Hey! This is my 3rd KND fanfic, so I hope you like it! It's a little bit different... I guess... anyway, just read it!





En' then

Chapter 1

"Good work team!" said Numbuh 1. He was, indeed, the leader of the team. He looked around at his team proudly. They had single-handedly taken down Mr. Wink and Mr. Fibb from trying to suck up all of the video game stores. "Who's hungry?"

"Oh, MEMEME!" squealed Numbuh 3. She jumped up and down on the couch in excitement.

"Yah, Numbuh 5 is starving! Lets go get something to eat."

"Roger that, numbuh 5," said Hoagie.

"So... where are we going?" asked Numbuh 4. For once in his life, he wasn't particularly hungry.

"How about Chinese? I haven't had that in ages! Come on team, to the restaurant!" said Numbuh 1. They ran off into the darkness, stomachs empty.

"Oh, I'm full..." said Numbuh 3. She let out a polite burp at the table.

"Me too..." said Numbuh 4. He was sitting next to Numbuh 3. He put his hand down and accidentally touched hers. He quickly retracted and blushed. Numbuh 3 was too bloated to notice, thankfully.

"Here is your bill! Thank you for eating at Tan's Chinese Cuisine!" said the waiter. He walked off.

"Ooh, yay! Fortune cookies!" said Numbuh 3. She grabbed one and opened it up.

"It says... 'Good luck will come your way.' Did you hear that Numbuh 4? I'm going to get good luck.. Yay!"

The rest of the team picked out their fortune cookies, Numbuh 4 being last. They all read theirs. Now it was Numbuh 4's turn. He opened up his cracker.

"It says...uh... wait a second, there's nothing on it! It just has some crazy weird symbols I cant read on the back..."

"That's Chinese silly!" said Numbuh 3. Numbuh 4 mumbled something like, 'yah, whatever' under his breath. He didn't know how to read Chinese. Nonetheless, he pocketed the blank fortune. They payed the bill and went home.

"Okay team. Lights out," said Numbuh 1. He turned off the lights and went to his room. The rest of the team retreated to their rooms as well. Numbuh 4 went into his room and was about to undress. For once in his life, he remembered to clean out his pockets before he put his clothes into the laundry shoot. He took out the fortune that he had before.

"Oh, I almost forgot about this little...hey! What's this?"

He looked at the small pink slip. To his surprise, a fortune was written on it. That hadn't been there before.