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He loved her with all of his heart. It was the scariest feeling he had ever felt. Someone having such a complete hold on his heart was not exactly new, but there had only ever been one other person who could do that to him.

He loved the way she smiled. The sounds she made when he kissed her belly. He loved her feet, which were always dressed in the most comfortable shoes he could find. Her perfect hands, which held his whole world although they were so small.

He loved her eyes. The way they never let go of his own in the middle of the night, when they were both awake, just like right now. Her long lashes framing her eyes, protecting them. Or how a tear was caught by them, like a liquid diamond.

He loved her mouth, the way it moved when she was awake. The way it was opened just a tiny little bit when she slept.

He loved to watch her falling asleep. Her eyelids dropping, becoming so heavy she couldn't hold them up anymore, although she still didn't want to break eye contact. The way her breathing deepened, becoming calmer. A last sigh before she fell back into dreamland.

"Sleep tight. Dream happy. I love you Sarah." His whispered voice was a caress, washing over her face and keeping any nightmares at bay.

"Harm?" Harm looked up to see the other person who held his whole heart standing in the doorway. His other Sarah.

"Ssshhhh. She just fell asleep."

"Harm, Sam has been asleep for the last 30 minutes. It only takes her 14 minutes to finish her bottle and you've been up an hour. Come back to bed."

"Yeah. I just want to hold her a little bit longer. To make sure she really is asleep."

Sarah Rabb went to sit on her husband's lap, grabbing a blanket to wrap around both of them and their daughter. The night was chilly, but she was warm enough in his arms.

She hadn't thought it possible to fall even more in love than she already was when he asked her to marry him. She knew better when she gave birth to their first child, Sarah Anna MacKenzie Rabb.

The day she and Sam were released from the hospital, Harm had shown up with two pair of identical shoes. They were made of the softest leather with white wool inside. They were more slippers than shoes. She wore them only inside the house, like right now.

However, Harm showed up with them and put them on Sam's feet.

"For my little girl. I only want you to wear the most comfortable shoes there are. But please wait with number two on your mom's list. And don't even think about coming home with any man for the next thirty years. At least."