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The Enemy Within

Chapter 1

"So, what you got for me tonight?" Max wanted to know.

"Well, I have another run of the mill, Logan Cale culinary miracle waiting for you. How does pasta tricalore sound?" Logan smiled down at Max.

It had been two weeks since the transfusion, two weeks since he stood on his own two feet, and Logan was progressing quite rapidly. He was already up and walking, even if he did have to use a cane once in a while and his gait was more often that not a little erratic. Still, he had come far in such a small amount of time, literally a walking miracle.

"Mmm..sounds and smells delicious. You know, Logan, I don't think I could've asked for a better meal ticket," she said with a grin.

Logan's eyes clouded at that little remark. He wanted to believe that Max thought of him as more than just a 'meal ticket'. In fact, he was almost positive that she had the same feelings he had for her, but he just wasn't sure.
Since the transfusion, it seemed he and Max were growing even closer. She had come over almost every night, even without an Eyes Only errand, just to check on him and see how her Manticore blood was helping him evolve. He also knew that Max didn't let just anyone ride on her Ninja, must less take the driver seat the way he did. If nothing else since they'd met, that single action had suggested how much Max cared about him, even if they both refused to acknowledge the feelings between them. But he read Max's words for what they were that night:
"You're gonna have to take it slow." The girl was scared.

"Hey, I'm just kidding. Don't space," she said. "How you feelin'?"

"Never felt better. This revved up blood of yours is really keeping me charged up." Logan replied. It was true: he never had felt better. His body felt so alive since she had given him a second dose of her blood.

"Well, good, I'm glad." She shot him a smile and sat down at the table to start heaping a pile of food on her plate.

Logan followed her lead and sat as well, thankful in the fact that he could sit down across from her in something besides a wheelchair.

"So," he began "believe it or not, I actually have something I would like you to check out for me."

"Really?" She swallowed a sip of wine, and briefly closed her eyes as if to savor the taste. She opened them and raised an eyebrow. "So, what can Supergirl for you tonight?" she asked with a sly grin.

'Wow, does she realize what she actually says to me?' Logan wondered momentarily. Alright, Cale, back to the matter at hand.

"Well, it seems as if I have discovered a black market adoption ring based right here in Seattle. Lovely bunch of folks. They have people all around the country that steal the babies right from the hospital, almost immediately after the kids are born. Most of the time, the kidnappers are dressed up as nurses or interns and such. They then fly the kids back here and sell them across the world. It's a pretty large organization. They have all the paperwork they need for the kids months before they are even born. They must have contacts that can help find info from OB/GYN's all over the US, and these guys are prepared by the time the mother is in labor. It takes less than two days from the time of birth until the baby is with it's new family. Very smooth operation." Logan took a sip from his red wine and waited for her response. He knew that Max had a thing for kids, tough girl or not. He could see the glint that had come into her eye once had mentioned the illegal adoption ring.

"Gotta love the ones who sell children to make money. What do you need from me?"

"Well, I was hoping you could go down to their 'office' tonight and get me some info. I would like the files of the babies who have been sold. My informant works for these guys, and knows where they keep all their info. It should be all be on a couple of discs for you to bring back. If I can get the files, hopefully I can start tracking down the kids and their real families. It's time for Eyes Only to take these bastards out."

"Sure, sounds like it should be a cinch. Any security that I need to know about?" asked Max.

"Yeah, there's a guard on that floor, but my informant says he's just your everyday rent-a-cop." Logan smiled and added "It shouldn't be a problem for a genetically engineered girl like yourself"

"Nah, it won't be." Max returned his smile. She finished off her food and put the plate in the sink, "I'll clean this up when I get back tonight." She walked around to his side of the table. Leaning a hip against it, she asked, "Where is this place?"

Logan handed her a sheet with all the information she needed as to how get to the building and what she was looking for. Max studied it and handed it back to him, with all the details locked securely in her mind.

"Gonna change into your catsuit?" Logan asked.

She shrugged and smiled down at him. "Nah, this is a piece of cake. I'll be back before you know it. Plus, I said Supergirl, not Catwoman. I can only be one superhero a night." She grabbed her backpack off the floor and turned to walk out the door.

"Max, be careful out there." Logan said from behind her, all joking dropped.

Max's smile got bigger, but she said nothing and left.


Max got into the building with little trouble. It was more like a warehouse than an office, really, and its security features were outdated. The place didn't even have cameras in it. I wonder where they spend all the money they get from the kids. Oh, well, the easier for me to bring you down, you bastards. Max eased her away across a narrow hall that led to the room she was looking for. On the outside, this looked like nothing more than a broken down place of business for some shipping company. Of course, these guys were shipping something besides your regular cargo. She passed three doors on her right hand side, before stopping at the fourth. In the distance, she heard the metered footsteps of what must be the security guard. Taking a pin from her pocket, Max began picking the lock. After a minute, she heard the lock slip back.

"Bingo," she said under her breath and eased the door open, and then shutting it behind her just as quietly.

She glanced around the room, and her eyes fell on the desk in the corner. Outside the door, she could hear the security guard and knew that he would probably be checking this room in less than a minute. She went behind the desk and hid under it. Holding her breath, she heard the door creak open for a second, then shut almost as abruptly. Rolling her eyes at the ineptness of the man, she slid out from under the desk and headed on over to a discreet looking cabinet in the opposite corner. She opened the bottom drawer and flipped back through some paper files. At the very back, there were some about thirty numerically labeled discs. "I guess you boys just weren't thinking ahead" she smirked and started shoving the discs in her backpack. "Well, Eyes Only will be more than happy to show you the error of your ways."


Riding back to Logan's, Max couldn't help but think about another time not too long ago she was riding her Ninja. Not driving it though, she had left that to Logan. The thought caused her to smile cautiously. She was scared about the way things were going between them. She cared about him, probably too much for both of their good. He felt the same about her, he just had to. There had been too many long glances, and too many innuendos from both of them the past two weeks for it to be otherwise. Max didn't want to hurry it along though. She didn't want anything to ruin her relationship with him. She still had too many issues of her own to sort out and she was afraid to be hurt. Right now, Logan could hurt her much more than anyone else she had ever known. Still, that ride seemed to represent everything in their relationship. By letting him ride-no drive-her baby, she was letting him know that she trusted him totally. But in the same sense, it also seemed to say that now he was in the driver seat. Logan knew he could take this thing as fast or slow as he wanted. Girl, admit it, part of the reason you are so scared is you are afraid you can't deny him. She pushed that thought right out of her mind. She couldn't believe that, not just yet. Fortunately, he seemed to know that she still needed time to come to terms with having feelings, much less following them.

She came up to Fogle Towers and entered the garage. After parking her baby, she walked up to the elevator and pressed P for penthouse. Logan is going to be thrilled! Everything he needs to put them away, all safely here in my backpack. She reveled in a job well done and looked forward to how excited he would be. The elevator opened and she quickly picked the lock on Logan's door.
"Logan? Logan? Come congratulate me on doing yet another successful run for Eyes Only!" Max yelled and waited, but there was no reply. A little perplexed, she walked into his office, and still, no sign of him. "Logan? Hey, where are you?" She continued on through his dining room, but it was empty as well. Something's wrong, I can feel it. "Logan, come on" she said, her voice beginning to show a little panic. She went on to the kitchen, and was immediately stopped by the scene she encountered. On the floor, Logan was curled up in a ball, shaking and sweating violently. She quickly crouched down by his side. He looked up at her with glassy eyes.

"Max," Logan said in a raspy voice. "Max, I'm not feeling so hot. Help me, please."

"It's alright, Logan. I'm here. I'm here, and I'll help you." She started gently stroking his hair, the way he had so many times before for her. "You're having a seizure, but I can help you. Come with me," Max whispered softly and began to help him to his feet to lead him to his bedroom.