It had been nearly 7 years since Anthony had left this world and yet he was still there living in little L.T. the child that everyday seemed to be more like his father than anyone truly wanted to admit. Kate leaned back in her chair at NCIS thinking about her new promotion and her team. When Morrow had retired Gibbs took over leaving Kate with the reins of her very own team consisting of McGee, and several new kids one of which seemed eerily familiar to Gibbs in a sense that he had the same icy cold blue eyes. She sighed as she saw the elevator door open but was shocked at who entered the offices.

Commander Rabb walked in with his slow steady gait towards the desk of Special Agent Caitlin Todd. His brown hair was slightly graying but he still held the handsome flyboy look he always held. He was wearing his dress whites for some reason, Kate thought, probably a case. As he came to her desk he took off his cap and spoke in his normal voice.

"Special Agent Todd, good morning."

"Hello to yourself Commander."

"May I speak to you for a moment?"

"Of course. Take a seat."

"Alright." he said as he sat in the chair opposite her, his hands went to the brief case that Kate hadn't even noticed pulling out a rather large file he spoke in his soft voice. "I am here about a case you have been working on for nearly seven years..."

"You mean?"

"Yes the murder of Anthony Dinozzo, the father, I believe of your son."

"Yes he is...what do you know?"

"As you know the man he killed was a hired assassin, another one fell into our hands a few weeks ago and gave up some information on the possible mastermind of his murder. We didn't accept it at first until we took what he gave us freely and matched it with the exact information from the case."

"How did you....?"

"Well we have a resource upstairs." with that he pointed to Gibbs' office and grinned his flyboy smile. "Anyway after matching the information we came here directly to tell you so you could inicate the investigations yet again."

"Well get to the point who did he give up?"

"We don't know his real name all we know is that he goes by Six, he has been involved in over 43 murders and seems to have a knack for attacking law enforcement. In fact when Dinozzo worked for Baltimore PD he was involved in a shooting, during which Dinozzo was shot three times in the chest he was saved by his partner Konts who is now the Chief of Police in Balitimore. The shooter was another hired assassin hired to kill a politician, Dinozzo stopped this act and was then the subject of a hit a few months later. Again he stopped the assassin but he was wounded in the process, I believe it was a bullet to the left knee cap. This caused him to stop playing sports like football, later he was sent to NCIS and here he was until Six ordered another hit apparently on the team." Rabb paused before looking at the agent before him she was in shock and tears were beginning to form. Quickly he stood up and walked to her side of the desk crouching next to her, a hand fell on her shoulder as he spoke softly, "Agent Todd, I know this has to be hard to hear but I don't believe that Dinozzo's death was an accident or that this Six character will stop until he wipes out his family completely. Sturgis sent me here to tell you this and to help protect you and your son. I have friends in high places, some of them remember you from your secret service days. If anyone will make it out of this whole thing it will be you and your son."

"Thank you Commander...what do I need to do?"

"First call Gibbs and your team, then get your son out of school and bring him here. After that we will talk about this as a whole."

I know this is a short post but it is all I could do at the moment...hope you all like it!