Chaos Factor

By: Theodore 'Blitz' Leung

Disclaimer: All Digimon and their characters (except for those introduced in this fic/series) do NOT belong to me. I do not have permission to use their characters, but it's a FanFic, so, who cares? =) This story line belongs to me and me alone. Please ask for permission if you wish to use it. Thanks. Now let's get onto reading!

Metal clashed together as staff and knife collided. Tao pushed forward, gritting his teeth T.K. returned the favour, before leaping backwards and preparing for another assault, raising his staff across his body - defensive stance.

"Defensive pose…" Tao muttered, a knife directed forward, the other reeled back - standard stance - waiting and analyzing. After a brief moment, he lunged forward, spearheaded by the knife in his left hand. In the last instant, he slashed with his right hand, forcing T.K. to block in a completely different manner, staff into the air. With the opening, Tao slashed low with his other knife, though T.K. expected as such, twirling his staff to knock away the first knife and then knocking into Tao's wrist. He cried in pain as his arm was looped around with the spin, the staff then moving into attack. At the last moment, Tao raised the other knife, blocking the attack. The next instant, the fourth generation Digi-Destined rolled backwards, unlocking himself from T.K.'s staff and getting back to his feet, one knife in the air, the other pointed to the ground - offensive stance.

"Attacking now…" T.K. spoke aloud, recognizing the stance from previous engagements. Tao didn't flinch at all, waiting for T.K.'s response. He placed the staff behind him and across, raising his other hand forward - offensive stance. Though the pair were prepared to attack, neither made a move yet…

* * * * * *

Angewomon cringed in pain as she was thrown through the building. Slowly, she gazed forward, seeing the silhouette of the figure, though it was quite clear who it was, considering the visible seraphim wings he had.

"It's you…" she muttered, slightly angrily, but also slightly remorsefully too. The opposing angel hovered closer, threateningly, raising his staff to finish the job that his previous attack failed to do.


The figure speeded by, tackling the angel Digimon as the pair crashed straight into another building. The force of the attack sent both through the building, leaving a gaping whole through the centre. The pair finally broke off, gazing intently at each other.

"Soaren…" the angel hissed, preparing the staff. "Or perhaps, I should say, Haeromon…"

"If you wish, Angemon," Haeromon - AKA Soaren - responded, hovering back a bit, wings flapping gently, waiting. The avian Champion Digimon remained silent afterwards, seeing the smirk from the angel Digimon - his wings pitch black with corruption.

"Always the pacifist, at least against us I see…you're afraid to harm us…" Angemon remarked, Haeromon remaining silent still. The angel Digimon pointed his staff towards the avian. "Come, where is your Light Ultimate form? I would like to challenge it." More silence from the Champion level avian Digimon. "Very well, if you insist."


* * * * * *

T.K., impatient of waiting charged forward, staff still at his back as he leaped towards Tao. Quickly, the younger Digi-Destined changed his stance, pressing both his knives to the ground, crouched down, and staring at T.K. - reactive stance.

The second generation Digi-Destined leaped up, bringing his staff down to crack Tao's head open. The force came down so quickly Tao had to bring both his knives up, crossing them and then brace his legs to stop the staff. T.K. landed, getting his legs swept from the ground right afterwards as Tao swept his leg across the ground. He fell the ground with a thud, Tao quickly pouncing from his crouched position and trying to stab his weapon into T.K.'s fallen body.

The blade was two inches from T.K.'s head as he quickly raised his staff, the blades blocked as the staff knocked into Tao's arms. A quick kick followed afterwards, throwing Tao off to one direction. He only rolled a bit then leaped back up, both knives drawn forward, one arm up above the other, both blades points down - defensive stance.

T.K. also returned to his feet, standing up tall and holding his staff under his arm, parallel to his body - standard stance. The pair were at a standoff again, waiting for the other.

* * * * * *

Alarm klaxons blared to life as the convoy detected presence of enemy forces in the vicinity. Automated turrets began locking onto targets in the air, depth charges and torpedo launchers locking onto sonar readings underwater.

Celest was the first onto the deck, followed by Solja and Evac. Troops were beginning to pile out, armed and ready for the oncoming threat. Celest held command until Winter returned, whenever that may be.

"Slow down, engage the enemies," she ordered through the link. "Buy some time for the civilian convoys, they're more important then us." A series of acknowledgements chipped through the communication network. She glanced towards the front of the brigade, seeing the ships speed up with more engine power. In retrospect, this ship, the command ship was in between the front and rear of the fleet.

"Where's Winter?" Solja asked, glancing around at the troops: light armed, lightly armoured, and hardly any combat experience at all - conscripts basically.

"He took off with Soaren to engage the Fallen Angel's in land while we regrouped with the fleet," Celest answered, drawing her submachine gun for combat. The Digimon had a distinct advantage in aerial and submerged senses, though enough fire power would delete them. Digital Weapons would do the Digimon in faster, though Winter couldn't be spared at the moment.

"There's…something…RIGHT UNDER US!" a panicked voice screamed out, before the one of the rear guard ships just detonated in a ball of fire, throwing a hail of burning shrapnel everywhere. Most of the soldiers winced, staring in awe. Celest didn't let it bother her, yet.

"Open fire, take them down!" she yelled out into her mic, opening up a series of barrages and machinegun fire as it spewed towards the Digimon in the air. Torpedoes and depth charges were being launched, some detonating as soon as it hit the water, indicating how close the undersea Digimon were.

"Evac, see if you can contact Winter and tell him of our situation," Celest told the female, who nodded and quickly headed back below decks. She then turned to Solja. "Go below and keep this ship moving, if we go down, it's all over." He saluted once, then headed below deck as well, leaving Celest on deck to command the fleet. She sighed softly.

"Winter, this is your job…or Magna's…not mine…" she whispered, making sure her mic was off first. An explosion of power followed by water ripping into the sky awakened her from her temporary trace, as she began to take command again.

* * * * * *

Tao leaped up high, taking the 'attribute booster' of his Digital Weapons to the limit, gazing down towards T.K., still in his standard stance. His gaze followed Tao to the top of his leap. At that moment, Tao's com burst to life with static.

"…we…problem…attack…ne-…help…-ast!" the static voice exclaimed, though Tao was able to decipher the line quickly. Only a few people knew the communication frequency to his mic, and those select few were told to only us it in an emergency.

"Damn…" Tao muttered, glancing towards where Kari still knelt, stunned from the revelation, and unmoving. He then glanced around from his elevated position, unwilling to leave Kari alone here. The Digi-Destined was relieved when he saw War Greymon quickly approaching the location. With that in his mind, he felt safe to go back to his brigade.

"Soaren, let's go!" Tao yelled out, stopping the combat between Angemon and Haeromon. The avian Digimon broke off the combat and quickly sped towards Tao, who grabbed hold. "Back to the ship! They need us!" Those words were incentive for speed, and as thus, the Digimon did as such, blasting away from the battlefield.

T.K. watched them fade from existence, then turned his attention towards the approaching War Greymon. Sighing softly, he turned his gaze towards Kari, who slowly slide back a bit as T.K. stared at her.

"Retreat," he ordered, dashing off towards Angemon as the Digimon began to retreat and regroup back at one of their many bases on the continent.

* * * * * *

Celest continued to issue orders, though the Digimon were clearly winning over them. There was the odd soldier here and there, but for the most part, the battle was fought between the convoy and the Digimon.

"They're breaking through, we can't hold them off!" a voice yelled out, the background full of gunfire and thumping cannons. Even there, her own ship was like that too. She whished Winter got back soon.

"Sonar readings indicate more Digimon heading for the civilian convoys!" one of the sensory people informed, though not very calmly. Celest was quickly to the side of the ship, helpless to stop the Digimon. She glanced up and saw a pair of flyer's heading past as well.

"Warn the civilian ships! Increase speed, try to gun those Digimon down!" Celest yelled out, firing her submachine gun helplessly at the flying Digimon. Her barrage was cut short when a Digimon landed right onto her ship, causing the whole vessel to rock. On the ship now was a massive dragon Digimon, reeling back and roaring out. There was a few blood stains under the Digimon's feet, showing how some of the soldier just died…

Celest winced at the thought, preparing to open fire at the dragon Digimon with a fresh clip, but her weapon was blasted from her hand. She clutched her wrist, though not bleeding, it hurt. A cold barrel was pointed to her head, she felt it pressed against her. Nevertheless, she forced a look up, staring in awe.

"M-Magna…?" she gasped, in turn getting a slap across the face by the barrel of the rifle. She fell to the cold and wet deck, clutching her injured cheek as she looked back up at the person. There was no doubt in her mind he was Magna, but he was a completely different person: cold, heartless, and ruthless. Celest was dragged to her feet as she stared at Magna.

"Hold it, Magna!" an assertive voice shouted. Solja was on deck, pointing a pistol towards the rifle user. He pulled Celest closer to himself, using her as a Human shield.

"Go ahead, try it," Magna responded emotionlessly, stepping away. Solja stepped forward, but he didn't fire. Neither seemed to be phased with the amount of gun fire from the soldier on the ship mixed with the searing heat of fire from the Dragon.

"Celest, I got Winter but I-" Evac's message was cut short when she was on deck, seeing Magna. She then turned to Solja, gun trained in Magna's direction, Celest as the sniper's prisoner. "Magna…what are you doing?!" Evac exclaimed, taking a step forward. Solja raised an arm, halting Evac. The sniper grinned, stepping back again. He was right below the dragon.

"Let's go," Magna told the Digimon, who nodded and picked up the pair of sniper and prisoner alike, flying off into the sky and hardly harmed by the gunfire from the soldiers.

"Magna! Celest!" Evac yelled out, rushing forward, but it was a futile charge. The dragon already took off, leaving the ship and leaving the battle indefinitely. Not much could be used to pursue, as they had nothing that flew, and yet alone, they were quite preoccupied with protecting themselves from the armada of Digimon. Quickly, Evac headed back down to contact Winter.

* * * * * *

Tao's com device blared to life, wondering what happened now for his armada. It was a sort of relief to hear from them again, as it told him the fleet was still relatively intact.

"Winter, we…a problem! Mag-…-nd kidna-…Celest! They…a dragon Digimon…" the voice was clearer, as there was less static, and he could hear Evac's voice better now.

"Repeat that, the signal is still bad," Tao ordered calmly, glancing back towards the site of the battle he was just in, in the far distance now.

"Magna kidnapped Celest!" Evac yelled out, the line clear now after some of the interference was pushed away. "They…riding dragon…-mon!" The line was breaking up again, though Tao's face paled as he heard it, deciphering the message. In the distance, he saw a lone dragon Digimon flying off.

"Soaren, follow that dragon!" Tao quickly ordered. The avian was confused with the sudden change, but didn't protest to it, changing heading and diving towards the dragon at the lower altitude. The chase was on.


Completed: 03/22/02

Author's Note:

If you couldn't tell by the dates, it's been a LONG time since between Episode 24 and Episode 25. Sorry, I just came back to it now. Maybe I should try to write more. Eh.

By the way, for stances, I have no idea what I'm writing about them. I just thought it would be appropriate between the pair of keep alternating the try to throw the other off. I know nothing about weapon stances, so, eh. Heh.