Stalkings Of DiNozzo

Chapter Ten

His teeth were gritted against the pain in his shoulder but he kept those eyes ever moving. Floor by floor he descended down the elevator shaft. He had to make a decision Abby's lab or the Morgue. It took him a split second to press the button for the Morgue, his body moving in a slow lurch to the opposite corner so he could hunker down.

His head set crackled slowly and Tony's fingers pressed the receive button, "This better be good McGee."

There was a pause before a response crackled back to him just above a whisper, "The heat is at full capacity in the upper levels, the lower levels are a bit harder to heat considering there is a rather large hole in the walls."

"Thanks McGee, see if you can give me a visual readout."

"I'm on it, use your com in short supply alright?"

"I know, I'll radio back when I have information. DiNozzo out." McGee couldn't help but smile softly at that sign-off, perhaps their friend was still in there after all? DiNozzo pulled out a flash grenade from his belt, his fingers running over the textured surface as he moved to plaster his body against the small wall where the call buttons were.

The soft ding that alerted passengers to the arrival of their floor echoed in the elevator, and as the slow creaking of metal against metal sounded there was a swift pop and then the release of a rather nasty white flash. Tony's eyes were shielded but sadly enough those who had come to meet him had another issue. They had been wearing infrared as Tony had suspected and as the flash went off the image flared making them shriek in instantaneous pain. Tony moved with a dead on swiftness, the butt of his M-16 slammed into the left temple of the first man he encountered. The second one got the brunt of his fist but by then the effects were starting to wear off, so when the third man made to shoot him Tony fired a single shot, just inside the collarbone. It was instant, and it was fatal.

Tony plastered himself to the wall, his body moving along it slowly, inch by inch until he found the morgue's entrance. The whoosh of the door sounded as Tony pressed the red button, his body easing up against that wall before he flicked his fingers over yet another flash grenade if he used this one he'd only have one left for Abby's floor and god knows what would come after that. He gritted his teeth, and then with a split second decision he took a better grip on his rifle and moved into the morgue.

His eyes shifted from right to left, gun following it as his body moved to quickly yet thoroughly to clear the room. His attention, once cleared, then turned upon the first body he found. A finger pressed to the head set as he lowered into a kneeling position. "Palmer's down." It was a simple statement, one that could never clear the air or open a conversation but it was a statement that made perfect sense and kept the thoughts aligned to the plight of their mutual friend.

"You see Ducky?" The voice was more cracked then normal, but Tony understood Jimmy was a good man still a kid in many ways but a good man in the end. He shifted upon his knee, his body turning so that he could scan the room once more.

He took a slow breath before pressing that button again, "Affirmative, Dr. Mallard is down. Execution style, single shot through the eyes." His finger slid off the button as he moved stand once more before grimacing in pain. His face contorted as he ran his hand across his shoulder it was still bleeding. He grunted softly and moved forth, he had to figure out a plan to get Abby's floor clear.

"Intruders?" Tony held for a moment before moving out into the hall, he once more found a knee lowering to cuff the two that were alive with plastic riot cuffs. Taking them one at a time he found a rather nice place for them in the elevator. He drug the dead body into the elevator as well, his body standing straight up as he pushed against the escape hatch. He couldn't help but smirk as he managed to raise the body up top. His hands pushed the body to the side, a finger moving to put something in the wound he had caused.

"Three, one dead. Maintain radio silence." Tony's voice wasn't something to be called strong at the moment he actually sounded like the living dead with the hoarse tone he held. He moved back a bit, lowering to a knee once more he messed with the gun belts of those before him. Pulling out what he needed he took a rather nice set of grenades. A flash grenade and a smoke grenade, how nice of his former partners to accommodate right?

Pulling their pins he placed the grenades just beneath the men's arms and then pressed the appropriate button for Abby's floor. Backing off he moved away, his focus making the hall his own type of bottle neck. If he could draw their men to this floor he'd be able to take them out of their comfort zone and place them where he wanted them.