"It Will Always Rain In My Heart"

AN: Old story (but you already knew that). I wrote this years ago, for a contest (written approximately the same time as "Beggars Can't Be Choosers"). So it's very outdated, but I still felt I ought to finish it. This was written thinking of a Sango/Miroku lovin' buddy of mine (Skye Silvereye, I think her name was/is) in a time where I liked Kagome/InuYasha best. Either way, here is a cheesy epilogue for you all.



Shortly after Naraku was defeated, the group completed the Shikon no Tama, and, as Inuyasha promised, he gave it to Sango. She wished for Naraku to return to life, for Kagome and Inuyasha to be able to travel between both worlds freely, and for them all to live long lives(Rin included). That way, none of them would be left without their friends.

Kagome married Inuyasha, bringing Shippou into their family. Eventually, they had three children. Two boys, and a girl. The children looked like Inuyasha with their dog ears on the top of their heads, The boys sported black hair and violet eyes, taking the trait from Inuyasha's human side, while their daughter had Inuyasha's silver hair and Kagome's dark eyes. Kagome removed the rosary from Inuyasha's neck, leaving him free to do as he wished. They never 'fell out' of love, and stayed together.

Sango and Miroku were married, Kohaku coming to live with them. Soon, two children joined the household, a boy, and a girl. Both had black hair, but while the girl had Miroku's bluish eyes, the boy had Sango's dark ones. Kirara stayed with them through everything, watching the kids and being doted on when she started to get older. Sango took good care of her, and stayed with her until the end. Sango eventually got over the death of her oldest friend, and continued to raise the kids with Miroku. They loved each other dearly, and Miroku didn't have to keep up the lechery charade any more. The rain had ceased to fall in his heart.

Shippou grew up to be a handsome young fox demon, eventually falling in love and marrying a female fox demon named Kitaya. They had four kids, two boys and two girls.

Sesshomaru and Rin were married when she turned 18. They had one boy who had Rin's dark hair and Sesshomaru's amber eyes. He was a very loving baby, and Sesshomaru became a doting father. He kept his promise, giving up on Tetsusaiga and raising his family while ruling the western lands.

Kouga eventually got together with Ayame. They had one daughter, who had her father's bushy tail and dark hair, but Ayame's green eyes. They stopped by to visit the rest of the gang, stopping to let their daughter play with the others' children. Inuyasha and he got along now that they were both happily married.

Kikyo was put to rest quietly, Kagura's bonds with Naraku were severed, and the world was returned to normal. The rain had ceased its torrent, leaving the ground covered with pure white snow. It wouldn't rain in Miroku's heart anymore, for he had found a place with his wife and kids, and, of course, with the friends that had helped to defeat Naraku. Never again would the rain surge down to leave his heart in pieces… it was whole, and it would forever stay that way.



I'm sorry if the ending was terrible, but, yeah. There was a little bit too much Inuyasha/Kagome romance in it than I had originally meant to be, but it was supposed to be more Sango/Miroku. I guess I'm not very good at just one-couple romance! I have to include everyone. Anyway, this fic was done for a contest held by FFnet author Gracie Rin (a very very long time ago) Well, thank you for reading, I love you all!

-Kitten Kisses

PS. Sorry if I ruined it with the epilogue!

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