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Chapter One

The Debate

"Good shall always triumph over evil, for love is the strength of good," Fasir insisted for what seemed to him like - and probably was - the hundredth time.

"Love? It is no more than a tingly feeling. It is weak."

"No. Witness these souls, Mirage."

"Oh, no, you don't. I am thoroughly sick of you using Aladdin and Jasmine as examples," Mirage complained.

"She's quite right, Fasir," came another voice. "Oh, come now, I know you can do better."

"Q, I do not need your input right now; I really do not," Fasir sighed. "Don't you have anything better to do?"

"Um . . . no," the entity admitted.

"Go torment Picard or something," Mirage suggested.

"I did that yesterday."

"Oh, very well, have a seat," Fasir reluctantly invited.

"Why, thank you, Fasir; how very polite." Three chairs materialized and they all sat down. "Now," Q continued. "There is obviously something wrong with your minds. Mirage, every time poor Fasir brings up love, you think of that tingly feeling that goes with a kid's first crush. So, naturally, you think love is weak, here today, gone tomorrow."

Mirage nodded, in spite of herself. Fasir shrugged. "Not my fault."

"Granted, but then the only example you can come up with is that idiotic pair of teenage lovers you insist on hovering around and giving your weird version of advice to. You haven't done a thing to contradict her perception of the word 'love'."

"And you have a solution, of course," Fasir nodded.

"As soon as I point out a few more errors, yes. Mirage, there is definitely something wrong with you. You put people under sleep spells, you turn them into snakes, and you play an enchanted music box, but you never really put anyone's life in danger. And Fasir, you can never leave an experiment alone. You have to stick your nose in and give people advice, tell them exactly where that stupid music box is. And do you think I don't know how the genie knew about the 'tree of renewal' thing in the first place?"

"Ssssssh," Fasir cautioned.

He was too late. "You told him!" Mirage erupted. "Why, you! . . . I demand a rematch!"

Q nodded. "Agreed, but on one condition; we play by my rules. I'm in control of the game here. Once it's set up, it's left alone, and we watch."

"Then you must leave it alone, as well, Q," Fasir said. "It must not be hindered, for good or ill."

"Very well, then, Fasir. We shall all adopt Picard's little Prime Directive." He waved his hand and a portal-type screen was opened, revealing a forest. "Who knows?" he continued. "If I set this up just right, we may end up with a . . . oh, what do they call it? A Malcolm Effect?"

"A what?" Mirage asked.

"Q, don't you dare," Fasir cautioned.

Q grinned. "Too late, Fasir. This experiment will be conducted in the other time and place you like to babysit. Mirage, Fasir, sit back, and we shall see whether or not love will triumph over what I have planned."

Muahahahaha. Yes, people from Jurassic Park will be in the story. I promise.