook their head in fear and everyone who owned item simply came over and placed their beloved item on the table.

When all the items had been took their places on the table, I snap my fingers again and the table disappears.

Everyone was either looking down at the ground or was wondering where had their beloved belongings had went.

Nobody say anything because they all knew it was going to happen sooner or later.

I turned to Isis. "Isis, would you please??"

"Sure." She relied as she stepped out from the crowd and dragged the yami in.

I waited then turned back to the gang. "Now the other people will arrive shortly. Now listen for your names. These will be the people playing."

I read the names aloud.










And as for the ladies, Tea, Isis, Mai, and Serenity."

I looked up. "Now the stunt will begin tomorrow so go rest. You each have your own bunk so go."

Everyone grimly got up and went to their bunks.

Tomorrow the games shall begin. What horror do I have in store for the gang?? Find out next chapter!!

End of Chapter one

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