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"I still like, can't believe you're actually getting married," Jubilee said as she laced up the back of the white silk dress.

"That makes two o' us," Steph said in a slightly high pitched voice. "I still can't believe I actually got the man o' my dreams!"

"And soon you're gonna have a kid or two along with it, then it'll be 'family' of your dreams," Jubilee laughed. Steph looked over her shoulder and Jubilee swatted her. "No, no looking in the mirror till you're all ready!" she said. Steph nodded as she put her long, dangling silver earrings in.

"I know, I know," she sighed, her foot tapping impatiently. "I just want this to start! Oh no, I've gotta go pee!"

"Cross your legs and hold it, it's just nervousness," Jubilee said, waving it off as she finished the ties. Then she walked around front and held up the makeup bag. "Nearly there chika, finish this and then you can like, look, then walk down the isle!" Steph emitted a squeak in response, and Jubilee laughed.

"I can't wait!" Steph said, hands shaking.

"You will or I'll wipe this foundation all over your hair," Jubilee said, starting to apply the makeup.

"I hate you," Steph said sourly.

"I love ya too," Jubilee said patiently. "'Specially since you got me this gorgeous dress, even if it's not as nice as yours, and even though it's not yellow." She looked down at her dress, which was light blue and came down to her knees, the straps embroidered with beads and the V neck decorated with lace.

"Oh hurry up!" Steph said, eyes closed tight while her friend put sparkles around them.

"Calm down! You'll mess me up!" Jubilee said.

"Don't tell me to calm down, it's my wedding day!" Steph said. Jubilee put her hands on her hips and arched an eyebrow.

"So ya want me to ruin your makeup because you're shaking like a freakin' mouse with curlers in her hair?"

"Wow, I'm so feeling the love in this room," said a familiar voice from behind them. Steph and Jubilee spun around and their jaws dropped.

"Kitty!" Jubilee squealed, bounding over and grabbing her best friend, pulling her into a tight embrace.

"Kitty?!" Steph said. "What are you doing here? I thought you weren't-"

"Kurt," Kitty said sheepishly. "I was debating on whether or not to go and he said I'd missing one of the biggest changes in your life and I went on total guilt trip, and I had to come."

"I will thank him forever," Steph said, and Kitty beamed.

"Help me!" Jubilee cried desperately, still holding onto Kitty, now with her eyes squeezed shut and hands gripping her friend's shoulders.

"Help you with what?" Kitty asked, looking confused.

"I need someone to restrain Steph while I put her mascara on," Jubilee said, just as they both heard a squeal from behind them.

"Oh. My. God!" Steph said, staring at her strapless gown, the white glass beads embroidered in different patterns on the front sparkling in the light. Steph stared at herself.

"No Steph, you weren't supposed to look!" Jubilee groaned while Kitty laughed and walked over, holding both of Steph's hands.

"You look gorgeous Steph," she said. "You'll have to fight Hank off with a stick. A really, really big stick."

"She already does," Jubilee giggled.

"Hey Kitty," Steph said, shooting an evil look at Jubilee. "How would you like to be my Maid of Honor?" Jubilee stopped laughing abruptly.

"Ha ha," she said. "Now come on, we only have an hour and a half to get your makeup and hair just right and somehow get you up to the alter without fainting."

"What kind of fainting?" Kitty asked. "Attractive swoon or grunt and tumble?"

"Always attractive," Steph smirked.

"Grunt and tumble, on your wedding day," Jubilee winked. Steph's face went a bit pale.

"Just get my makeup and hair done," she grunted.

Hank stared himself in the eyes, nervously pulling at his sleeves and fidgeting with his tie as he stood in front of the mirror. Scott smiled.

"You're going to ruin that after it took me and Bobby an hour to put it straight," he said. Hank blinked and looked at his now loose tie as Bobby came up and straightened it again.

"If you pull it out you're on your own," he reminded him.

"Thank you," Hank said, pulling his coat straight. "I just- I do not know what's gotten into me, I could not remain still to save my life."

"Hey- it's called your wedding day. You're gonna be shaking like a bowl of jello until the ceremony starts," Bobby smiled. "It's how you deal with it that counts, like I did. Be smooth, remember it's all going to be great, looking forward to see your girl come walking down the isle just ready to give you a ring and a kiss."

"Smooth?" Hank repeated.

"Yeah, like me," Bobby repeated.

"I seem to remember, Robert, you fainting half an hour before you were supposed to take your position at the alter," Scott said, smirking. Hank laughed and Bobby rolled his eyes.

"But after I woke up, I was smooth," he said. Then he patted Hank's shoulder. "Really, just think about the fact that you'll be spending your whole life with Steph after today and if you screw up, she'll only laugh at you on your anniversary or whenever they show tapes of your wedding later on."

"Thank you," Hank gulped.

"You'll be fine Hank," Xavier assured him, arriving in the room and smiling at them. "But you've pulled your tie out again." Scott and Bobby groaned as Hank looked down and found he was now holding the piece of ribbon in his hands.

"Oops," he said sheepishly as Xavier took it.

"Allow me," he said. "And don't worry, even if you did make a mistake, Steph would remember it fondly, just like if she made a mistake and you knew." He handed the tie back to Hank, who smiled.

"Ach, no," he said. "My sweet Stephanie couldn't make a mistake. Oh my stars and garters, how long is it until the ceremony?"

"Hour," Bobby said. "And I don't know about girls, they do strange stuff right before important events."

"But nothing could go wrong today," Hank assured himself, smiling as he thought of Steph. "I, however, am bound to do something...."

"She's probably not nervous at all," Bobby said, sighing as Scott groaned.

"Er, professor," Hank said sheepishly, handing over the undone tie again.

"AHHHHH!" Steph cried. "AHHHH!"

"Calm down! It's not that bad!" Jubilee said, biting her lip.

"You've killed my face!" Steph shrieked as Kitty ran over with make-up remover and paper towels.

"Just take it off and we can start again!" she said. Steph looked at the black streak on her cheek.

"AH!" she said. "It's ruined, I'll look like an idiot!"

"No you won't," Kitty said.

"I told you to stop moving!" Jubilee said. "But no, you just kept twitching!"

"That's not important right now Jubes," Kitty said, carefully wiping it.

"It's horrible! Hank will never want to marry me looking like this!" Steph cried.

"Ugh," Kitty said, shaking her head. "You are so thick sometimes, he loves you and always will, that's why he gave you that absolutely fab ring and will give you another one today."

"And if he won't marry ya, Mark will!" Jubilee said brightly.

"Grr," Steph said, kicking Jubilee in the shin.

"Ow!" Jubilee cried, hopping away on one foot and then loosing her balance in her high heels she toppled over with a shriek. There was a pause, then Steph, Kitty, and Jubilee burst out laughing as Jubilee sat up and Kitty set the makeup remover down.

"I'm going bonkers!" Steph said, almost crying with laughter. "This is so stupid, I'm going bonkers on my wedding day!"

"Yeah, chika, but I promise you'll look great doing it," Jubilee said, managing to get up as she grabbed the foundation again.

"This is gonna be great, it's so funny!" Bucky whispered in the hall, looking at the camera that peeked through the door to Steph's dressing room. Ruhko nodded, trying to stop giggling.

"Wait till we make copies, we'll be blackmailists," she said.

"I believe the term is blackmailers," Kurt said from behind them. Bucky and Ruhko spun around guiltily and smiled up at the blue man as he took the camera and looked at it. "You two are taking after a boy I know named Spyke, though I do not think he actually intended to blackmail anyone vith his footage," he said. Bucky blushed.

"We were filming for Steph to see later!" she said sweetly.

"Vy don't you let me take over that for a vhile?" Kurt said. "Run along now and see how Hank is doing, I'll see you at the ceremony."

"K," Ruhko and Bucky said, throwing their arms around him and then racing down the hall. Kurt shook his head with amusement and then looked down at the tape recorder and wondered exactly what was so funny.

A few moments later Steph, Jubilee, and Kitty heard an outburst of laughter right outside the door. When they opened it they found Kurt with tears rolling down the sides of his face, laughing so hard that he couldn't talk. Kitty looked at Steph and smiled.

"I think Kurt's beaten you to going bonkers," she said.

"That's no fair," Steph pouted, looking down at her stepfather with a jokingly sour face. "It's my wedding day. I automatically have dibs!"

Hank gulped as he looked around the assembled guests who were coming in, all smiling and buzzing excitedly.

"No!" Bobby hissed, grabbing his friend's hand as it hovered near his tie again. "C'mon buddy, you can leave it alone for just a little longer!" Hank winced.

"How much longer until it starts?" he asked.

"For you? Not long enough," Bobby said, smiling at him. Hank groaned.

"I feel a fool standing here, waiting forever," he said.

"You'll be fine," Scott assured him, checking his watch. "Five minutes until it starts, just a little while longer-"

"I think I'm going to faint," Hank said.

"Oh come on," Bobby said. Then his eyes widened as Hank started tilting to one side. "No, Hank! Not now!"

"Four minutes and forty-five seconds, that's all!" Scott said desperately, only making Hank groan.

Come Hank, surely you remember the many lectures on patience that you've given Ruhko? Xavier said telepathically, smiling at his friend from the audience. Hank closed his eyes tightly.

Surely you could not speed up time? he replied.

You would regret missing your final moments of angst, I promise, Xavier said. Hank sighed, eyes still closed, Bobby and Scott still prepared to catch him if he decided to pass out anyway.

Hank, look over here, Xavier said gently, and Hank managed to open his eyes. His gaze fell however, not on the professor but the young girl sitting next to him, who seemed to have brought a sign with her.

The perfect image of Steph besides the younger age and black hair was standing with a big sign, the grin on her face evident.

'Don't Miss Your Wedding Day Being Like Bobby' was staring at him in bold black letters.

"Hey!" Bobby said as he and Scott saw the sign as well. "I did not miss my wedding day!" Little Steph laughed and smiled at Hank, who smiled back as he slowly felt his sense of balance return, and he looked over at Scott.

"Three minutes," the brown haired man said.

"Maybe I could help fill the time," Kurt said, sliding up next to them. "Steph asked me to see how it vos going anyvay."

"What could fill up the time?" Hank said immediately.

"Steph," Kurt chuckled, gently pulling Hank's hand away from his collar. "She vos having a bit off trouble vith preparations as vell a little vhile ago." He almost started to laugh again as he related what Bucky and Ruhko had captured on video tape, and all of the waiting men smiled while Bobby rolled his eyes and muttered "Girls."

Suddenly he nudged his friends and pointed over to the doors, and Hank suddenly found himself looking at a frantically beckoning Jubilee, who was obviously trying to catch their attention.

"What?" Bobby mouthed. Jubilee pointed at her wrist and shrugged, but Bobby shook his head and looked at the others. "Any of you know what she's saying?"

She wished to know if you're ready to start, Xavier said, and Kurt immediately snuck off down the side to get back to Steph, who was waiting for him to walk her down the isle.

YES all three said immediately. Please, Hank and Bobby said as an afterthought.

Jubilee nodded across the room and then looked over at the band, who was watching her intently. She winked at them and then gave a thumbs up as Bobby and Scott moved back into their positions.

"It's time," the priest said in a soft voice to Hank, speaking for the first time. Hank let out a long breath and shivered with anticipation as the band began to play, and suddenly Ruhko appeared, walking in exaggerated steps with Bucky immediately behind, escaping the frantically grabbing arms of Jubilee to slow her down. Both girls were dressed in matching blue dresses and had small flower pedals in their baskets, which they flicked at eachother as often as the people around them, more pedals in their hair. As they passed Little Steph and the professor they each grabbed the biggest handfuls they could muster and threw them at the two, making everyone around them chuckle as Little Steph stuck her tongue out at them.

"Whoa," Bobby said under his breath as Jubilee suddenly appeared, looking far nicer in her dress than just her head and arm could show. She was beaming and exchanging winks with a few people in the audience. After her Kitty appeared with a small bunch of flowers that they had come up with last minute, and looking slightly nervous she made her way down the isle, concentrating on following Jubilee's movements.

Then both reached the platform and turned, pulling the enthusiastic flower girls over by them. The assembled crowd took an intake of breath as the band hit a peak note Steph suddenly appeared in the doorway, arm in arm with Kurt and grinning nervously with her eyes focused on Hank, who had stopped breathing.

"Oh my stars," he whispered, and Bobby let out a low whistle before he could stop himself, only to be elbowed by Scott as discreetly as possible.

As Hank found himself stepping forward to Steph when she reached the steps their eyes locked with their hands, and Kurt took his seat and stared at them, remembering his own wedding day and suddenly unable to stop smiling.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife... you may kiss the bride," the priest smiled warmly as Hank let go of Steph's hands for the first time since she had met him at the platform and carefully lifted up the soft white veil that covered her face, putting it over her head. His hands fell slightly, stroking her neck before he leaned forward and kissed her for the first time as a married man.

The small but enthusiastic crowd burst out into cheers besides the flower girls, who made gagging noises as Steph wrapped her arms around her new husband and gave him one of the longest kisses any of them had ever seen. And when they parted she started to laugh, and Hank joined in.

Turning around the couple embraced the applause and happy tears of their family and friends, all of whom were now standing. Hank held out his arm and Steph linked her arm and his, and they walked back down the isle together as Bucky and Ruhko laughed and ran down in front of them, hitting eachother with their baskets and spilling the flowers all over the place, then they turned and started chasing Little Steph, who squealed and ran away.

And for all her worrying Steph didn't notice that Kitty, as a bride's maid initiated at the last second was wearing a pink dress instead of the blue of the other dresses. And even though they were growing up it seemed that just this once Ruhko and Bucky could get away with wearing a backwards baseball caps and sunglasses during the ceremony as they threw pedals at eachother and Little Steph, all three laughing and running in a church.

Hank looked down and realized that right before the ceremony began he had pulled out his bow tie again, and somehow now it was wrapped around Steph's wrist like an arm band. When she caught him looking at it she grinned and straightened his collar with her free hand.

"I think you looked better without it anyway," she said, and Hank chuckled.

"And you certainly have no sign of mascara on your cheek," he said, stroking it gently. Steph smiled.

"I suppose Kurt told ya," she said. Hank nodded as they walked toward the white limo that was waiting with a ridiculously large 'Just Married' sign on the back and the cans tied on, ready to attract as much attention as possible.

"Wait!" Kitty shouted, rushing up to them. "Wow you two walk fast- hold on, this is the proper sendoff!" Hank laughed but Steph just looked confused.

"What?" she said. Suddenly every guest seemed to be armed with a handful of rice, and Steph started laughing as well when she and Hank were effectively doused in the small white and brown grains.

"OK, now you can like, get in the limo!" Kitty cried.

"Thanks," Steph said as Hank opened the door and bowed, holding her hand while she got in. He had just climbed in as well when Jubilee ran up and leaned in the window.

"You are so needing to go the long way to the reception," she said to Steph, giving her a quick kiss on the cheek. "There was an accident- a stereo blew up, give us ten minutes to steal Bobby's and get it hooked up," she said.

"Of course," Hank laughed as Jubilee patted his cheek smartly.

"I'm sure you'll find something to do while you're waiting," Jubilee said, winking at Steph and then leaving as the limo pulled off. Hank looked over at Steph.

"Did that live up to your expectations?" he asked. Steph smiled and climbed over to him, taking his head in her hands with their faces just inches apart.

"Better, it was even more than perfect," she said, kissing him.

"You know, I think it will be easy to fill our delay," Hank said, smiling as Steph laughed and they kissed again.

The End