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Chapter five

Max rushed around the room trying to find his socks, Liz sat up in the bed "Max stop, calm down, you need to explain what's going on" she caught is arm as he ran past and pulled him over to her "come on sweetie tell me" she urged him

"Look Liz, I need to talk to the others, I think its best I tell you all together"

"Hey, that's fine but Max its 2 am, what can you do at the moment? Come on honey just sit down for a while, we can call them in the morning"

It was 6am, Alex was sitting on the floor of Michel's with a bowl of cereal in front of him rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. He'd gotten a mysterious phone call at around 5:30 and the Major had not been best pleased about being woken up " where the hell is Max? I've got a whole days worth of chores in front of me because of that nice little wake up call"

Izzy grinned at the disgruntled Alex; inside though she was worried, what could be wrong? At first a whole bunch of things had rushed in to her head, but she had to calm herself down, she told herself that it was probably just max over reacting but there was a nagging part of herself that she couldn't shut up. " He'll be here soon, don't worry about it Alex"

Michel could feel the nervous energy flowing from Isabel, he tried to send out a comforting vibe but it seemed to have no effect "Michel, where do you keep the toothpaste?" Reddening slightly as he caught a sly grin from Alex he replied

"It's in the second shelf down babe, need a hand?"

"Nah its cool, I got it " Maria had seemed totally unaffected about being caught at Michel's house that morning. Well I suppose we were bound to be caught eventually he thought as he snuck of towards the bathroom.

"Max" Izzy shouted as her brother walked into the flat. He looked so tired, and seriously distressed. "What's wrong!"

"I think you should all sit down" He said " Its about Trevor"

The whole gang sat lounging around the room. It seemed they had all fallen into shock, Izzy sat in the corner a million thoughts racing round her mind. Michel could see the specks of excitement on her aura but they where accompanied by speck of worry. H e knew what it was, if their was a threat to their home planet then she, they would lose all chance of going back there. Looking around he felt something needed to be said, the atmosphere was just to tense, clearing his throat he came out with the first thing that came n to his mind " Any one want nachos?"

Liz stood close to Max, she could sense his unease "hey sweetie, It'll be Ok yah know, I'm sure Trevor will explain more soon, just give it time" Max smiled at her, he wasn't sure she understood the pressure he was feeling. All his doubts about himself his strength and ability to lead where bubbling to the surface " I don't know what to do Liz, this all just seems so impossible"

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