I've always wondered what Anigmas form I would take

I know I'll become one

Sure, Hermione Granger might beat me to it and Harry and Ron

Well...maybe not Ron

Yeah, they may beat me but it will happen eventually

But what would I be?

I want a new form

A form different than 'Luna'

A form that people wouldn't be scare of or stare at

Sure being unique is what I am, what I'm all about

But what I wouldn't give for a moment of normality

I'm so carefree, I'm stiff

I'm so weird, I'm bullied

Maybe I'd be a wolf, a lone wolf ,shunned

I don't know maybe a llama?

Feh, it was the weirdest animal I could think of

Maybe I'll be just another fish in the sea

That wasn't funny was it? Don't answer that...

I might be a vulture to feed on the dead

Or a fly on the wall, easy to be squashed

Maybe I'll be a bird

I want to fly away, without a broomstick

With my luck though, I'll be a crow

...yeah most likely

and then, I'd still be an outcast

and I'd still be looked down on

I'd still be feared

I'd still be me

I would sit in a half-dead tree

Watching people go by

I will be black

Maybe have a piercing that would show in both forms

I could get used to it

Hello, Luna Lovegood

Hello, Crow, Hello