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My name is Banjo.

Or, at least I thought it was.

I thought I knew everything about myself.

I lived peacefully with my sister and friend.

But that all soon changed...

The Amethyst Shamans: Chapter 1: A Clever Revenge Strategy

A young female bear skipped happily through the grassy fields of her home, Spiral Mountain. Her blonde pigtails bounced along as she approached a small, blue house. The door opened and from inside stepped out a female red-crested breegul, emerald green eyes fixed on the young bear.

"Hi, Kazooie! Is Banjo awake yet?"

"Hehe, nope. Sleeping like a rock!"

"But it's almost breakfast time! We should wake him up!"

"You just read my mind, Tooty."

Tooty giggled as they stepped inside their tiny, cozy home. The furniture was bathed in the golden light from outside the windows. The wooden cuckoo clock piped up as the tenth hour rang. And of course, a male adult bear was curled up in bed in a blue blanket, snoring away.

"Banjo! Wake up, silly!" Tooty tried to shake him awake, but he groaned sleepily, turning away and with a sleepy sigh, became silent once more.

Tooty huffed. "Banjo!"

"Here, lemme take care of it." Kazooie climbed atop his sleeping form, leaned an inch before his face, and let out a great, big...


"ACK!! I'm awake, I'm awake!"

Tooty giggled loudly as Banjo pushed the bird away. He swung his legs and sat on the side of the bed, yawning and stretching his arms over his head. Tooty climbed onto his lap and smiled up at him.

"Hi, big brother!"

Banjo smiled. "Hey, sis," he greeted softly, hugging her close with one arm. He then looked over at a waiting Kazooie. "...What?"

She motioned towards the clock silently and irritably. Banjo glanced up at it, then grinned nervously at the girls.

"Whoops, I'm supposed to make you breakfast, huh?" Anxious nods were their response. "You should've gotten me up earlier if you were hungry!"

"Which is nearly impossible on a Saturday morning!" Kazooie retorted coolly.

"Alright, alright, enough of the wisecracks," Banjo chuckled in response, leaping off the bed and approaching the stove. "So, what're you girls in the mood for, eggs or toast?"

Kazooie cleared her throat loudly.

Banjo grinned. "Toast it is!"

"Yay!" Tooty cheered, rushing to the table, followed by Kazooie. It looked like another peaceful, normal morning.


But not in Cauldron Keep.

The old, smelly witch Gruntilda glared hatefully into a green pool of slime at the image of that same trio. The same trio that had defeated and humiliated her twice now.

No one knows how on earth she got her slimy green skin back, more or less her head back on her shoulders. Her sisters were still left under crushing weights of the deadly Tower of Tragedy Quiz, and the furious Gruntilda had no intention of freeing them yet, since they promptly failed to beat that blasted bear.

But she didn't care in the least about those things at the moment. Only two things were on her mind now- getting beautiful and revenge.

She turned away spitefully from the cauldron and began thinking out loud.

"There has to be a way to beat that bumbling bear! There HAS TO!!" She pounded a fist angrily into the wall. "I have to get them outta the way before I can carry out any of my plans!"

Hearing laughter from deep within the bubbling pot, she turned back and leered into the steaming slime as they all ran playfully out the front door of their cottage. Tooty and Kazooie tackled Banjo onto the grass playfully, and they all laughed in glee as they wrestled and rolled through the flowers. Grunty scowled hatefully, angered by their happiness.

"Banjo, you filthy, ugly furball!" she growled deeply. "You'd stop at nothing to foil my plans! You're as annoying as a flea!" Her burning orange eyes narrowed into silts. "You have a weakness, I know you do! I just have to squeeze it out of you! But how!? HOW!?"

She kicked the cauldron angrily with her boot, and suddenly, the image of her mortal enemy faded into the image of a small, beautiful island. It was covered by vast forests and surrounded by sparkling waters. Grunty looked down at this island in interest, then grinned a most evil grin.

"Ah, yes! The island of Amethystar..." Gruntilda mused most evilly. "That will be perfect..."

A wicked plan was a-brewing in her mind, full of hatred and deception, all going towards the revenge of an innocent bear...

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