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Entwined Destinies: The Meeting of Worlds(The Revised Edition)

Chapter 1: Destiny a Thousand Years in the Making

By Andrea

She couldn't stand any longer, as she came crashing down on her knees. Galaxia was just too strong. Amara, Michelle, and Hotaru were gone. Even the Sailor Starlights had not survived. Their lives were taken by evil. Mina, Rei, Lita, and Ami were unconscious, but still alive. Darien fought valiantly as well, but he too was knocked unconscious. Their world was ending, she had failed them all. Sparkling tears welled up in her eyes and streamed down her cheeks.

Suddenly, Pluto appeared before her. A bright light was the last thing she saw before unconsciousness over came her.

Serena opened her bright blue eyes, only to find her friends, cats, and beloved standing over her. They were in a very strange place with lots of computers and a strange glowing tube with a giant head inside. Serena's attention diverted back to her friends that were alive and well.

"What? You guys are okay? What happened?" Serena wondered.

"Pluto sent us to another dimension. Our world is gone Sere," Darien spoke gently. Tears welled in Serena's eyes.

"Why? Why does it have to be this way? All those poor people? Being Sailor Moon wasn't a gift, it was a curse!" Serena yelled.

"That's not true my little bunny, you know that," a voice said. Standing before them were six spirits. All of them women.

"Sorry to startle you child, but we must speak with you all. But I suppose introductions are in order," the woman said.

"I am Serenity, your mother Serena," she said.

"I am Athena, Queen of Mercury, your mother Ami," said a blue haired woman.

"I am Aphrodite, Queen of Venus, your mother Mina," said a woman with long blond hair.

"I am Ceres, Queen of Mars, your mother Rei," said a raven-haired woman.

"I am Juno, Queen of Jupiter, your mother Lita," said a brunette woman.

"And I am Iris, Queen of Elysian, your mother Darien," said a dark haired woman.

"You all fought valiantly against Galaxia, but she was much too strong. We have given you a second chance. You may continue to defend this world, or you may pass on the powers and legend to those destined to protect this world. You may live normal lives," Queen Serenity said.

"This is Zordon, he is a good wizard and advisor to those who protect this world. I will let him take over the story," Queen Serenity said.

"Thank you Serenity, I will begin my story many years ago. Back to the time when this world and your world were one and the same. My champions defend our world and are known as the power rangers. In the days of the silver millennium, they too were a part of your court princess Serena. But before your mother and I reveal the legend, I must summon my charges. Their powers have been destroyed and they have no defenses against the forces of evil. This world was turned back seven years in time, making my charges children. Billy, my blue ranger, managed to re age himself, but was unable to help the others. But before any decisions are made about your powers, I will reveal the legend with the help of your mother.

Suddenly, six streaks of teleportation arrived in the power chamber.

"You wanted to see us Zordon?" Billy asked, as the five young rangers followed him.

"Yes rangers, we have some very important things to attend to. But first, it is time to restore the rest of you to your correct ages. The Sailor scouts have that power and they are going to help us. The rest of your questions will be answered in the legend we are about to reveal to you," Zordon said. Serena looked at her scouts. They had mutually decided that they would most likely relinquish their powers and retire to normal lives, but first the legend had to be heard. This would most likely be their last transformation.

"Venus Crystal Power!" Mina called.

"Mars Crystal Power!" Rei called.

"Jupiter Crystal Power!" Lita called.

"Mercury Crystal Power!" Ami called.

"Moon Eternal Makeup!" Serena called. As they were transformed into the Sailor scouts, Darien took on the likeness of Tuxedo mask.

"Sailor Planet Healing!" they chanted. Magical dust swept over the young rangers and Billy. The young rangers were returned to their correct ages and Billy was cleansed of any side effects his re ageing could have had. Billy smiled at his friends and briefly let his eyes rest on Katherine. He couldn't help but notice how beautiful she was. Kat almost blushed at Billy's warm, handsome smile. She carefully hid it and smiled back at him.

"Now rangers, queen Serenity and I will tell you about the legend and all your questions about our visitors will be answered. Queen Serenity used her magic to take them all back to that time a thousand years ago...

A thousand years ago, a kingdom known as the moon kingdom existed. The kingdom was powerful, but good and prosperous. So good that the reign of this kingdom was called the Silver Millennium. The moon kingdom was ruled by Queen Serenity. Serenity had not one, but two daughters. The eldest one was called Katherine and the younger one was known as Serena. Katherine was betrothed to the prince of earth...Darien. But Darien and Katherine were not in love with each other. Darien was in love with Serena and Katherine was in love with William, the blue power ranger in her court. Unfortunately, the earth insisted in the marriage of their prince to one of the moon princess'. So Katherine chose to relinquish her crown to her younger sister so they could both marry the men they loved. Normally, the princess would only be allowed to marry a prince, but William was also a prince. He was the prince of Mercury alongside his twin sister princess Ami or Sailor Mercury. Serena and Darien would marry alongside William and Katherine.

But one day, tragedy struck. Queen Beryl attacked and Queen Serenity knew the only way to save her daughters, the prince, the scouts, and the rangers was to wipe their memories and plunged them into the future. But something unexpected happened. Serena, Darien and the scouts were sent to the future of their world, while Katherine, William and the rangers were pulled into another dimension. They were separated with no apparent way to fix it. I though the scouts would be fine, but the rangers had always provided much protection and without them Galaxia was not defeated. I saw a window of opportunity to reunite scouts and rangers and made it so. Now, Serena and the others will choose their future paths.

They returned to reality and everyone present looked shocked. Billy and Kat remembered everything about their last moments together...

"Wil don't go!" Katherine cried. The blue ranger removed his helmet. His uniform was made of resilient armor rather than spandex. Katherine's long gown flowed around her and her silvery blonde hair cascaded down her back.

"I have tomy love," he replied, as he caressed her cheek.

"Please let me fight with you!" Katherine pleaded.

"I can't let you come near that witch my princess. She wishes to kill you and your sister," William replied.

"But if she killed you, I couldn't live without you," Katherine cried, as she hugged him tightly.

"I must fight for our future," Wil said, as he kissed her passionately.

"Come back to me my prince," Katherine said.

"I will my moon angel," Wil said, as he kissed her again, before running off into the fray of fighting. There were many loud violent explosions following that. Katherine cried for her beloved, but then everything went blank as the children of the moon court were put into a deep sleep and cast into the future...

Kat and Billy's eyes locked for a moment, but they looked away once Serena began talking.

"Mother, the scouts and I have decided to relinquish our powers. After all, Katherine was first in line to be Sailor Moon. We like the idea of having a chance at normal and being advisors," Serena reported.

"Very well my bunny," Queen Serenity said, as the Imperium silver crystal appeared in her hand. Using her magic, she encased it in a compact and stepped up to Katherine. Tears welled in the queen's eyes.

"Katherine, my beautiful first born, I give to you the Imperium silver crystal. With it, you will fight evil and someday become queen of this world. I know you and William need to sort out your feelings, but I ask you both not to fight the feelings you both know are already there," Queen Serenity said, as she placed the compact in Katherine's hands and kissed her forehead. The queen nodded to Darien and placed his palm out in front of Billy, Rocky, Adam and Tommy. Four signs flashed on each of their foreheads and they were transformed into royal armor. Rocky's was jade green, Adam's was midnight blue, Tommy's was white, and Billy's was black and gold.

The sign on Billy's forehead matched Kat's and was of the crescent moon. The sign on Rocky's was that of Jupiter. The sign on Adam's was that of Mercury. And the sign on Tommy's was that of Venus.

"You are the planet knights. You will share the powers of your planet with one of the scouts. We still have three scouts and one knight to add before the team is complete," Darien continued.

"Rocky, you are the knight of Jupiter. You will share the powers of thunder and lightning alongside Aisha,"

"Adam, you are the knight of Mercury. You will share the powers of water and ice alongside Sailor Mercury when she is found,"

"Tommy, you are the knight of Venus. You will share the powers of love and beauty alongside Sailor Venus when she is found,"

"And Billy, you are the prince of the moon. You will share the powers of the moon alongside princess Katherine," Darien finished. Lita stepped up next.

"Aisha, you are Sailor Jupiter. Use the powers of thunder and lightning to protect this world from evil. This is your star wand. Use the words Jupiter Star Power to transform into Sailor Jupiter," Lita said as she handed Aisha the star wand. Serena stepped up to her sister.

"I've always wanted a sister," Serena said.

"Me too, I hope we can get to know each other," Kat replied.

"Me too. To call on your powers, say the words Moon Crystal Power," Serena said. Kat nodded.

"I have located our other scouts and one knight. Zordon, can you please teleport Darien, Mina, Ami and Rei to their location?" Serenity asked.

"Yes Serenity," Zordon replied.

"Hey Ami, I always hated being an only child," Billy told her. Ami giggled.

"Me too, it looks like we have some catching up to do when I get back," Ami replied. Billy nodded and the four of them teleported away.

Suddenly, the power chamber's alarm went off.

"Use the powers to defeat the menace and then to restore this world to it's normal time," Serena said.

Billy, Adam, Rocky, and Tommy were already transformed and waited as the girls called on their powers for the first time.

"Ready Aisha?" Katherine asked.

"Yea, let's do it," Aisha replied.

"Moon Crystal Power!" Katherine called.

"Jupiter Star Power!" Aisha called.

Katherine and Aisha transformed into the Sailor scouts and the six teleported to the battle scene to assist the Aquitian rangers who were fighting the Hydro Hog.

The two scouts and four knights arrived at the battle.

"Let's take this guy down!" Billy said as he and the guys charged the monster.

"What's this? It's those blasted rangers. They're all big again, and what are these powers?" Zedd yelled.

"I don't know Zeddy, but I have a bad feeling," Rita replied.

"They are using what are known as the planet powers. I didn't think they existed in this dimension," Master Vile said.

"What are you doing here? I thought you went back to the M-51 galaxy," Zedd spat.

"Well I came back for another go with the power brats. But this power they are using is far superior to that of the ranger power," Vile said.

"What! How can that be! I'm getting a headache!" Rita whined.

"Do not worry daughter. There is another reason that Divatox and I have set our sights on earth. The earthlings are said to possess what are known as pure heart crystals. Some are very powerful, while others are only minimally powerful If you find the right ones, the finder will be granted amazing powers. Divatox and I have designed such monsters to carry out these attacks and these new scouts and knights shouldn't be too much trouble," Vile said.

"Yeah right," Zedd mumbled under his breath.

"Zeddy, let's make the Hydro Hog city sized!" Rita said.

"No Rita! Enlarging the monster will be a last resort. We must deal with these scouts differently than we have before. They are a completely different fighting force now. From what I've heard from the legend, someday the one known as Sailor Moon, or the moon princess will become queen of this world. We must not allow that to happen. They aren't normal teenaged super heroes anymore, and we must deal with them differently, or all evil will perish," Vile said.

"They're not enlarging him! That's not like Rita and Zedd," Rocky said.

"No it's not, but we're different now, and they are going to adjust to the situation," Tommy replied.

Billy was doing well, but Hydro Hog caught him off guard and sent him tumbling to the ground.

"Take this hog breath! Supreme Thunder Crash! Aisha yelled.

The Hydro Hog conducted the electricity and was severely injured.

"Finish him moon girl!" Aisha called. Katherine nodded, as the moon scepter appeared in her hand.

"Moon Scepter Elimination!" Kat called as she released the attack at the Hydro hog. The attack hit him dead on and tore through his body, causing him to combust and explode.

"Wow! That was some attack!" Rocky said.

"I'll say," Billy replied. Kat blushed at Billy's compliment. The puzzled Aquitian rangers followed suit as they all returned to the power chamber for debriefing.

"That was an amazing battle! You guys really know how to fight! And Katherine, you were especially great. You're not a crybaby at all like Serena is!" Lita blurted. Serena seethed.

"Be quiet Lita!" Serena yelled.

"It's okay Serena, I'm sure you were a wonderful Sailor Moon," Kat replied.

"I've always wanted a big sister, we're going to have so much fun! But I bet right now, there's someone you'd like to talk to," Serena hinted.

Billy and Kat's eyes locked and the air became very uncomfortable. Billy and Kat stepped outside the power chamber. The view of the desert gave an alluring presence as they gazed down at it from the mountain.

"Kat...I understand if you're feeling...uncertain. I mean I'm not the kind of guy that beautiful girls have crushes on, much less fall in love with. Maybe we fell in love back then, but if you don't feel the same way...I understand. Nothing is set in stone, and I'll understand if you don't want to be together," Billy said. Kat smiled to herself and turned to face him.

"You really ought to give yourself more credit. While we were children and you were an adult, I watched as you took charge. It was like you were born to lead. You were so brave and strong. I had a crush on you before that, but during that time I fell in love with you. Even before all of this, I loved you. I was just too shy to admit it," Kat said.

"Kat, I don't know what to say. I've loved you since the moment I first saw you and I was never the type to fall in love at first sight until I saw you. Adam keeps pushing me to ask you out. But I never thought of myself as a guy that you would be interested in," Billy replied.

"We really are destined to be together. I love you Billy, my prince," Kat said.

" I love you too Katherine, my princess," Billy said. For the first time in a thousand years, their lips met in a passionate kiss. Destiny had been fulfilled. Love had been awakened in the hearts of the two saviors of the world. Evil would perish in the light of their love.

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