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Glaring crazily at Kyoshiro, Keitaro finally spoke with short pantings between his sentence, ''how do you know about the promise?''

Kyoshiro only stood simply silent, with the waver of his wooden blade. The dark hair slowly yet gently entangled with the whispering wind, capturing his true beauty. As he stood with the tension surrounding his aura, he only responded with harsh sigh. ''I love her, much more than you Urashima.'' Her grace and beauty may never match upon her lovely sister, but her soul burns hotly in my eyes… she is perfect.''

A smirk gently appeared on Kyoshiro's face as he turned and gazed upon the moonlight glowing upon him. His eyes slowly narrowed towards Keitaro while he still struggle to stand even on his knees. The satisfaction of hurting his recent rival grew more as Keitaro almost landed on his chin. ''Kyoshiro… answer the question,'' growled Keitaro at a dangerously low tone. His aura became fiercer which made Kyoshiro twitch a bit. Kyoshiro gave a slight nod and started the explanation after a few minutes of thickening silence.

''When Motoko turned at the age of 6, all she could say was Tokyo U…, it occurred to me that the boy whom visited 3 more years ago, was the grandson of Grandma Hina.'' I… was in love with her, eversince I was 5 years old… I loved her very much.'' He sighed, ''and you… were about to become the fiancé of her. Kyoshiro paused, ''although it was not long till my father settled the marriage, by including my royal blood.''

Keitaro only glared harshly; yet Kyoshiro continued. ''you could say… that I was the happiest boy on earth, knowingly getting married to the girl of my dreams.'' But when that very day came… my dreams were shattered, as if hell had grasped my entire body.

Flashback 8 years ago… (Kyoshiro is 17)

Kyoshiro watched shyly as he stood next to Motoko with a playful grin but his eyes were filled with gentleness. Motoko only narrowed her eyes and responded with a weak smile. ''Kyoshiro-sama… is there something troubling you?'' gulped Motoko leaving a slight blush.

Kyoshiro shook his head, ''no, no, I was just… walking by.''

Motoko chuckled, ''I can't wait until I leave this village… Kyoshiro-sama.''

Kyoshiro stood silently, ''but why?'' do you not love our people and our ways?'' His eyes were widen from shock yet his fists tightly closed to calm himself.

''I do… but I made a promise to a boy,'' sighed Motoko dreamily.

''What did you two promise,'' said Kyoshiro raising his voice. His temper was raising so fast, that he would cut down any boy who came near his beloved Motoko.

''That we both go to Tokyo University together and live happily ever after,'' laughed Toko-chan.

''such a fantasy,'' sighed Kyoshiro with a tone of disappointment. He landed on his back on the side hill were they were both standing.

He was hurt from Motoko's words… making another promise with another boy was unexceptional in his case. His legs shuffled against the grass while he watched Motoko looking disappointed as well.

''why are you always so unsupportive, Kyoshiro?'' Motoko said while sitting besides him.

Kyoshiro pouted, ''well… because I love you Motoko…''

Motoko's eyes brighten, ''I love you, too!''

His sprit awoken, ''really?''

''Uhhuh!'' Nodded Motoko crazily, ''you always remind me of my sister… your like a brother to me!''

It was not long till Kyoshiro did an instant anime fall, ''it's a start,'' he thought while he tasted the dirt.

''Motoko… do you love anyone?'' Kyoshiro said while gazing upon the sky.

She blushed furiously, ''my promise boy.''

He swear he was about to cry, but he only held back his tears. ''What's his name?''

''I dunno,'' chuckled Motoko. Her eyes landed on the beautiful Kyoshiro; she blushed a lot harder. ''I also promised him that I would not fall for any other man…but I think I'm going to break that promise.''

Kyoshiro eyes were half closed ignoring Motoko's words.

Motoko leaned closer to Kyoshiro's face, ''I am not too sure about my feelings… so… if I don't find him… I will fall in love with my 2nd lover.''

Kyoshiro laughed, ''who is this 2nd lover?''

Motoko leaned closer to Kyoshiro's ear, ''you are… Kyoshiro-sama.''

End of Flashback

''That is why I want you to leave… Keitaro Urashima… I'm sorry, but I will not allow you to see her.'' Kyoshiro gave a short pause, he saw Keitaro… laughing?

''Are you seriously on crack,'' said Kyoshiro while raising his left eyebrow.

Keitaro paused for a short moment, ''no… it's just amazing how Motoko… my Toko-chan, fall in love with the likes of you!''

Kyoshiro grunted, ''take that back you bastard.''

Keitaro slowly rose to his feet and brushed the dirt off his shoulders. His eyes directed met with Kyoshiro's. A thickening silence came forth while a gust of wind slowly signify the voice of Keitaro.

''I love Motoko Aoyama and Naru Narusagawa; I can't possibly give up the other…,'' his voice trailed off.

''Motoko loves me… yet she loves you still,'' sighed Keitaro. ''I am jealous that she is fond of you… no really.'' ''It's like a love rectangle or sumthin' ''

Silence rose only for a short moment. ''But…'' said his voice shaking.

''I cannot allow you, as her lover, easily toss me aside while I am in desperate search of her.'' Because… Motoko Aoyama… is going to be my future wife!'' Keitaro sweatdropped inside of him, ''what am I thinking?'' he thought while staring seriously at Kyoshiro.

Kyoshiro only responded by a snort of laughter, ''let me rephrase your idiotic sentence, right there.'' His wooden blade pressed against Keitaro's throat in only a matter of seconds; or less than a second. The eyes turned icy blue while his teeth tighten enough to show the face of a ferocious wolf.

''Motoko… she is mine… never in the arms of a careless man like you.''

The views of Kyoto Mountains were quite tranquil and beautiful… not until a flock of birds flew away from the dangerous noise. What twisted beginning will come?

''Tsuroko… whom I'm I suppose to marry at this type of age again?'' said Motoko staring nervously at her sister.

''For the last time sister, Kyoshiro Shiroyukayo, surely you remember that boy, you of all tomboys played a lot with all your wooden katanas.''

Motoko's eyes could it sworn it widened just a little, ''Kyoshiro?''

Short Flashback

''I have a second lover… and maybe it's you Kyoshiro- Sama…''

End of short Flashback

''Kyoshiro… I…,'' Motoko was so confused and all, she just couldn't stop handling her emotions for her childhood friend.

''You what?'' yawned Tsuroko getting bored of Motoko's weirdness.

''I'll be right back!'' Motoko smiled weakly. She walked near the hills where Kyoshiro and she talked nervously. She only smiled, enjoying the memories of where the hills held. ''Keitaro,'' she whispered. ''Do you also love me?''

''Of course…'' whispered the voice.


''It's me…,'' chuckled Keitaro.

''Keitaro…'' her voice trailed off. ''how did you find me?''

He laughed, ''I guess… I was in desperate search for you.'' Motoko… I'm sorry for leaving you like this.''

Motoko ran up to Keitaro and wrapped his arms around him… but the moment she touched him… he disappeared. Tears welled up in her eyes…, ''Urashima… no…'' This didn't made sense. Not at all. She swore she saw him… it was not an illusion… could it be possible?

Kyoshiro looked at the deep reddish color sinking in the dirt. It was splattered everywhere… even on his face. ''Motoko-chan… I will be your second lover.''

Keitaro laid lifeless on the ground with blood drowning his face. Before Kyoshiro got the chance of making him like this… there was one word he whispered under his breath, ''I'm sorry for leaving you like this.''

Keitaro Urashima… lays lifeless on the cold dirt of earth. Such a horrible ending…. Ne? Well… I have one important question for all of you reviewers out there. Shall I… make a miracle happen? You decide… I hate to disappoint my reviewers. Well.... who says this is the ending... hnnn?