Friends for Life

Disclaimer - The charachters belong to a man formally known as Joss.

Rating - PG

Summary - How Buffy and Angel met as children. Comletely AU.

Dedication - Again, this is to my Language Arts teacher. Without her assignments I wouldn't have made up half of my stories.

Feedback - It makes me all warm inside.


Angel and Buffy had been best friends for the longest time. Nobody knows how they became friends in the first place. They are so different from each other, they are like antonyms. Angel is a very belligerent person and Buffy can be very dominate at times.

When Angel and Buffy first met, Angel was an outcast. He tried to abstain from people all together. Buffy was a bona fide scholar, who only cared about her apparel and her grades. She was a straight A student who was constantly being praised for her efforts.

Buffy and Angel met for the first time in 6th grade. They were walking in different directions down the hall when they ran into each other. Angel had nearly capsized Buffy when he ran into her. After that they had started talking to each other and were friends for six long years. Then they started seeing each other in a whole new light. They both had genuine feelings for one another.

They are married now and to this day Buffy is still putting up with Angel's downtrodden additude and Angel is still putting up with Buffy's controlling behavior.


authors note - this is just a one shot fic. sorry for some of the big words, i hardly know what some of this means this started out as a vocab paper.