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It was a bright day with no wind. The birds in the trees were singing as usual in a peaceful time. However there was one thing wrong with this scene, and it involved 3 very important and prominent members of Team Rocket.

"Stupid Bird!" Jesse shouted, as she tried to get rid of the bird droppings that fell in her hair. She angrily added, "I'm tired of this job, trying to catch Pikachu almost everyday and failing every time."

Meowth calmly replied, "But think about what the boss is going to say if we bring him that Pikachu!"

James rolled his eyes and said, "Enough of these stories about what the boss is going to say! It's not likely to happen!"

Meowth ignored James and dreamily said, "Imagine the boss being angry that headquarters has a power outage. He can't seem to make his coffee because the coffeemaker is off and he can't read the newspaper because there's no light... when suddenly, he gets a bright idea. He goes out and tells Pikachu to use thunder to jump-start the generators. And when he sees how useful our capture has become, he will say, 'It is thanks to those members of team rocket that we have electricity again. I shall reward them handsomely.' "

Jessie and James say together, "HURRAH! Promotions and money! Corner offices and easy lives! What a great idea!"

Meowth jumped and said, "Shut up! Here come those pesky twerps. Hide in these bushes and keep quiet! We don't want to be spotted!"

Jessie, James, and Meowth quickly, but silently hid in the bushes near the road, waiting for the twerps to fall into another trusty pitfalls.

"This time, we'll catch that pesky Pikachu!" Jessie muttered to the others. Ash came walking down the road, his friends accompanying him. Holding hands, Team Rocket watched in anticipation while hoping that Ash and his friends were as stupid as they usually were to fall for the same trick. However, in a few moments, all doubts had been erased from the Rocket's minds as Ash and his friends fell into the pitfall.

"Rubber gloves on!" Jessie says, as Ash fell in.

"Who put this hole in the road?" Ash asks himself.

Brock looks at Ash and asks sarcastically, "Who do you think?"

Team Rocket looked down upon Ash and laughed like they usually do. It was too good to be true that the twerps fell for it every time. After a few moments, the three decided it was time to recite the motto.

"Prepare for trouble"
"And make it double"
"To protect the world with devastation."
"To unite all peoples within our nation."
"To denounce the evils of truth and love."
"To extend our reach to the stars above."
"Team Rocket blasts off at the speed of light."
"Surrender now or prepare to fight!"
"Meowth, that's right"

Ash shouted up, "Team Rocket! What are you doing? What do you want?" However, as soon as he asked that, he asked himself, "Why do I bother to ask?"

Jessie calmly answered, "We're here to steal your Pikachu."

James continued, "So hand it over! Literally"

He took a mechanical hand, and used it to take Pikachu from Ash. Team rocket laughed as they ran away with their prize catch. Ash shouted after them, "Give Pikachu back!"

James shouted back, "What makes you think I will?"

However, at that very moment, his face changed from gloating to fear. He turned and said to Jessie, "D'OH! I forgot to insulate these gloves with rubber!"

Jessie said, "What do you mean, 'I forgot to insulate it with rubber?' "

Ash commanded, "Pikachu! Use Thunder!"

Pikachu powered up and released his attack with a tremendous force. A giant explosion ensued, followed by Team Rocket flying into the sky with the words, "Team Rocket is blasting off again!"

May, Brock, and Max come running up to Ash.

"Ash, are you all right?" Brock asked.

"I'm fine!" Ash said. "Wait, where's Pikachu!"

Pikachu falls from the sky and lands right into Ash's arms.

"Cha-a-a-a!" Pikachu remarked.

(Team Rocket Headquarters)

Jessie, James, and Meowth landed in front of headquarters in a giant cloud of dust. Meowth looked around them and quietly said, "If we're quiet, maybe security won't find us."

The other two looked at Meowth, and nodded. They got up and started to tiptoe away. However, James tripped, setting off an alarm. As the security robots came over to capture them, both Jessie and Meowth gave James looks that meant "You're going to have a painful death when this is over". They were captured by the security robots and "escorted" to Giovanni, their boss and head of team rocket.

The look on Giovanni's face was enough to scare all three into death. He was beyond was angry with them when he spoke. Each syllable trembled with rage and hatred, as he spoke to the three huddling members on the ground. After a short speech, he angrily said, "This is the last straw. You are all FIRED! Pack all your stuff that you have here. You have 30 minutes to take everything and leave this place! I do not expect your return. Do I make myself clear?"

James quietly protested, "But sir, we have no money... what shall we do?"

Giovanni's face changed from a frown to a smile as he gave the reply, "Turn in your pokemon as something you stole... you will get some money for them. Even though!"

Jessie and James turned in all Pokemon they had, excluding Wobbafett. The three ex-members left silently, packed all their stuff, and left about fifteen minutes later. As they left, they looked back at what was once their headquarters. All three of them felt sad that they were leaving their only home and job. After a small conversation among the three, they decided that they should walk to town and buy supplies there. They took their time in the stores, looking at their supplies, and at how much money they had. After shopping for supplies, the three grabbed a bite to eat. Finally, they decided to get some new clothes, since they didn't have their uniforms anymore, and their current clothes were really looking old.

"I think this looks good on me!" Jessie exclaimed. She was wearing blindingly red shirt, about the same style of her old uniform for Team Rocket. It had an orange "J" on the front. This shirt was accompanied with black pants and sneakers.

James looked at what Jessie was wearing, and actually admired it. "It suits you perfectly… it makes you look cool. Now how about what I got?" James asked. He was wearing sneakers, with a pair of green pants. For the top, he wore blue shirt as well as a black cap with the letters MTJ on it. James grinned as Jessie looked over and turned the cap sideways, saying, "Hey, I'm Mr. Goody-Two-Shoes!"

James looked over at Meowth and saw that he was only wearing a brown trench coat, a brown hat, and sunglasses. "Hey Meowth! What about you?" James asked.

Meowth took off his sunglasses, looked at the two and said, "It's time I go back to how I first started out. I don't know what to look forward to in my life, but I just hope that it turns for the better. I have decided to pick up from before I joined Team Rocket."

Jessie and James stared at Meowth. They knew that Meowth was way older than they were, but they never thought that Meowth would say something like that. Meowth looked at both of their surprised expressions and added, "I'm a little over 50 years old, in case you didn't know. I've lived a good life, but I haven't done all that I wanted to do. I wanted to be the best and smartest pokemon there is, as well as the most popular. And now… I'm gonna do it! Maybe become the best trainer and coordinator there is."

Jessie and James continued to gape in amazement at Meowth. They both simultaneously thought, "He's never spoke this weirdly since our trip to Hollywood, trying to catch that Pikachu."

After their shopping spree, the three decided to go shopping. They all bought some supplies, such as potions, pokeballs, antidotes, and

"Well, what are we going to do now? We aren't a team anymore..." James mumbled.

Jessie responded, "I guess we all go our own ways..."

James said, "Does it all have to end like this? All the troubles we had together… all the fun we had in our trips. Do we really want to separate?"

Jessie, with a hint of sadness, responded to James, "I guess so..."

The three looked each other in the eyes for a good long time. Saying goodbye to each other after going through so much was hurting them deeply. After what seemed an eternity, the three broke the moment, and went in their separate directions, hoping that one of them would achieve their dreams.