Hey, Sorry its been forever since ive updated, I havnt forgotten! Ive been really busy with my other story "Terra" tho! I hate myself for having to push this aside, but I really want to finish Terra before I get back to this. My apologies! Hope you all can still love me! :)

Also, I thought you'd like to know more about "Terra" considering the story is taking up so much of my time and because you might want to read it till I get back to "this" FanFic. So Im writing a little summary in case you might be interested in reading that while I put this FanFic on pause!

Terra: "Darkness. No light. No movement, not even with my own body. I cant control it. Control, how i hate that word! It is what i lack and what i dont want. No more control, no more me. I am but a rock, nothing else. I did it, for them, for the world. But mostly, for him."-Quote: Terra, "Terra".The Titans finally find a cure in my second FanFic! They bring her back and they discover the secret to why she betrayed them all. Beastboy also tells about his past and why he always feels unwanted... Poor BB!

3 BBxTerra 4 Lyfe! 3

Enjoy! :)

-Heather, Aka Angelfairycutie or Swifty The Teen Titan