by Majah


I don't own CCS, but I do own the story in this fic and things that are non-CCS related. All the name of places, historical events and other things mentioned, which you don't seem to know IRL, are products of my imagination. Any similarities with the actual thing were purely coincidental.


A reality wherein people can exist in two different worlds; the world of cyberspace and the world of real life

Wherein anything done inside this computer world was lawfully legal in real life as well…

Despite of having a "perfect life", Sakura found herself role-playing someone in alliance with Li Syaoran (an elite businessman who concocted his money making plans inside the NET) in an online game named "InterVEST". Real life identities unknown to each other, what will happen if they found out that the other belongs to a family who was in a feud with their own. See how Sakura, being the sweet young lady that she was supposed to be, got involved with something her father wouldn't have dreamed of as she signed a binding contract online that became legal in real life. Thus, throwing everything in topsy-turvy.

Cyberspace, Games, Contracts, Dreams, Legacy

...a long buried past unearthed in the quest to bind two warring families...will love be a part of it? Or was everything just a game?

Author's Note:

The first few chapters of this fic kinda changes from present tense to past tense. I'm sorry about that. It was my first try, but it soon changed as the story progressed on. I will proofread the earlier chapters when I got the time but for now I would like you all to know that I am aware of this detail and would like to apologize for it in advance. I didn't pay attention to proper tenses until I reached chapter 10...I think...it could be much earlier than that but I couldn't remember. The change is more evident in the more recent ones I write. I owe it to my reviewers who corrected me while I was writing "Inc".

Proofreading Update:

I decided to start proofreading today. I will go through one chapter at a time. For now, I've edited this prologue. Someday, I will eventually catch up to the quality of my recent chapters.


Three huge flat screen wall monitors lit the dark room as deep red velvet curtains covered the walls and windows. Only the monitors seemed to illuminate the medium sized room together with the ember of a tobacco cigarette gripped by old scrawny fingers.

"Lad...I think...it is time to load the last patch," a voice emanated behind a well-cushioned seat in front of the huge screens. His body was concealed by the chair. A large black dog that had been resting beside him, perked up his ears as the man spoke.

"Do you think so?" A man answered at the back. His features were hidden in the shadows but you could tell by his voice that he was still young.

"Yes...," the man behind the seat replied slowly. His difficulty at speaking showed his great advancement in years.

The young man stepped out slightly, his glasses became evident yet his features remained difficult to distinguish. He typed on a computer keyboard nearby and the three monitors changed their display. The left and right monitor both displayed tree-like graphs. Names of people from top to bottom of the tree could be seen. But on top of the two trees were two different crests. The one at the left carried a symbol of a sun surrounded by stars powerfully adorned by words in another language. The one at the right has the symbol of a moon, also surrounded by stars, but elegance was more emphasized than power. It also carried the same words from the same language.

"Are you sure?" the young man verified.

"Abso-lutely...," the old man said. He patted the head of his dog. "It is now or never...I am no longer young, lad. And I am the last in line in my family. This is my last chance to amend peace to something that shouldn't have been done in the past."

"I understand, sir" the young man started. "But don't you think it is quite ambitious?...this plan of yours?"

"My lad, you disappoint me!" the old man said on a slightly high voice which resulted for him to cough. The young man rushed to his side. "Bah!" As he coughed, "Don't worry about me I am fine..." He brushed off the young man's hand. With one last cough he continued, "As I was saying, you disappoint me, lad. Young people nowadays should be the reckless ones."

The young man smirked as he went back to his previous posture. "Sir, some of us had grown responsible due to the needs of our time. You must have more faith to the 'futures' of this country."

"Ha! Faith you say? Of course I have faith. I wouldn't be scheming this plan if not." He smiled and pointed one commanding finger to the computer's keyboard. "Go on, lad. Show it to me. Show me the fruits of my hard work."

The young man pushed the load button on the keyboard, "The fruits are not yet ripe, my dear Sir."

"Don't worry," the old man said confidently. The center monitor lit up as a program began to load. "In due time..."

A welcome tune played while the splash screen of the program appeared on the screen.

"...it will be."

The room brightened a little as the center monitor flashed the name of the loaded program.

'InterVEST', it continued to display.