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Stuck With You

By: Lotus Dreams

Chapter 1: Volley the Ball!

The girls volleyball team of Tomoeda Collegiate Institute (finally, something OTHER than Tomoeda High!) tensed in their positions. The other team, Shinjuku High, tossed their hair behind their shoulders and bent slightly, ready to play. The person who was serving was from Shinjuku, bouncing the volleyball repeatedly, taking her time. The referee blew his whistle. She threw the ball up into the air, ran, jumped up, and slapped it as hard as she could with her palm over the net.

BAM! The blue-and-white uniformed figure of a girl dove down and sent the ball up into the air with her fist. Her shoulder collided painfully with the ground, but she ignored the pain; there were more important things at hand.

Another girl ran forward and volleyed it lightly into the air. A third girl at the front of the net hit it sharply downwards over the net, in hopes of doing it so quickly the other team wouldn't get it. However, Shinjuku was ready for them. Before the ball could hit the ground, one of the star players knocked it over gently with her fingers. The same girl who hurt her shoulder shouted, "Save it!" But nobody was going to it, and in a split second it was going to hit the ground.

With an amazing speed, the girl darted forwards and bumped the ball into the air. A dark-haired girl slapped it downwards fast, and this time, it worked. Shinjuku was a second to late to react, and the ball bounced onto the ground. The referee blew his whistle, and signalled to Tomoeda's side. A point was added to the score board. The Tomoeda fans cheered.

The dark-haired girl smiled at the girl who saved so many narrow misses. "Good saves, Sakura-chan."

Sakura only grunted. "No problem, Tomoyo."

Sakura Kinomoto was the best player on the girls volleyball team. Her reflexes were excellent, and she could run at a time of a mile per 5 minutes. Volleyball was her favourite sport. She had auburn hair, which was currently tied up in a short ponytail; she never left it long, or else it would itch. Her fierce green eyes stared straight ahead as she bounced the ball repetitively. She was clad in a blue T-shirt with white writing, 06, Tomoeda High. Her shorts were white, and came up halfway between her knee and her hip. She wore white socks with white running shoes, always.

She hurled the ball into the air, ran, and spiked it. Shinjuku's 09 was quick to volley it up into the air, and another player, 02, slapped it over the net. Sakura shouted, "Tomoyo!"

"I got it!" answered Tomoyo, fell to her knees, and bumped it back. Sakura darted towards the ball and smashed it over the net. Another Shinjuku spiked it back. The ball barely made it over the net. Two Shinjukus immediately jumped it to give it an extra boost, but then Sakura tipped it gently with her hand, and the Shinjuku girls missed it--it rolled down the net and onto the ground.

The referee blew his whistle. The score was tied, 14-14. Whoever won the last game would win the city championships.

The Tomoeda fans cheered. "WHO'S GOING TO WIN?" shouted a boy at the front.

"TOMOEDA C.I.!" screamed the fans.




"TOMOEDA C.I.!" screeched the crowd. The exclamation was followed by stamping, whistling, screaming, and WHOO!!s.

Only one boy in the crowd wasn't cheering. His friend beside him was waiting with anticipation.

"Come ON, Syaoran, why aren't you cheering at all?" Syaoran rolled his eyes, clearly annoyed.

"Because I can OBVIOUSLY do better, Eriol."

"This is the girls volleyball team we're talking about. This is Sakura Kinomoto we're talking about. You're just jealous, Syaoran, face it!" Eriol was too busy cheering to notice who he was talking to.

"Jealous?" scoffed Syaoran. "The girls STINK! And please, do NOT mention Sakura Kinomoto to me. What's so good about her? Her reaction time isn't fast enough. She fumbled one throughout the second round, remember, and let the Shinjukus have an extra point?"

Eriol paid no attention. "Well, she saved a ton in this round." Syaoran rolled his eyes yet again.

"A ton. She only saved the ball six times. That's not a ton."

"Oh, stop being picky, Syaoran, and just enjoy the darn game!" shouted his friend.

Sakura bounced the ball more aggressively than usual. Bam! She bounced it again. Bam! The referee blew his whistle. BAM! She caught it, threw it into the air, and hit it as hard as she could.

"Mine!" shouted a Shinjuku. Her shirt said 06. Just like Sakura. She slapped it back hard.

Sakura yelled, "SPIKE!", and a girl named Rika ran forwards, volleying the ball lightly towards Tomoyo at the front. Tomoyo jumped up, drew her hand back to hit it...

...And a Shinjuku girl came out of nowhere, hitting it out of her range! The ball was falling towards the ground...they had no chance of winning now...the Tomoeda fans were groaning...the Shinjuku fans were screaming with delight...

...But Sakura bolted out of nowhere, slid a couple of feet on the ground, hit the ball upward away from the gym floor, right before it touched the wood. The ball had been so close to the ground, Sakura had scraped her knuckles saving it. Filled with determination, Tomoyo leapt up once more, drew her hand back, practically punched at the ball with such force...

...that it shot right past a Shinjuku girl's ear and hit the ground!

The Tomoeda fans went crazy. They whooped and cheered and screaming and hollered their throats raw. They had won, 15-14. They were first place in the city championships!

The referee blew his whistle, but it was barely heard over the screaming of the fans. A point was added, and the display board displayed: TEAM T WINS, 15-14.

Later, when Sakura had changed out of her uniform and was in her regular clothes, a blue T-shirt and white shorts, that was DIFFERENT from her uniform, Tomoyo went up to her and said, "Great game, Sakura."

Sakura smiled. "Great spike."

"If it weren't for you, my spike wouldn't have been that great."


"No really! If you hadn't saved that ball, we wouldn't have won! You're always the one in the games that saves the ball."

"Really? I never noticed." Tomoyo had let her hair out from her high ponytail. Sakura's hair remained tied in a loose, short ponytail, with loose hairs hanging.

When they exited the changeroom, a ton of people were waiting for them. Including Eriol and Syaoran. Well, Eriol mostly; Syaoran had been forced by Eriol to wait and cheer with the rest of the merry group.


"Great job, Kinomoto-san!"


"You guys are the best!"

"Nice saves, Sakura!"

Eriol smiled when Tomoyo and Sakura reached them. He held out a bottle of water for Tomoyo. "This is for you."

"Oh, so none for me?" teased Sakura. She laughed when Eriol opened his mouth to explain. "Just kidding, Eriol-san."

Eriol grinned. "Nice saves, Sakura-san. We couldn't have won without you."

"Oh, please. ANYONE can do what she does." Surprise, surprise--Syaoran Li. Sakura looked at him scathingly.

"Oh, it's you." Then she resumed talking with Eriol and Tomoyo.

When they were done talking, Tomoyo asked Sakura, "What's going on between you and Syaoran?"

"Nothing except for pure hatred."

"Why do you hate him so much? I mean, okay, he's rude, but still, a lot of people are these days. What makes him so untolerable?"

"Do you really want to know?"




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