Okay so disclaimer time. I do not own the Roswell high characters, however much I wish I did, I am doing this for fun.

Graduation had been and gone, and the summer was fading away fast. The whole of Roswell was bathed in desert sunshine and Liz smiled as she looked out of the window.

"Hey you" Maria said, throwing a dishcloth at Liz "this might be your last day, but you've got to pull your weight"

"Aww come on Maria"

"Nope, look you know he's not back till tomorrow, so stop staring out the window like a love sick puppy and get. Back. To. Work."

Liz grinned, "I know, I know but ever since we defeated the collective... I've got him back. I need to be with him... its like we're more connected than we've ever been" She was right. Ever since Trevor left there had been a strong bond formed between all six of them (Alex, Maria, Liz, Michael, Max and Isabel) it was comforting. But when she was with Max it was different, more intense than the bond she shared with the others. It made the air prickle slightly. Liz had a smile ear to ear as she remembered how great it had felt when their molecules had combined to be so close to Max had been amazing.

Maria shook her head. Honestly she thought alien obsession is not healthy. A huge grin spread across her face as Michael Guerin popped into view from behind one of the booths, "Hey! Who do you have to kill to get some service around here?" Liz laughed, "you get it Maria, it's a bit early for me to be dealing with cocky aliens today"

"Yes sir, what can I get you?" Liz heard Maria ask in mock seriousness, as she headed for the staff room at the back of the restaurant.

Max leaned back in his chair. The air con, in the corner of his parent's office was buzzing away merrily and his work was finished for the day. Ever since the start of summer Max had been working three days a week in Clovis. It was good money but it felt, at times, as thou it was tearing him apart. "Oh Liz" he sighed. That girl drove him crazy, and he loved it. He spent all his time wanting, waiting to be with her. The buzz he got from their connection was fantastic. He could feel it even now. It was the same with the others only weaker and he tuned them out wanting to concentrate solely on Liz. Reclining further in his chair he began to play images in his mind. He and Isabel in the park. His Mom and Dad. Michael, Maria, Alex. Liz. Liz in her cupcake dress. The prom. Adam. Ray. Trevor?! He hadn't been meaning to think of him it had just happened, he appeared in his mind, behind him Max could see a mass of green cloud.

Isabel awoke with a gasp. Sitting bolt upright in bed a tremor of fear and joy ran down her spine. She'd seen him and he'd said something. What was it? Isabel had been dream walking however on the plain she had sensed another being. Trevor. He was there watching her. She smelt his familiar fragrance and the air had been tinted with the colour of his aura. He had appeared before her and whispered something.