This isn't an update (:oS Sorry), this is just a message to tell you that I've given up on getting back into this story for the foreseeable future. I am going to put a warning on the first page of the story, so people don't get into it before they realise.

Before I can finish I need to fix the millions of mistakes I've found in earlier chapters while reading it over to try to get back into it. Right now I'd rather work on the other HG/SS story that's plaguing me, instead of trying to sort out all the bits of this that I don't like.

My story writing has improved over the last year or so, and the experience of writing this and getting everyone's amazing reviews was fantastic.

Thanks to everyone who read and reviewed, and I'm really sorry for deserting this. If I ever do re-write (with a beta), I can e-mail people to let them know.

Thanks again,