AN: Boy I make a lot of first attempts (laughs at the unfunny joke) this is my first attempt at a School of Rock FF, so please R&R and here is Band the Band Together.

- - - - -

Chapter 1

- - - - -

Freddy Jones cursed under his breath as he failed for a third time to get his locker combination right.

This was not a good way to start your junior year.

It was bad enough he had to wear a uniform, forgetting his locker combination was insane.

"Need help?" a familiar voice asked from behind him.

"Not from you Katie," Freddy muttered.

"Look just because we're not friends anymore doesn't mean we can't help each other out," Katie responded.

"Look," Freddy said, beginning to get frustrated and turn around, "I'm lucky I even remember what you," he said, drifting off, he was right. He barely remembered what she looked like. At the end of sophomore year, Katie did not look like this.

Her dark hair that used to be cut to her shoulders and flipped at the ends was now grazed right on her chest bone with honey brown highlights, she had a summer tan and had definitely...developed, facial features and bodily features.

"Yeah, you really remember. Anyways I was just offering to help you," Katie scoffed and then walked down the hallway, her gray plaid pleated skirt flipping around her as she walked.

"I guess I could use a little help," Freddy said.

Katie spun around with a smile and walked to his locker just as the bell rang and teenagers scurried into classrooms, "Locker combo?"

"15-17-15," Freddy said bashfully.

Katie turned to him in disbelief, "How the hell could you forget a locker combo that simple?"

Freddy shrugged as she popped open his locker.

"I guess all that hair gel has been getting into your head Spazzy," Katie said.
Freddy touched the tips of his spiked blonde hair, "No one has called me Spazzy since the sixth grade, Posh Spice," he joked.

Katie rolled her eyes, "I'm going to be late, see you around," Katie said and with a flip of her hand walked off down the hallway and disappeared down another.

After the sixth grade, School of Rock broke up. Since out of the whole band Dewey Finn was the only one to get anywhere. After the breakup, everyone in the band stopped talking practically, Frankie and Freddy were still best friends and Katie and Summer were friends but the rest of the band went their own ways.

It reminded Freddy of a VH1 Rockumentary except none of the band members had died from drug overdoses.

- - - - -

"So, I said, you're wrong the answer is A squared and he said it was A cube, so we checked and guess who was right?" Summer beamed with enjoyment as she and Katie wondered down the halls of Horace Green Prep High School.

"Who?" Katie asked boredly.

"Me," Summer said with excitement as if it was something that didn't always happen.

Katie rolled her eyes as they wandered over by Freddy's locker.

"Figuring it out?" Katie asked with a laugh.

"Ha-Ha," Freddy said sarcastically from his locker where Zach and Frankie were next to him.

"Since when did you talk to Freddy? You guys haven't been best friends since like Jr. High," Summer asked with disgust but her question didn't get answered.

"Hey guys!" Marta said, running up to them.

"I thought he didn't even talk to Zach," Katie asked quietly.

"Guys, I said hi," Marta said, her thick blonde hair flying across her face.

"Hi Marta," Summer said, "Did you see what Billy's latest fashion idea was?"

"I thought it was cute," Marta said with a grin.

"Yeah, I guess you're right, that red top with the slits outlined in black was kinda cool," Summer said.

"Kinda? It was awesome!" Marta exclaimed.

"Well there he is. Why don't you go congratulate him?" Summer asked, pointing to Billy who was walking down the hallway with Gordon and Marco.

"Okay, hey, Billy!" Marta yelled to get his attention.

"This is weird... none of us were hanging out together last year," Katie said.

"Gordon and Marco started hanging out after they both saw each other at this weird techno camp and Billy and Marta are like this now," Summer said, crossing her fingers in display, "since summer and they bumped into each other at one of those fashion shows that they do for amateurs in the mall," Summer replied, "He was a designer and she was a model,"

"If everybody is back together as friends, maybe we can be as a band too," Katie suggested.

Summer rolled her eyes at her friend with a pitiful smile, "I don't think so Katie. I'm going to be late for my student council meeting, see you," she said with a wave and then walked off down the hallway.

"Same old Summer," Katie said, leaning against a locker.

"Sup, Katie?" Alicia asked from where she was walking down the hall with Tomika.

Katie smiled at them as they walked off.

She was glad parts of the band were getting along with other parts. She couldn't believe Summer didn't think School of Rock could get back together.

"Hey Alicia, Tomika!" Katie called after them, running towards them, her black shoes tapping on the hard floor.

"Yeah?" the two asked in unison, turning to face them.

Alicia was one of the most popular girls in school along with Marta. She had caramel skin, dark brown curly hair and a nice body frame, tall and slender. She had gotten rid of her braces and as a result got perfectly straight white teeth.

Tomika was beautiful, she had chocolate skin, long straight black hair that framed her face, had perfect curves and was tall. Even though she was still big, it didn't stop her from getting almost any guy she wanted.

"Do you guys think School of Rock has a chance of getting back together?" Katie asked.

Both girls shook their heads at the same time.

"No way," Alicia said, "It would be near impossible, I heard that Lawrence doesn't even play keyboard anymore and I don't even really sing, just act,"

"I can still sing, but I don't think School of Rock can do it," Tomika said.

"Why not?" Katie asked.

"Katie," Tomika said, "it just can't happen. It would be hard, wrangling together everybody again. Besides, we wouldn't be able to get Dewey and he was like the lead of the band!"

"Then we could do it by ourselves," Katie said.

"I just don't think it's gonna happen K," Alicia said and Tomika nodded in agreement.

"See you later," the girls said and then walked off.

Katie let out a sigh, her next ally would have to be Zach, but that would have to wait.

She was late for class.