The Beginning of the End

The Beginning of the End

By: Theodore 'Blitz' Leung

Disclaimer: All Digimon and their characters (except for those introduced in this fic/series) do NOT belong to me. I do not have permission to use their characters, but it's a FanFic, so, who cares? =) This story line belongs to me and me alone. Please ask for permission if you wish to use it. Thanks. Now let's get onto reading!

Author's Note: This is a separate branch of my Digimon 03 series taken near the end of Episode 21. I'm going to try to make this fic work without the original as much as possible, though it is recommended to read the original story line so you get an idea on what is going on.

Celeaglemon was breathing harshly, gravely wounded and barely able to stand. He was supported by his partner, Tao, the Human boy lending a shoulder to help his Digimon.

Drowsmon regarded to the two helpless fighters, watching, his blade stained with Celeaglemon's blood. He shook his head, disappointed with the results.

"She won't live," he spoke, walking away from the scene.

"Wait!!" Tao protested.

"We have nothing more to discuss," Drowsmon responded harshly, continuing to walk away. Tao lowered his head sadly, knowing he had failed her, and knowing she'll pay the ultimate price for it.

"Damnit…I failed…" Tao muttered angrily.

"You want to go after him?" Celeaglemon asked weakly. Tao remained silent, knowing if they did, he might just end up getting his Digimon killed.

There was no response as the two knelt there, unmoving, unknowing on what their next action should be.

* * * * * *

Joe exhaled, turning his head to the other fourth generation Digi-Destined that inhabited the Kamiya residence for a temporary amount of time. He shook his head and lowered it sadly.

"I'm sorry…" he spoke softly. Tigramon watched over Shastina, tears forming on her eyes.

"No, I refuse to believe it!!" she cried out. K.H., Tiberius, and Marc stood still, stunned with the results. Their Digimon was equally as shocked. None of them were able to find Tao during their searches.

Gatomon leaped up beside Tigramon, placing an arm on her shoulder. Tigramon looked up at her 'big sister', then began to cry on her shoulder. Gatomon patted the other Digimon on the pack, allowing her to empty.

"So…what do we do now…?" Marc asked. Silence greeted him. None of the Digi-Destined, new and old, has experienced death like this before. Also with the fact that one of them was missing disheartened them even more.

"We failed…" K.H. spoke first, picking up Kinoumon. He slowly took out his Digivice, staring at it. "We don't deserve to go back to the Digital World again…"

The other two nodded in agreement, also taking their Digimon.

"I'm still sticking by you, Marc," Xemon told his partner.

"So am I!" Kinoumon told K.H. Lepumon heartily agreed with the others. There were no protest, the three Digivices beginning to collect energy for travel.

Joe, Tai, and Kari regarded the three for a moment, then back to Shastina.

"We'll handle the services…" Kari told the younger Digi-Destined. They nodded, leaving it in the capable hands of those who succeed in comparison to those who failed.

Then, they were gone.


Completed: 02/19/01