Chapter 3

- - - - -

"So, how is this gonna work?" Katie asked Freddy during eighth period study hall.

"I have no idea, School of Rock has to get back together, it just has to,"

"School of Rock?" a voice asked from behind them.
The two turned around and saw Lawrence.

"Yeah, we want to get it back together," Katie said.

"Barely anyone even remembers the School of Rock," Lawrence said.

"You know that's not true," Freddy remarked, "don't you ever think about it?"

"Of course I do, I just don't talk about it that's why nobody thinks I remember how to play piano or keyboard. But it might not work,"

"It could though," Katie suggested and Freddy nodded.

"How many people have listened to you guys now, and decided to rejoin the band?"

"Us," Freddy and Katie said in unison.

"Have you asked other people?"

"Let's see, Tomika, Alicia, Zack, Frankie, Marta, and Summer," Freddy said, ticking off each name with one of his fingers.

"Which is pretty much the whole band, Marco, Gordon, Billy, Eleni and Michelle are the only ones you haven't, and their the stage crew, security, and groupies,"

"Will you do it?" Katie asked.

Lawrence ran a hand through his thick black hair that now had light brown highlights. His round face had gotten longer, he got contacts and he was tall with an athletic body, even though he wasted the athletic in him on the chess club, he was one of the best looking guys in school according to most of the girls Katie knew.

"I could," Lawrence said.

Katie shrieked and jumped up to hug him.

"But I can't," he finished.

"What?" Katie asked.

"Why man?" Freddy asked.

"Because I don't want to and there are other things I have to do,"

"Lawrence!" Katie dragged out his name only to get shushed by the teacher.

Lawrence straightened his tie, "Sorry Katie, my band days are over," he said and pulled out his calculator and began to do his twelfth grade calculus homework.

"That was a jip," Freddy scoffed rolling his eyes.

"This is going to take a while," Katie sighed and leaned back in her chair.

- - - - -

"There has to be a way to get at least somebody on board with us," Freddy said that afternoon in the music room after school, he let out an exaggerated sigh and flopped onto the couch in the room.

Katie looked out one of the glass windows and saw Zack at his locker with Frankie, pulling out his backpack and putting his homework inside.

"I have an idea, get me that guitar," Katie said, pointing to a guitar sitting in the corner of the room.

"You don't know how to play," Freddy said as he handed her the electric guitar with uneasiness.

"It's just like a bass only with six chords instead of four, besides he does," Katie said and swung the door open so he could hear her play more clearly.

She walked over to her microphone stand, plugged in the amp and strummed loudly and horribly.

Freddy stared at her like she was crazy.

She strummed louder, jumping up and down.

"Katie what the hell are you doing?" Zack asked, walking inside the room.

"Practicing guitar! I thought I'd try it out, I'm pretty good huh?" Katie asked from where she was standing at her microphone stand.

"Here let me help you. See you Frankie!" Zack called outside.

"Later man," Frankie said and wandered off down the hall.

Zack sat down his backpack and walked over to Katie and took the guitar from her, "Now you start out like this…" he said and began going through all the keys and chords, Katie pretended to listen and she beckoned Freddy over.

He grinned and took a seat on his stool behind the drum set.

Katie reached into her carry case and pulled out her bass guitar, she slung it over her shoulder and plugged in all the other amps, still pretending to listen to Zack who thought she was listening.

"How about you play me a song?" Katie asked.

Zack simply nodded but didn't look up from the guitar, Katie smiled as Zack started playing the School of Rock song but he didn't sing just played the music.

Suddenly the sound of Freddy's drumming along could be heard in the background along with Zack's guitar.

Katie started to strum on her bass and soon they were playing the whole song, minus Lawrence's keyboarding and Marta, Alicia, and Tomika's singing in the background.

Zack was smiling along with the music and when it stopped he looked at them all with grins, "We've still got it huh?"

Katie and Freddy nodded, "Definitely,"

Freddy glanced at Zack for a moment, "So man, do you think you wanna join the band again?"

Zack stared at the two of them with disbelief, "Are you serious?!"

Freddy and Katie nodded slowly, "Yeah,"

Katie rolled her eyes, "Look if you didn't want to do it you could have just told us,"

"I did tell you…last night,"

Katie sat down her bass. She really thought they could have made Zack come around.

"And I want to change my answer," Zack said when both Freddy and Katie were completely silent.

"What?" Katie and Freddy asked in unison.

"I want back in the band," Zack said with a grin.

"Yes!" Katie and Freddy exclaimed, slapping hands and then running over to Zack and giving him a hug.

"Dude, too much love," Zack said, breaking the hug.

Katie grinned, School of Rock was back-kinda.

- - - - -

"Now we really need to get Lawrence and the backups back," Katie said as they walked around her large living room in her house that afternoon.

"That could be hard, Marta has cheerleading, Alicia has drama, Lawrence has chess, and Tomika has choir and all those musicals," Zack said with a shrug.

"Tomika!" Katie exclaimed, "We have to get Tomika,"

"She's right. Tomika was the best singer in the band, along with Dewey," Freddy said.

"The other singer was me," Zack interjected.

Freddy stared at him like he was an idiot, "My point,"

Zack tossed one of the Springfield's pillows at Freddy and it landed on the oak wood floor.

"Hey!" Katie exclaimed picking it up, "That pillow is made of real silk," she said and sat the pillow back down on the big couch.

Zack rolled his eyes, "What if we got new band members?"

Freddy and Katie both turned to him with shock, "NO!"

"Dude, just a suggestion…why not?"

"The School of Rock is the real deal, we can't have imposters in the band man," Freddy said.

"Getting new members is like a death sentence," Katie chimed in.

Zack rolled his eyes and picked up the phone on the glass coffee table and punched in a phone number, "Billy…it's me…yeah, Zack…look I didn't call you for a fashion criticism…yeah, whatever…do you ever think about School of Rock? Yes, the band…back in fifth grade moron…you do? Do you think we have a chance of getting back togeth-…you could have just said no…why not? I think we have a great shot…yeah I know you were just a fashion designer but…okay it was the most important job…we could call Dewey but…yeah he's famous now…we is Katie, Freddy and I…yes…so what do you say? Still no…Billy, please…please? Come on…please just try to wrangle up Marta so we can have a backup singer…please? You guys are like best friends don't tell me you can't talk to her! Please? Billy…Billy…please? Be reasonable dude…really? Really? Aw man, thanks…that'd be killer…yeah, thanks man…later," Zack said and hung up.

"Well?" Katie and Freddy both asked in unison.

"He's going to try to talk Marta into getting in the band again,"

"I already tried that and I'm her boyfriend,"

"Yeah, aren't you lucky," Katie scoffed under her breath.

"So do you think she'll say yes?" Zack asked.

"Dunno, she said no to me,"

"Best friends are easier to talk to than boyfriends," Katie said sympathetically, patting him on the back.

Freddy rolled his eyes, "I was friends with her before we were a couple,"

Katie scoffed, "Yeah, barely,"

Freddy shook his head at her jokingly in disgust.

Katie looked up at both of them, "Wanna practice?"

- - - - -

"No Freddy, I already said no," Marta said to Freddy the next day at school.

"Yeah, but why?" Freddy complained.

"It was the sixth grade Freddy, we've moved on past our amateur stage and I'm into more serious things now, like you should be," Marta replied.

"But Mar-ta…without the backup singers the band is nothing,"

"All the band is right now is you,"

"And Katie and Zack,"

"Katie and Zack?" Marta echoed.

Freddy nodded.

"It won't be the same without Lawrence, Tomika and Alicia, so no, sorry," Marta said in a fake sympathetic voice.
She leaned over and gave him a lingering and tender kiss on the lips and then strolled off down the hallway.

Maybe getting new band members wasn't such a bad idea after all.