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Chapter three: Elimination

"Now the two people who will be leaving tonight are Tea...and Mai."



"Dude! That is like getting old!" complained Mako.

"Hehe, sorry. Habit," replied Yugi.

"No!" screamed Tea.

"No! I mean... Yes!" yelled Mai, "Finally I'm off this island."

"Hey why do they get to leave?" asked Seto.

"Uh...cause they're out of the game?" I said.

"You let me off this island now!" the CEO demanded.


I turned to face Tea and Mai. "I'm sorry but I guess that mean you two are out."

"What? But the power of friendship never fails! No! Friendship shall always keep me here!"

"You can take my place and rot here too if you want," said Seto.

"I'll take out," said Tea. "Mall, here I come!" yelled Mai. Then I led them out through the bushes and they were gone.

I came back to the remaining troop. "Okay, you worked really hard today...I think...so go to bed. Tomorrow's another day."

Everyone grumbled but got up to their feet. "Oh wait! Here Isis, your necklace,'' I said and I handed her the item.

"Hey! How come Isis gets her necklace back?" asked Marik.

"Uh...Because I said she can? And besides, she'll help me keep an eye over you."

Marik sat back down and crossed his arms. "Yeah but where's all the other items?"

A smile slowly but extremely creepy smile spread across my face.


"What have you done!" yelled Yami. But I remained silent and walked back to my tent. So everyone just went to their tents and got ready for bed.

"This isn't fair," complained Marik as he step over a dead branch.

"Yeah, but what can we do?" said Bakura.

"You can't, but maybe I can," whispered Malik.

"What?" asked Isis.

"Oh, nothing."

At Isis's tent...

Isis took off her necklace and placed it on a small wooden chair by her bunk. "I guess I should get ready for bed now."

She turned around and began running her hands through her drawer.

Malik tiptoed up in her tent and behind his sister. He crawled in and he started searching for the necklace. He waved his hands over the bed then to the chair. His hands touched the gold item. "Now I got you," he whispered.

Isis whirled around. "Malik! How dare you try to take my necklace!"

"I...I...I...not Malik...I...I...Take over the world!"



"Nice try, Malik."

"Okay then...I'm your ...your..."

"Little brother."

"Yes...I mean no. I'm your...your...fairy godfather!"

"Malik...," said Isis, impatiently.

"Okay. Okay. I won't lie to you anymore. Isis...I am your father."



"Uh oh. Time to run." Malik ran out of his sister's tent still holding the necklace.

Isis ran after her younger brother.

At the other tents...

Ryou's eyes flew open all of a sudden. He saw his yami looking at him. Creepy...

"Uh...what are you doing, Bakura?"

"Watching you sleep." o.O

"Why aren't you asleep?"

"I don't...because I am...Batman!" Bakura spring to his feet. He ran out of the tent flapping his arms.

"I can fly!" screamed Bakura as his voice grew fainter, further away and end up running in a tree.

"There he goes," said Yugi.

"Whoa! Now what are you doing up?" asked Ryou, surprised that Yugi isn't asleep.

"I also don't sleep...because I am...Robin!" Yugi ran out of the tent running after Bakura.

"There goes another one," said Ryou, "Creepy..."

Ryou looks over at Yami who was woken by Yugi running out of the tent. "If you start saying you're Spiderman, I am so out of here," said Ryou.

"No. I'm not Spiderman."


"But I can't sleep also because...I am Superman!" Yami also ran out following Yugi who was following Bakura.

"Oh for crying out loud!" yelled Ryou as he smack a pillow over his head.

Isis was still running after her brother yelling for him to return her necklace. "You come back here now!"

"Yeah, like that's ever going to happen!" he yelled back.

She jumped on him knocking him down also in the process, sending the necklace flying in the air. "My necklace!" she cried.

Suddenly without warning, a big fish jumped up from the murky water and ate it. O.o;; Oh and there was a small lake in the middle of the island.

"That...that...fish...ate.." Isis began not even finishing. She couldn't believe what just happened. "Malik..."

"Uh oh. Uh...The fish ate it?"

Isis grabbed his ear and pulled him back to her tent. She tied him up on a pole outside. "You can think about what you've done!"

"But I don't wanna! The fish started it!" Malik whined. Malik soon whined himself to sleep. And as for Bakura, Yugi, and Yami...well they went out for the night...

Somewhere nearby, fishermen were also out for the night to fish. Suddenly a black shadow darted into the air but then fell back down to earth on the island. One of the three fishermen gasped then alerted his alleys. "I just saw something moving on that island over there! It looks like someone trying to fly!" he yelled at the other two.

"Yeah, whatever. You're scaring the all the fish away! Be quiet!" another said.

The witness fisherman isn't willing to give up so easily. "But I know I saw something! Like a human being or something!"

Suddenly the third man stood up and waves his fists in the air. "See? I told you guys there were vampires on that island!" He cupped his hands to his mouth and shouted to the direction of the island. "Hello in there! If you're a vampire please do not suck my blood, you can suck theirs but please don't suck mine!"

"Oh be quiet! It's just your mind!" argued the second man.

Suddenly on the island, Yugi shoot out Robin's birderrang that he took from him. (Is that how you spelled it?) Yugi shoot it and it stuck to the truck of a palm tree. He reels it in and soon he was on the trunk. Yugi was also wearing Robin's cape. It fluttered in the breeze.

The three men stone a flashlight on the "moving tree". "Oh my gosh! That boy grew wings!" He yelled thinking Robin's cape was wings. Yugi shielded his eyes and hissed loudly pretending to hate the light.

"Do not fear, Superman is here!" yelled Yami as he soared onto the scene. "Do not worry, Yugi! I will make the bad guys who are dressed ugly like fishermen leave!"

Yami picked up rocks and started throwing them at the trio in the boat. His furthest rock didn't even land in the water but it landed five feet in front of him.

"I can fly!" screamed Yugi and he spread the cape and leaped from the tree. In seconds, he was in the air, flailing furiously. "I'm flying, I'm flying, I'm...falling!" Yugi fell in the water and screamed. "I'm drowning! Help me, Batman!"

Bakura jumped out from behind some tree. "Do not fear, Bat-" Suddenly, he stopped and coughed. Bakura coughed and coughed. "Do not fear, Robin!"

Bakura looked at Yugi in the water. "Batman is..."

"Okay, go on, Batman," said Yami who was supposed to be Superman.

"Okay, Batman is scared! Yugi, look at your hair!"

"NO! My hair!" screamed Yugi. "This gel is supposed to last me for three hours! I even used Yami's, Bakura's, and Marik's gels!"

"Oh, no wonder mine was all empty and in the trash...Hey!" said Yami.

"Okay! Now I'll save you, Yugi! From bad hair-dos! Batman to the save!" Bakura screamed.

"Yeah, hair is everything! Save the world from monkeys!" yelled Yami.

Bakura looked at him. "What the heck?"

"Bakura?" asked Yugi, still drowning in the water which is only a couple inches high.

"What? This better be important!" he said.

"It is... Can monkeys sing?"

"What! This is wacko, man!"

Then Yugi continued to roll around in the water. "Help, I'm drowning!"

One of the fisherman poked Yugi in the back with his fishing rod. "Hey! Keep your fishing rods to yourself, man! Ewww, it poked me!"

Suddenly Bakura yelled out, "Gang, we have to retreat back in the darkness! There's too many of them! They wear weird clothes! Oh no! We're being invaded by aliens from the world of bad hair! If they catch us, they'll mess up our hair!"

"Retreat men!" yelled Yami and the three "superheroes" ran back in the dark. Bakura ran into a tree. "Ow!" They all ran into trees. They ran past Kaiba's bunk and Yugi stopped. He put his hand in the window and grabbed Seto's gel bottle. "He won't need this!" Then Yugi ran away with Yami and Bakura.

Suddenly, the CEO mumbled in his sleep. "Gel bottle... I...love you...Marry me, my beautiful hair products..." Then his eyes shot open and saw that his beautiful gel bottle wasn't there. "NO!"

Serenity and Isis stepped outside their bunk and listen. "I woke up for that!" asked Serenity as she went back in. "Kaiba's probably yelling about his little missing shampoo again."

"MY GEL BOTTLE!" Kaiba screamed.

"Nope, it was his gel bottle, not shampoo. Big difference," said Isis.

Meanwhile, the trio had left the three fishermen stunned to the bone. "Told you there were vampires on that island," said a fisherman.

"Yeah, those guys were vampires and the Loch Ness monster is swimming right beneath us!" said the third guy.

There was a loud pop as water started leaking into the boat. The water creature rose from the water and look at the trio of fishermen. "You just have to jinx it, huh?" the first fisherman said as they all went under.

"I'm never going fishing with you again. I should have listened to my wife!" said another as he also went under.

The next morning...

I step outside the tent, inhaling a fresh air. "Ah, now let's see what the others are up to."

So I went to the other tents seeing how everyone was doing. Meanwhile, Joey and Ryou were walking along the lake in the center of the island.

"Look, there's Mako. Wonder what's he's doing," said Joey. They walked up to him. He was busy...strangling a fish...

"Die, you blasted fish! Give it up!" yelled Mako as he continues to strangled the poor fish, "Give it back! You're so evil! Give it!"

"Mako! Stop choking the poor fish!" yelled Ryou.

"It ate my ice cream!" Mako cried as he continues to choke the life out of the poor fish.

"Where on earth do you get the ice cream from?" asked Joey.

"In my dream." o.O;;

"Okay..." said Ryou.

"We better get him away before he beat the thing," Joey whispers to Ryou.


Ryou grab Mako trying to tear him away while Joey grabs the fish's tail. Finally Mako lets go and they all fell back.

The fish fell on top of Joey and it started flapping its tail striking Joey in the face. "Ahh! Get it away!"

The fish gasps for water and started bouncing up and down. "It's scary!" Joey whined all curled up in a ball.

O.o;; Mako and Ryou have to drag him all the way back to the tents for today's stunt.

Isis finally untied her brother from the post. "Now are you going to be good?"


"Will you run away?"


"Okay, let's go."

As soon as she turned around, Malik tried to run away but tripped since his leg was tied to another rope in Isis's hand.

She signs. "How did I end up with you?" She then drags her brother to the center of the campgrounds.

"But I didn't do anything!"

When she got there, she found only Seto Kaiba sitting impatiently on the wooden stump.

"Seto Kaiba? That's a surprise since you're the first one here," said Isis, dragging her brother along.

"Look, I just want to get this stunt over with!" he muttered at her then he fell silent as he remembered his tragic tale of his missing gel bottle yesterday night.

Soon, the entire colony poured out and everyone was found at their own stump.

I walked in the middle and greeted them. "Hello Yamis, Hikaris, and all those other people. Today is your next stunt to-"

I glanced over to Bakura, Yugi, and Yami. They were all sleeping on one another.

"Uh..." I started.

"They were out fighting crime all night," answered Ryou when he saw the confused authoress.

Suddenly, Bakura jerked his head and was awake. "I'm awake!" Then he slowly drifted back to sleep. "No, I'm not..."

I looked at him then turned around to discover Yami and Yugi asleep on their stumps as well. Kaiba was rocking himself back and forth on his stump whispering to himself. "Gel bottle...missing...Can't go...on..."

"What is the meaning of this?" I yelled at the surrounding people and they still didn't wake up.

"I don't think they can go on much longer," said Joey as he rubs his face to ease the pain from the frightening fish attack.

"Oh that's it!" I exclaimed. I clapped my hands together and instead of sitting on stumps, Yugi, Bakura, Yami, and Seto were tied to a chair. They still didn't wake up...

I had Yugi's spike-a-lot thing that looks like some sort of white gel, Bakura's mousse bottle a.k.a The Shiny Hair Doctor, Yami's Herbal Essence shampoo and conditioner, and finally, Seto's missing gel bottle.

"Hey, that's my missing gel bottle! I bet Yugi took it!" Kaiba screamed from behind all the rope that was securing him to the chair.

"Yeah, so? Like you haven't taken anything that belongs to me!" screamed Yugi.

"No, I haven't!"

"Oh yeah? What about that muti colored gel bottle you took from me!" asked Yugi.

"Well...I...I... I was running low and I thought you wouldn't mind if I took some," Kaiba said.

"I don't mind if you take some but you took the whole gallon of gel from crying out loud!"

"Yeah, but how do you it was me anyway?" Kaiba questioned.

"The gel is muti colored used by someone like me. I kind of figured you took it when you showed up at work with black, yellow and red in your hair," said Yugi.

"Yeah and I'll never forget that!" vowed Seto.

I snickered. "Man, I wished it could happen again. Oh well, I have a picture of it already."


"Oops... Anyway, how do you know, Seto? This could belong to Yugi, you know..." I trailed off.

"Look on the bottom!" Kaiba instructed.

I looked on the bottom of the gel bottle and found a label that said "Seto Kaiba" in bold letters.

"You put your name on your hair products?" I asked.

"So? It's important, you know!" he yelled.

"Kaiba, you're obsessed," said Mako.

"No, I'm not!" he yelled back.

I continue to read the remainder of the text on the bottom of the bottle. "This belongs to Seto Kaiba, CEO of Kaiba Corp. If found, return to Kaiba Corp. right away! If not, please give a proper burial and tell my pretty bottle that I will love it forever. And I will remember all the memories we had together. Like when you kept my hair in place or when I never had a bad hair day because of you... I love you, gel bottle!"

I finished and didn't say anything.

"Told you were obsessed!" said Yugi with triumph.

"Whatever. I don't care about this anymore since it's getting too weird, but then again, I'm weird," I said, "We have to do today's stunt! You three are dozing off to sleep every five seconds and Kaiba is still whispering to his gel bottle!" I stopped and pointed at him.

"Oh, I love you, gel-" he stopped. "What? There's nothing wrong with welcoming back your hair gel, you know!"

I rolled my eyes and made a face. "Whatever, we have to move on. You have to stay awake if you are to do this stunt! If anything happens to you, I will get trampled by fan girls!"

"Good," said Bakura.

"You forgot I'm a fan girl too..." I said and I looked at him with the rapid fan girl craze look.

He looked away, refusing to pay further attention to the authoress.

"I figured this will happen eventually. Guys, we have to move on!"

"No way!" yelled the four together.

"Fine, then I'm not giving back your hair products!" threaten the authoress.

"NO!" the four screamed.

"Now I really don't like you!" yelled Bakura.

"I so don't like you anymore, Bloom!" screamed Yami.

"I dislike you!" cried Yugi.

"I can't feel my feet!" said Seto.


Everyone stopped and stared at him.

"What?" he asked, "I really can't feel them."

Everyone did an anime fall.

End of chapter three

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