And Musa Adds To This…

Listening to American Idiot by Green Day. This means this chapter wont be it's usual weird self. Kind of deep, but at this point I have no idea where I'm going with this.

I hope you fangirls and (shudder) fanboys are happy, because the only reason I'm writing this is because this appears to be my most popular story… I'd rather not know the age group of the people reading this right now…

Dear mom,

I know it's been a long time since I last wrote, but a lot of things have come up recently.

I met this cute guy, he's kind of stubborn and self-centered, but there were a couple of times that I saw that he's really a nice guy. The problem is that this witch cast a spell on him, and that's when he started being a complete ass.

What's strange is that, no matter how mean he was to me and my friends, I guess I still kind of like him. (Sigh) I wish you were here mom. It's times like this that I miss you most, but I know that wherever you are you're probably having a rocking time and I shouldn't be so selfish in wanting to drag you down here.

I love you mom, and I know that dad loves you too. I wish there was a way for me to mail this, but I know that I lost that chance a long time ago. I hope that you're not worrying about dad, or me because I know that we'll make it through anything that's thrown at us.

I guess just writing this gave me the courage to face that guy again, but it still feels like you're right here telling me what I should do. I should really thank you for all of that.

Oops. I have to go. If I'm late for class again I'll get detention.

See you later mom!


I degrade. I have no idea what that guy's name is. Whatever his name is, I hope you wont kill me for forgetting, because all interest in this show was lost one month after starting to watch it. Or less. Enjoy peoplez, because this was just written out of whims and will probably never happen again.