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So that's the tale,

Of love, friendship, and self-discovery.

What can I say other than how it totally changed my life?

I gained self-knowledge and a beloved partner.

Everything changed… For the better.

The Amethyst Shamans: Chapter 16: The End of All Things

As the slightly wrecked Hag 1 emerged from the deep tunnel, the Amethystians Clan greeted their heroes gratefully, knowing that thanks to them, the threat of the Demon was gone. They no longer had to live in fear.

A few days passed as Banjo recovered physically and mentally. And now as his friends prepared a boat, he stood with the tribe on the beach to say his goodbyes.

"You… are leaving?" The Elder looked shocked.

Banjo nodded solemnly. "I have to. I need to return home with my friends."

"But you are home, dear Talmar!"

Banjo gave him a sad smile, shaking his head. "No, Spiral Mountain has always been my home." He turned to look at his friends as they readied the small boat to travel home in. "There are people there who need me, and I can't abandon them after so long."

The Elder nodded in defeat. "Very well. I understand. Just remember, you are our Protector, and you must…"

"…protect the tribe, I know." He bowed respectively. "I will return whenever danger threatens the tribe once more, I promise."

The Elder bowed as well. "You will always be welcomed with open arms. May the Spirits continue to guide you, young Talmar."

Banjo smiled in return, grasping his old paw and bowing his head as an Amethystian gesture used in departure. He slowly stepped back and allowed Kyra to speak with her father. She lowered her gaze sadly.

"Father, this will be difficult to say…"

"Do not tell me you are leaving as w…" But then he looked down and smiled, seeing the young bears' paws entwined quite comfortably. They smiled up at him, standing side by side.

"I see…" The Elder nodded, looking up at Kyra. "You have chosen a well-suited mate, dear cub. Just promise me that you shall always remember where you came from, and that the spirits are always there for you."

Kyra smiled, close to tears. "I will, Father. I promise." She fiercely embraced him for the last time as their minds touched in unison. -May the Spirits Guide Us.-

Finally, they both drew away. Kyra faced Banjo, and once more their eyes locked. Her father was right- Kyra had found her loving mate at long last. And not only were they bound by heart, but by spirit as well. Both could feel it deeply.

Without realizing it, their faces came closer once more. They gently closed their eyes…

…And their lips met. Time stood still.

The Isle o' Hags heroes looked upon them in shock at first, then in gladness at their friend's happiness, especially Kazooie. She had tried to hide it before, but the satisfaction and contentment clearly showed on her feathery face.

Finally drawing away, the lovers looked upon each other with affectionate eyes. They both felt the inner joy they had never experienced before. The inner joy- of true love.

"Aw, how precious…"

Everyone turned to Gruntilda, who stood by her repaired digger with her arms crossed.

Kazooie rolled her eyes. Way to spoil the moment, Grunty.

Banjo regarded her wily, turning away from Kyra and approaching the smelly witch casually. "So, Grunty…" he began. "I heard you helped in the effort of destroying the Demon while I was injured."

Grunty did a double-take, having being caught off guard, and stared down at her smirking archrival. "Well… yeah… I couldn't let you die in the hands of that freak; that's my job," she hastily and proudly added.

"Psh, yeah, like that'll ever happen!" he scoffed jokingly, but his face instantly fell when he looked up at a seething Grunty.

"Listen up, fuzzball!" She jabbed a warty finger into his chest. "You may have fancy-pants magic skills now, but this is for from over! I'll be back to beat you down so hard you'll wish you were never born!"

Banjo glanced down at her finger, then back at her, regaining his sly composure. "Well, good luck with that, Grunty."

She scowled and turned away, climbing into the Hag 1. "You ain't seen the last of me yet! I'll be back!" And with that, the Hag 1 rolled into the ocean water, disappearing beneath the waves.

Kyra stood at Banjo's side, giving him a smile. "Kazooie has rubbed off on you, hasn't she?"

Banjo chuckled in response as he looked to a grinning Kazooie. Kyra was right; her smart-talking had indeed rubbed off on him.

Kyra gazed out into the ocean. "You think she'll keep her promise this time?"

"Yep," Banjo chuckled. "That's one thing you can always trust about her- she'll always be coming back for more!"

Kyra giggled herself.

"Banjo! Boat is ready!" Wumba called out.

In minutes, they sailed off for home. The Amethystian Clan watched them go in silent respect, a silent prayer echoing through the Elder's ancient mind.

Farewell, destined one and dear cub. May the Spirits keep careful watch over you.

The first day of summer was particularly warm, but thankfully not too hot as the residents enjoyed a sunny afternoon in Spiral Mountain. Tooty and Kazooie played their adventuring games as usual, now pretending they had great powers like the Amethystians. Banjo laid in a fold-up chair in front of the house, enjoying the well-deserved rest he so sorely needed. Sitting beside him were Bottles and Jamjars as they chatted about random things.

"So, Banjo," Bottles started, looking him over. "Ever planning on switching back to your old yellow shorts anytime soon?"

"Nah. I'm liking the change in my attire. Looks better, y'know?"

"I agree," Jamjars commented. "Makes you look more… rugged."

Banjo stared at the mole sergeant. "Uh, on second thought…" He and Bottles started laughing jokingly. "It's a joke, Jamjars, lighten up!"


Banjo looked up to find Kyra approaching. He smiled and stood.

"Hey, Kyra," he greeted. They exchanged a brief kiss, then, "So?"

"I set up the lessons. We'll be meeting in Mumbo's skull on Monday for your first lesson in shaman magic."

"Great, thanks for taking care of that, Kyra."

Kyra nodded in response, then a couple of young voices called out to her. "Kyra, come here!"

"We wanna show you something!"

Kyra turned to face the excited Tooty and Kazooie and smiled. "Well, I'd better see what they want, or else risk Kazooie's wrath!"

Banjo chuckled lightly as Kyra approached them. He watched her silently, a soft smile on his face.

"She sure is fitting in well, isn't she?" Bottles commented.

"Yep," Banjo responded simply, looking over her fondly as she played with the two. After quite some time and thought, Banjo turned to Bottles, an introspective look on his furry face. "…Hey, Bottles, I'm going inside for a little bit. Try not to disturb me for a bit, okay?"

The mole looked up at the bear puzzled, then realizing what he meant, nodded. As Banjo walked inside and gently shut the door behind him, Jamjars looked cluelessly at his brother.

"Hey, what's he doing in there?"

"Don't worry about it. He just needs some spiritual rest, that's all."

Jamjars cocked his head to one side, not understanding what on earth Bottles meant. Annoyed, he turned away. "Whatever."

As Banjo stepped inside his beloved home, he felt content with the silence and solitude its walls brought. Slowly, he pushed the furniture out of the center of the room, giving him plenty of room on the floor to sit.

Carefully, as instructed by Kyra before, he lit a couple incense, letting the lavender smoke fill the house with its lovely fragrance. He brought out his CD player and Amethyst Sword, finally settling on the floor in crossed-legged position and placing the headphones on his ears and the sword on the floor in front of him. Pressing PLAY and concentrating on the magic weapon's power, he gently shut his eyes and passed once more into blissful oblivion…

My name is Talmar.

But you can call me Banjo.

Most still do.

I now know of my mysterious past.

I don't know what the future holds for me yet,

But I'll let the Spirits decide that.

I believe in myself.

I believe in the power of friendship.

I believe in the Ancient Spirits.

But most of all, I believe in the magic

Of the Amethyst Shamans.



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