Title: 'Of Men and Wolves' Prologue

Pairings: Future Tsume/Kiba

Rating: R

Warnings: Angst, yaoi/shonen-ai, AU?

Disclaimers: Main characters are property of BONES. I make no money off them.

Summary: Kiba has arrived in a new world and must now look up to Tsume for guidance and protection? Only time will tell as their stubborn natures clash in more ways than one to reveal hidden and unwanted desires.

Notes: Consider this a rebellious cry against the lack of Kiba love out there lol . No seriously, I would really like to see more Kiba fics out there, but this idea came to me early this morning and I just had to write it down. We'll see how long this goes. The timeline continues from the end of the show.

Enjoy - and know that feedback is always very much appreciated!


The One Named Kiba

His feet pounded the wet pavement with each step he took. His sneakers were soaked to the point that he could feel his toes and soles tingle with the cold from the water. He stepped into another puddle, hardly caring that the hems of his jeans were now much darker as the water crept higher through the cloth. He stopped long enough to obey the laws of the land as he watched the traffic lights before him blink with the image of a red man. It meant 'Stop' and let the cars have their right of way.

It meant Stop and let life pass by in a never-ending circle of misery and darkness.

He lowered his gaze to his wet shoes and stuck his hands deeper into the pockets of his jacket as if hoping that it would give him the warmth that he so desperately needed. His dark hair fell in damp ringlets around his face, perhaps shielding him away from society's ugly glare.

How long had he been running? From whence had he come from? Time seemed to have lost all sense and meaning to him. He knew that he was running to meet someone…to find something…but…

"Hey, move it!"


He staggered and had to steady himself quickly as the other pedestrians walked past him. It was a moving mass of humans and he felt like he was in the middle, standing still, unable to get his feet to cooperate with him.


He took a step forward – almost tentative and was immediately faced with a barrage of insults from a man in a yellow automobile before him.

"What the fuck are ya doing, kid?! You can't just cross the fucking road when cars are moving!!"

Horns blared. Tempers flared. He held out his hands as if to shield himself from the chaos around him. However, something deep within him – like a dull flame flickering higher and higher within the pit of his stomach – rose to the surface. The mindless cacophony of an irate society dulled and yet sharpened his senses and everything seemed to slow down before him. He 'opened' up his eyes and saw it - the fine hairs on the man now standing inches before him with a thunderous expression on his visage. He could see every pore on the pale flesh, could almost taste the hot cold drops of sweat that oozed out of them. His breathing quickened as a strong and indescribable scent assailed his senses.


He was hungry after all.

He licked his lips and eyed the rather fat and juicy neck. He could see every nerve and vein throbbing with blood, with life! How wonderful and delicious it would be to have a taste of this being to nourish his famished soul. He had been running for a long time and it was only a matter of time before his instincts would kick in.

To hunt. To kill.

That was his mission and he was one to never fail when it came to such matters.

How? How do you know that?

His hands seemed to move on their own accord. He watched in fascination as the man's eyes began to widen in fear. He wondered what the man could be seeing for if he had known, the young man would have seen that his expression was anything but human at the moment. For what the taxi driver saw was a beast – one with narrowed teal eyes, shaggy wet hair and fangs within a mouth that seemed to stretch with each passing second.

The taxi driver felt something damp between his legs and he knew that he had finally given way to his fear. Uttering a breathless squeak, he tried to run away – begging for forgiveness, for the young man to spare his life. He was just a poor man. He had a wife and kids and he loved them very much. Please, please don't kill me!

But the smell of fear is a potent drug – intoxicating - and the young man was no stranger to it. He didn't care about the man's family or his welfare. He was hungry and if he didn't eat soon, he would probably die of starvation.

He lunged.


But, the next sequence of events went by in such a blur that the man was not sure of what had just happened. He knew he had been this close to taking a chunk out of the taxi driver's neck, but now he found himself being pulled away rather roughly by a very strong hand and literally thrown upon the back of what seemed to be a motorcycle.

The glazed and maniacal look in the man's eyes cleared away slowly to reveal the chaotic mess that he was now leaving behind. The taxi driver was now a blubbering mass in the middle of the road. Other cars had stopped to stare. Passersby had also stopped to witness the strange incident and as if the excitement would never end, two police cars were now chasing he and his mysterious 'rescuer'.

He had to wrap his arms tightly around the taller man's waist for fear he would fall off the speeding motorbike as he stared at the small silver ponytail that peeked out of the black helmet, with curiosity.

"Faster…" he finally muttered against the leather cloth upon the man's back.

He smells like…

He couldn't see the smirk on the other's face. "You don't have to tell me that twice," came the raspy reply. "Hold on tightly."

I am crazy, he thought as he closed his eyes and allowed the rushing wind to envelope them in its cocoon. Why am I going with him? I don't…don't even know who he is…

"You have a nerve to try to do that in the middle of the street," the man was saying as the dark-haired man opened up his eyes to stare at their new surroundings. They were now out of the city and going down the highway. He could still hear the sirens behind them, but they were rather faint. "Just what the hell were you thinking?"

The dark one said nothing and closed his eyes again. He was so very hungry and he had been running for so long.

The silver-haired man turned his head a little to stare at his new burden with a raised brow.

"Did you say something?" he asked quickly as he focused his attention back on the road again.

"Ki…Kiba…" the other muttered wearily. "My name…Kiba…"

The silver-haired one frowned lightly before nodding, as if he had somehow expected such a name in the first place. "The name's Tsume," he finally replied with a screech of the brakes as he made a sharp turn around a corner. "Welcome to my world."