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Chapter 11: Newlyweds

It was finally over. Tokio waited patiently for her husband. The ceremony was boring as expected. It was the reception that was the highlight. The Comedian Trio had urged too much sake on poor Souji-chan. Then they got him to act out a very bawdry scene from a certain kabuki play with an equally inebriated Tatsu, much to the amusement of the men.

A scandalized Hijitaka stopped both young men before they could make complete fools of themselves. He dragged Souji off to their room while Tetsu sobered up his elder brother with cold water, buckets of the stuff.

She waited. He came into their room.

"Too much sake," he complained as he stumbled beside her. She smiled and poured him a cup of tea to clear his head. He made use of this chance to slip an arm about her tiny waist. She was wearing a very thin yutaka. Slowly, the couple began to kiss. Releasing her lips, he scooped her into his arms and carried her over to the waiting futon.

He gently laid his prize down. She smiled seductively at him as she slowly pulled open his yutaka... A muffled giggle interrupted them. Both looked at the closed windows. Shadowy forms moved outside. The guys... Saitou sweatdropped. He strode stealthily over to the window.

Tokio-chan, I think we have some stray cats out there tonight. Tokio was ready with the washbasin of dirty water. Shall we? She winked. On the given signal, Saitou opened the window and Tokio flung the contents of her washbasin over the would-be peeping toms. Cold and dirty, the men fled across the yard.

"Seppuku for any man caught under our window tonight!" After his parting shot, he turned his attention to his new wife...

Let them sleep in. After all, Hajime's on leave. Kondo brewed his favorite blend of tea leaves. Young Tetsu has yet to refine the technique despite Okita's best efforts to teach him. An arrow suddenly whizzed into his office and smashed his teapot. What the... An attack? He ran out and immediately saw the cause. The Shinsengumi leader wisely decided it will be a good time for a stroll about town.

In their room, both Hijitaka and Okita were up. The latter was suffering from a massive hangover. Tetsu had brought the hangover medicine. Hijitaka had opened the shoji doors to allow fresh air into the room. Saizou took this opportunity to dive into his young master's arms. "Toshi, I think I'm well enough to get up..."

"Nonsense! You get some more rest..." Hijitaka scolded gently as he felt the bowl of medicine Tetsu brought. Cold, it was way to cold to be of any use. He glared at Tetsu. Okita tried to get up.

"Souji!" Hijitaka caught the movement out of the corner of his eye and reacted. He knocked the younger man back onto the futon in a tangle of blankets and limbs. Saizou fled squealing in panic. Tetsu simply sat with his mouth gaping. Did Hijitaka-san just jump Okita-san?

"T-Toshi..." Okita piped from under Hijitaka's bulk. Hijitaka was lying on top of him. He never realized the older man felt that way about him..."P-please... the doors are open and Tetsu-kun's watching." Still panting, Hijitaka replied.

"Souji, before you get any damned mistaken ideas... look up to your left." The young captain obeyed and paled as he saw the arrow sticking out of the closet door. It would have skewered him if it weren't for Hijitaka's swift action.

The Third Captain and his newlywed wife were up and about in the yard. Tokio was coaching her earnest husband in archery. "How did I do this time, Tokio?" Saitou lowered the bow and wondered where his last arrow landed.

"You're aiming too far to the left." Maybe Saitou should practice his archery out in the countryside instead. Tokio shook her head. The man wasn't kidding when he said he's lousy at archery.

Okita and Hijitaka peered at the newlyweds from their room. Life at the HQ will never be the same again...



Hijitaka jumping Okita? As if! Shouldn't it be the other way? Best wishes for the honeymoon couple.

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