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Pairing: Tezuka x Fuji

Warnings: hypothetical-ness, shounen-ai, Fuji being Fuji, a little sappy-ness

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The Hypothetical Sick Day

"Ne, Tezuka," Fuji interrupted.

They were at Tezuka's house, studying in his room. Not that they needed to study... nor that Fuji was actually studying.

Cautiously, Tezuka turned his attention from his literature notes to his smiling boyfriend.

"Yes?" he answered warily.

"If I was sick..." Fuji began, sounding much like a predator provoking his prey.

"Yes?" Tezuka asked, sounding a little annoyed.

"Would you defy buchou's orders, skip practice, and come visit me?"

There was a slight pause before the captain replied, somewhat confused, "What?"

Smiling brightly, Fuji repeated his question again.

"If I was sick, would you defy buchou's orders, skip practice, and come visit me?"

Tezuka, by now, was thoroughly confused. "Fuji... I am the captain."

Not phased by this slight "issue" at all, Fuji continued, "Ah, but if you weren't the captain, would you skip practice and come visit me if I were sick?"

Tezuka frowned. "What made you ask this?"

Fuji shrugged. "I was just curious." Then he put his best smile, and asked again, "So, would you Tezuka?"

"Fuji, you're not sick, and you haven't been, as far as I know, since we started school this year," Tezuka replied, purposefully avoiding the question.

"Ah, but what if I did get sick? Would you skip practice and come visit me instead?" Fuji smiled. "And besides, you never know when a person might get sick."

Tezuka sighed. There seemed to be no way to get out of answering the question.

Rubbing his temples, Tezuka mumbled, "Yes, I would."

Slightly taken aback, as if he really hadn't expected his boyfriend to answer that way, Fuji's cerulean blue eyes openned slightly.


Tezuka repeated, slightly louder, "Yes, if you were sick and I wasn't the captain, I would defy the captain's orders, skip practice, and come visit you."

"Even if buchou threatened to make you run laps?"

Tezuka, at this point, could feel himself twitching slightly.

"Yes, even if he did make me run laps."

"Thank you, Tezuka."

Despite trying to avoid the question initially, Tezuka was slightly fluttering inside.

He muttered, mostly to himself, "I'd skip practice and visit you if you were sick, even though I am the captain."

Fuji smiled, hearing Tezuka.

"I'd skip practice for you too."

Tezuka blushed slightly (though not noticeably) and coughed.

"Well then, I hope neither of us have to take the hypothetical sick day."


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