Sorry it took so long to get this chapter out. I've been failing like, all my classes and I'm trying to get my grades up, so if it takes me forever to get chapters out, sory!

Chapter 4

Wally walked home sadly as he thought about his failing grade. Numbuh 5 was walking with him

"I don't think that report could've got much worse," said Numbuh 5. "The whole thing was just plain stupid!"

"It was not! I spent all night thinking up all that junk! Just because you're an HONOR student doesn't mean your smarter!"

Numbuh 5 smirked. "Yah, whatever. I'll catch up to you at the treehouse. Numbuh 5 has to go home for a while.

Numbuh 4 walked up to his room in the treehouse and found his walkman. He started listening to some music he had in there before. He turned it up really loud and walked into the living room where his teammates rested. He couldn't hear any of them while he went to get a snack. Since he was mad, he started muttering to himself. However, he wasn't aware that he was speaking in a loud tone. With the music blasting in his ears, he thought he was whispering. The whole treehouse listened up on what he said.

"Stupid stupid grade! I thought I would at least get a D! What's wrong with my theory? And now Numbuh 3's gonna think that I'm some stupid…little… idiot!"

Numbuh 2,3,1, and 5 were staring at him as he reached into the fridge to grab a sandwich.

"I bet Numbuh 3 gets good grades! If she even looked at my report card she would never go out with me! I sware! How old is the sandwich anyway? Ah, don't get distracted! And that stupid fortune keeps telling me things I don't wanna hear!"

He started walking back to his room, unaware the whole team was crying from laughter.

"Seriously Numbuh 4! You've gotta buckle down and get going on that report card! Girls like smart guys!"

He finally got the idea to look at what his teammates were doing. They were laughing so hard, they could barely breath. He took off his earphones and stared at his team."What the heck are YOU laughing at?"

Numbuh 1 barely got out, "Really…funny… TV show! AHHHAHAHAH!" Numbuh 4 just stormed off completely unaware.

After finishing his spelling homework (which he did most horribley) and finished his math (which he failed miserably at as well), he decided to take a look at the fortune again. He figured it would be something else hard to understand or having nothing to do with it's meaning. He was surprised to see what was written. He was devastated. He hand got ridged and his eyes widened. The fortune slowly sank to the ground.

The one you love is in grave danger.

"KUKI?! KUKI, WHERE ARE YOU?!" He ran to the living room to see she was missing. Numbuh 1,2, and 5 were suited up in their combat suits.

"What's going on here? Where's Kuki?"

"Numbuh 3 is being held hostage at a place called "Pluto." It is a secret adult organization which plots against children. It seems to be the nest for the wasps. It is our mission to infiltrate the building, or whatever it is, and get-"


They blasted off through the sky as fast as a bullet. Numbuh 4 was nervous. He needed to make sure she was safe. If she wasn't… he didn't want to think about that.

It's okay Numbuh 4… she's going to be okay. You know you'll fight for her! You'll fight till the end! Right? RIGHT! I just wish this cruddy ship would go faster!

"Approaching Pluto! Approching Pluto! Numbuh 4! Activate defense mechanisms!"

"Yes sir! Defensive mechanisms on! Shield boosters on!"

"Uh, Numbuh 1? Numbuh 5 sees some guns coming out of the Pluto thing. We've gotta get there fast before our defenses run out!"

"Right Numbuh 5!" said Numbuh 1, "Numbuh 2! Full throttle!"

"Aye aye captain!" He thrusted the ship forward and sped ahead.

"20 miles and closing! 15…10…5… READY FOR IMPACT!" screamed Numbuh 1.

The ship crashed and burned. However they were getting back was not the way they came.

"Now, remember troops," said Numbuh 1, "Keep your eyes peeled. This is on the adults territory, don't forget that."

"Right," said the team. Numbuh 4's voice wavered.

"So, Numbuh 4," said Numbuh 5, "How did you know Kuki got kidnapped when you were in the other room?"

"Eh…" he stumbled, "a genius does have special brain…nerd… power thingies. You know! Heh heh heh…"

"Yah, whatever. Come on, you're dragging us behind." Numbuh 4 ran up to the front of the line.

Numbuh 3, wherever you are, I'm going to find you and save you from these cruddy adults!