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Another Promise We made....

(chapter 1)

Motoko stood in the shivering rain. Her long hair swayed from the harsh wind and her whole body was soaking wet; as if she stayed in a river for hours. Silence took over her mind… there was nothing but the tall image in front of her; which haunted her for several years. Her fist still tightens; with the persistence to not ever forget the image. For she made a promise to herself, a promise with another person. For it may just be a silly promise, maybe even a childish promise, but it was still a promise. For when you deeply trust a person… to make a simple favor, for you would hope that they will keep. It meant a lot to you and maybe it meant a lot to them. The image continued to stand, it continued to stare. The image reflected in Motoko's dark eyes. Her thoughts continued to speak; if the promise were ever to be broken, than she will break; from the immense trust she put with him for many years. The promise to get into Tokyo University, the most difficult college in Japan.

Her body trembled from the mist which held bitter cold. It was a secret that she made a promise with a boy, in her village. She remembered it like yesterday, the scent of his hair. The eyes he held with strong confidence. The voice she loved seemed somewhat familiar today. She was only three years old; at the time the boy came. He came with an elderly woman, around her late 40's. His black hair was long enough to tie in a little pony tail. He was taller than her, maybe about 2 feet taller than Motoko. And his smile was warm and welcoming. The elderly woman came to talk to her mother, explaining about the future the boy held. She remembered that her mother nodded, showing a total agreement, from whatever the elderly woman was talking about. Her father was also there, showing eyes of a fierce tiger but a face of a gentle angel.

The boy showed some nervousness, by rocking his body back and forth outside the dojo. He sighed, and stared at Motoko whom was hiding behind the tree. She wasn't very familiar with young male contact, so she held her mini katana and shot a frightening look at the boy and ran. The boy blinked and decided to follow her. Motoko started to feel irritated so she ran deeper into the area where demons roamed. ''He won't dare come near me now!'' thought Motoko. She ran inside a dark cave, it was careless, but she did it anyways.

Motoko suddenly felt hot air surrounding her with intense fear. She jumped and stayed still but her eyes went to the corner to see what intruder came near her presence. She gasped with horror and screamed, ''TURTLES!!!!!!'' The turtle roared, covering the loud scream Motoko had made.

The demon turtle was about 5 feet tall and the eyes were glowing red with fury. Its green shell and tanned flipper slammed against the cave wall and caused an earthquake. The boy rushed in and pulled Motoko out of the cave. It continued to rumble; but Motoko and the boy got out. There was a thunderous noise blasting through the cave; and it looked as if it was about to eat the two of them. The boy pushed Motoko out of the way and the flipper eventually slammed him to the tree. Motoko's back couldn't stop trembling. There were tiny tears at the edge of her eyes.

The boy grabbed a long stick and whacked its head harshly, the turtle started to feel pain so it roared at him. The boy took action and shoved the stick in its eye. The turtle responded by a blasting cry, it flew back rolling on the grassy field feeling the intense pain, from which the boy had given it. The boy grabbed Motoko's hand and they both ran back to the village.

The boy found a large shady tree, which was near the guards of the village. He gently pushed Motoko to the tree; with his back slamming against it. Motoko stared at him, still with the shock of the event that happened earlier. The boy moaned in agony, and reached behind his back. Motoko stared at his back and saw a deep cut in the center of his back. She hurried to the nearest hut, to gathered aid. She returned to him, and slowly wrapped the white bandages around his wound. The boy winced in pain, but remained still, in order to give proper treatment to his wound. As Motoko did so, Keitaro started to blush, including Motoko.

Silence came between them, but the boy broke it by saying, ''If two people love each other and go to Tokyo U together and pass… than they would live happily ever after.''

''Toko… let's go to Tokyo U together when we grow up, k?'' The boy heard the villagers calling Motoko, Toko, so it only made sense that it was her name.

Motoko blushed, ''what?''

The boy grinned, ''Tokyo U…keep your promise… I did save you life.''

Motoko didn't know what to say, ''I never met a guy before… but I heard…''

The boy looked at Motoko seriously, ''I know there's a lot of perverted men crawling out there… so… wait for me.'' We'll meet together at Tokyo U!''

Their eyes met, they both blushed. Motoko knew that she would get out of her villager later on… but keeping a promise… that meaningful, it seemed to matter to her. That was the day, her promise was made and that was the day he vowed for her to come for her.

It's been 16 years and he still never came. Motoko thought that the boy had forgotten about the promise… but she was wrong. She felt that he hadn't, she felt that warm smile is still here. It felt very near, although… who could it be? She promised herself she would wait for him and to not any men go near her. This was a promise she had to keep and a secret she had to hide.

Motoko shivered, once more, but regain her senses, since she felt three friends creeping behind her.

''Miss Aoyama!'' Let us walk you home!'' cried the cheerful fans.

Motoko ignore their assistants, and opened her umbrella. She continued to walk and ignore the praises the little fans that were chanting her name. She than found two men, which looked really lame, saying if all of them wanted to sing karaoke. She heard of these fools, before, Shirei and Haitani. They were seeking woman to have a little fun. There were rumors like that on campus; Motoko remained quite, trying to ignore more fools coming at her.

''Hey guys cut it out!'' shouted a man with an umbrella looking very serious. His voice, his gesture, his eyes... seemed somewhat familiar. Who was this man?

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