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"Awaken My Dear Kushinada"

Kusanagi stared, wide eyed at the ball of light that was sucking Momiji in.

"Kusanagi, promise me that you'll come and find me. I will look different but it will still be me, I will have no memory of you or the TAC, this is the only way I can survive. When you can find me remind me of who I am, remind me of my destiny. And remind me of you." Momiji was making a last request at the now tearful Kusanagi who was to wounded to move. "Promise me that you will come and find me, please." Kusanagi nodded as Momiji's body was sucked into the light and thrown in to the air like a beautiful shooting star.

"Momiji, come back." Kusanagi's last words before he slipped into unconsciousness.

Kusanagi woke up in a cold sweat his body was aching as he remembered that night. He had come to a decision, after searching for a month without any help of the TAC he decided that he would tell them the truth, and he did. You couldn't begin to imagine their shock, and anger at Kusanagi for lying to them about Momiji, because he had originally told them that Momiji had died; he was given the silent treatment at first, but soon afterward all of his bad deeds where forgotten. Everyone was so involved in finding Momiji that anything else didn't even register in their heads.

Finally, after all this time the TAC had located the Kushinada pulse in a small town of Wakasa. They couldn't pin point her exact location though, that was Kusanagi's job. Kusanagi didn't expect it to be hard to sense Momiji's soul, after all when she was back in Tokyo he always knew where she was. Kusanagi could still sense Momiji's soul, but it was very faint and he still hadn't located her yet.

Kusanagi climbed out of the hotel bed and slipped his shirt over his head, because he was already wearing his pants and socks. He walked to the window and looked out, there were young women and young men walking to school in their uniforms, suddenly it hit him 'I haven't checked the schools!' With excitement running through Kusanagi he jumped into his shoes and out the window hopping from tree to tree to investigate the few schools in Wakasa.

"Mia, what is wrong with you?" Kei looked down at her friend who was grabbing at the scar on her chest, struggling to breath. "Mia, stop it you're scaring me."

"I can't help it, it's burning inside of me," Mia's breathing slowed and she returned to her feet. "That's the third time this week, Kei."

"Well let's just be glad no one saw you, there would be rumors going around that your possessed or something," Kei tried to make a joke as she picked up her book bag, she dropped it when Mia had toppled over onto the concrete. "Well I've got to get on the bus now I'll see you tomorrow." Kei ran toward the long yellow bus and hopped aboard.

Mia picked up her own bag and began to walk toward her home, 'home doesn't sound right.' Mia didn't know where she came from, she only remembers two figures talking in the pale moonlight before one of them disappeared in a flash of light leaving the other unconscious on the ground; then she remembered waking up at her school, not knowing who she was or where she came from. Mia was going to ask where she was just before memories came crashing into her head, Mia knew it was stupid but she thought those memories were planted in her head.

Mia laughed to herself, she must be going nuts. She walked a few minutes longer before she felt she was being watched, 'this is odd, where is it coming from?' Mia bent down pretending to tie her shoe, but instead she grabbed a pocketknife that she kept in her combat boots. Mia straightened and kept walking, looking into the trees every now and then to see a dark figure. "This is a bunch of bull."

Mia turned in to an alleyway and waited until the feeling of being watched went away, unfortunately it didn't. Mia closed her eyes, trees rustled in the wind, her hair danced along with the leaves, and foot steps stalked close to her. The footsteps stopped right next to her and a hand was placed on her shoulder, 'bad idea,' Mia opened her eyes and whirled to the back of the figure; she held the knife to it's throat.

"What happened to just slapping me," the man said, he smelled of the trees and rivers; 'man he smells good,' Mia thought. Instantly snapping back to attention she focused on his voice, it was familiar. "I really think you should get this knife away from me."

Mia didn't know why but she trusted this stranger, and so she eased the knife away from his throat and took a step back so he could turn around. "Who are you?"

There was a soft chuckle that made Mia skin crawl, "the question is not who I am, but who you are?" The man slowly turned around, he was gorgeous, his cat-like eyes blinked after looking her over, his hair obviously slicked back with a few wild strands every now and then. He had big muscles to; they bulged out against his shirt. This was a very familiar figure.

Kusanagi couldn't help but smirk at the way she looked at him; fire filled those green eyes, yes. 'I've found her at last,' the eyes that looked at him were definitely Momiji's. Her hair was waving around her, no, more like wiping around her in a brown, blond cream wave swallowing her in a shadow; her lips were full and rosy, skinny nose, her face was a perfect set. 'She's wearing shorter skirts then I remember, that's interesting' Kusanagi ran a gloved hand through his hair and looked away from her.

The girl had knelt down and put her pocketknife back into her combat boot. She wore nee-high socks and a button up white shirt with a tie; the girl didn't wear her uniform jacket, it made her look dashing. The girl quickly pulled a hair tie around her wild hair to make it behave.

"I am Mia, now who are you?" Mia had one hand on her well-developed hip and the other holding her book bag.

She didn't seem annoyed or angry, or even scared; Mia seemed as though she knew what he was going to say. "Mia, it means brightness, no that is not who you are."

At this Mia looked at his face more deeply, searching for meanings in his words. Mia turned and began to walk away, "I have to leave now."

"Oh no you don't" Kusanagi jumped in front of Mia in attempt to stop her but she just looked at the ground and walked around him; Kusanagi reached out his hand and grabbed her wrist. "Wait a second, I still have something to say."

Mai turned around to face him slowly, still looking at the ground. Her face was pale, and her lips whispered words so soft that they were barely heard, "Release me, Kusanagi."

Mia didn't understand why Kusanagi had jerked away from her when she said his name, but she soon figured it out.

"I didn't tell you my name, how do you know what it is?"

Mia was a little uncomfortable, she told herself that she would never tell anyone her secret; this man that stood in front of her was obviously the one from her dream, the one talking to the girl he called Momiji.

"In my dreams, she calls for you, ranting over and over in my head: Kusanagi, promise me that you'll come and find me. Promise me that you will come and find me, please."

A tear had found a place to trail down on Kusanagi's face as she spoke. Mia shook her head and continued to walk home without looking back at the man, known as Kusanagi.

He wasn't quite certain until just now that he had found her, when she spoke so vividly of the night Momiji disappeared. Kusanagi had never shed tears in front of anyone before. He waited a moment longer pulling himself back down to earth before he took off after Mia.

Mia was completely different from Momiji, except for her deep mesmerizing green eyes. Mia was a brave, to-the-point type of girl; Momiji was a scared, can't-we-all-just-get-along type. Mia wore her skirts short and didn't wear her jacket just to show off that she was an independent young woman that no one could control, or maybe so she could stand out. Momiji always tried to blend in, so she always dressed according to the school dress code. The most unexpected thing that Kusanagi had come across was that Mia wore combat boots with knee high socks. Momiji always wore pantyhose and high heels, and would never think to conceal a pocketknife in her shoe. The two of them were almost complete opposites, except they shared those two things: their eyes, and the feelings he felt when he was around them.

Kusanagi wasn't prepared for the rush of emotion when he had first laid his eyes on Mia. Mia did not look like Momiji but it was defiantly her...he could feel it in his heart.