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Kyoto roadside ramee stall. Saitou Hajime is wolfing down a big bowl of his favorite noodles. "So have you found her yet?" the young samurai sitting next to him asked idly. They had chatted before on several occasions since they met at the stall. The third captain shook his head. "Good luck with your hunt, Miburou," the samurai smiled as he left.

He walked briskly, no time to enjoy the sights of Kyoto on this lovely day. Shinsengumi HQ. Time to drop in on dear Souji-chan...

Jubei of the First Patrol lounged at his post. He was surprised when a stranger fearlessly strolled into the compound. "Look here! You can't just walk in! This is a restricted zone!" The stranger only smiled...

"Oww!" Okita tripped on his slipper strap and fell heavily on the floor. He brushed himself off. Funny it should break at this time...A twinkle of glass announced that the new wind-chime he had hung up was now no more than a mess of glass fragments. Strange, there's no wind...

Maybe I should ask Hajime to get me some charms to ward off bad luck, he thought. Except Saitou Hajime is busy searching for his missing fiancée.

It was amusing. After repeated attempts to break off his engagement to Takagi Tokio, Saitou Hajime was now searching for her after she had run away from home to come to Kyoto. And for all appearances, he had every intention of courting her.

"Okita-san! Okita-san! Someone wants to challenge you!" Tetsunosuke came running. "He's taken out Mori-san and Jubei-san!" Okita started. Jubei and Mori were the two most skilled fighters in his patrol. Hijitaka had ordered him to rest but...

He followed the red-haired page to the training hall. The two men were knocked unconscious and their comrades attended to them. They'll awake in a while. A young stranger waited with a wooden sword in hand. He faced the captain fearlessly as he spoke.

"Captain Okita, do you accept my challenge?" Okita nodded. The guy has some nerve...The men watched expectantly. The last person to challenge Okita so openly was Tetsu, and their captain had put him through the door. They waited as both combatants readied themselves.

"Aren't you going to wear armor? You can get hurt..." Okita tied up his long hair.

"I will advise you to send your men away. It'd be a blow to their morale when I mop the floor with you." His opponent replied. The referee gave the signal.

He's good! The footwork, sword moves... Swift, decisive... Okita was finding it difficult to penetrate his opponent's defense. Then it came, the final blow...He reacted accordingly to block... A feint! A sharp rap across the knuckles, followed by a blow that sent his sword spinning through the air across the hall.

Surprisingly, his opponent had dodged behind him after disarming him. Victorious, the challenger rested his sword on the captain's throat. A murmur of shock and surprise ran through the spectators as the referee ended the duel. Their captain had lost.

"Long time no see, Souji-chan..." The challenger whispered into his ear. It can't be! Okita hoped his men did not see the color fleeing his face.

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