Black and blue

Hello anyone reading this. Waves I am Tempest-Races, or Tempest. I only write The Fast and The Furious fan fiction. Well, until now that is. This is my first ever fan fiction not based around TFATF. Yeah, so I am a mechanic and a amateur street racer so that does tend to colour my writing. Yeah, and I'm Canadian so some of my words are spelled the 'british' way since that's how I learned in school and I don't intend to change because some people learned to spell colour without the u, LOL.

I hope this story is good. Anyway, a little background info. I was writing a round robin story with some friends and I invented this character. She was from NYC and a mobster and for some reason it seemed to make sense to make her Matty's sister.

It sorta grew from there that she had history with Taylor and before too long this bit character for that other story had a life of her own. So, I figured I'd write out the story of how she came to reach the point she's at in the round robin. I'm doing my best to keep the Knockaround guys in canon. So yeah, the OFC I've created has some not so Knockaround Guys characteristics but at the beginning of this story she's not really involved in the family business anyway. So if you suspend your disbelief (a request from a good friend of mine when she writes too) I think you might just enjoy this story.

I live for feedback and I love constructive criticism best. I have my own flava when it comes to writing style so please keep that in mind. I have the thickest skin out of anyone you're ever likely to meet. I'm an automotive Technician apprentice so I'm use to people who speak their mind. Being a female in a male trade is an eye opening experience. So please don't try to flame me. It'll only make me laugh. However I do get the difference between flames and concrit. I know when I'm attacked and when my story is picked apart so I can handle all manner of criticism about my story. Don't hold back!

I don't own Knockaround Guys or the characters found in said movie. I have taken the characters out to play and will put them all back in (mostly) the same shape I found them in. I do this for love not money and all I stand to gain from this story is some people telling me the like it or don't. All I'd have to give you if you sued me would be some cars that half work and some fairly cheap tools. So please don't. I can't afford the time off school to go to court right now anyway.

On with the story. Remember to review please and thank you.