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Entwined Destinies: The Meeting of Worlds

The Revised Edition

Chapter 12: The Power of Love

Adam and Trini teleported into the power chamber.

"What's going on?" Billy asked in alarm. He had a gut feeling that Kat was in serious danger.

"We were in front of Zedd's palace discussing how to get in when this large red arm came out of the palace," Adam began.

"It grabbed Kat and pulled her inside. None of our powers have been able to penetrate the shield around it. We need your help," Trini said. Billy nodded and cradled Larisa, while the three of them approached the console.

"Alpha, run a diagnostic scan on the shield around the palace," Billy ordered. Alpha did so and the scans came up.

"The shield is made of pure evil. The sovereign must be awake, which is why she captured Kat. She'll be after the purity chalice. I'm going to have to try and hack through it," Billy said. He touched Trini's hand and it glowed with golden light. He put Larisa in her arms.

"Hold her hand and feed this energy to her. It'll be enough until I can take over again," Billy instructed. Trini nodded. Billy began typing furiously. After nearly twenty minutes, Billy was able to hack through the shield and opened a small window.

"I'm teleporting you all in. But I won't be able to get you out...that'll be up to you," Billy said. Adam clasped his shoulder.

"We'll find her and defeat the sovereign," Adam said.

"And we'll get Larisa's pure heart back," Trini replied, as they were teleported out.

Kat groaned in pain, as she opened her eyes. She gasped when she saw she was in a dark room.

"Hello Sailor Moon," Vile said. Kat quickly stood up in a defensive stance.

"Kira, I know you're still in there. You have to fight!" Kat pleaded. Vile grabbed her by the wrist and hauled her to her feet.

"Give us the purity chalice!" he demanded.

"Never!" Kat screamed, as she managed to kick him away.

"Super Moon Crisis Power!" Kat called, as she became Super Sailor Moon. Kat faced off with Vile, while Kira began the inner struggle between herself and Mistress 9.

"Rainbow Moon Heart Attack!" Kat called, as she used the attack to blow Vile back. She ran to Kira, who was holding her head in pain.

"You have to fight Kira! You can do this, I know you can!" Kat coached.

"I…can't…" Kira struggled.

"Yes you can. Think of Larisa, only you can save her by returning her pure heart," Kat said. Kira slowly shrank back to her eleven-year-old form and the essence of the mistress was extracted. Kat wasted no time in destroying it.

"Rainbow Moon Heart Attack!" Kat called. The attack destroyed what was left of Mistress 9 and this time forever. The other scouts arrived just in time to see the spectacle. The sign of Saturn flashed on Kira's forehead and she became garbed in the uniform of Sailor Saturn.

"Sailor Saturn!" Amara cried. Suddenly, Vile's evil laugh turned their attention away from Kira.

"You may have destroyed Mistress 9, but you will not defeat me. I finally have the powers of Pharoh 90 thanks to that brat. Now I will be all powerful and destroy all of you!" Vile said. The scouts watched in horror as Vile grew into an even more hideous and dangerous monster. The sheer magnitude of power blew the scouts and knights back.

"I must go and defeat him. I am the Sailor Scout of destruction and I will bring destruction to Vile and myself," Kira said.

"No!" Kat and Kim cried.

"She must," Amara argued.

"No, I will not lose anyone in this fight! Kira, you must go to Larisa and return her pure heart. Send my prince and together we shall take care of Master Vile," Kat said.

"You can't, you'll die!" Michelle protested.

"I have made my decision," Kat said, as she teleported Kira to the power chamber.

Kira arrived with Larisa's pure heart in hand.

"Kira!" Billy said.

"Sailor Moon freed me of mistress 9. Here is Larisa's pure heart," she said, as the crystal returned to the little girl's chest. She whimpered and finally opened her green eyes that matched Billy's.

"Daddy-Billy?" she asked.

"You okay now peanut," he said, as he set her down in a chair.

"Where are you going?" she asked.

"I'm going to help your mom fight the bad guys. You stay here with Kira," Billy said, as he was transformed into his armor. Larisa nodded, too tired to protest.

"You think you can defeat me Sailor Moon, you must be joking!" Vile laughed.

"I can and I will," Kat said, as she closed her eyes. The silver crystal manifested itself from her chest and she was transformed into a flowing white dress.

"Princess Katherine!" Aisha called.

"You can't use the silver crystal, it could kill you!" Kimberly protested. But their cries fell on deaf ears. Kat's beam of power met Vile's and both struggled for control.

Billy arrived suddenly, only to see that Kat was using the silver crystal. He closed his eyes and let the power of his own golden energy transform him. His normal black armor was replaced with even more brilliant black and gold armor and a long flowing cape. The prince ran into the fray of battle despite the strong powers being emitted.

"Prince William," Rocky uttered.

Kat struggled against Vile's strong beam of power. She could feel herself being forced back. She fell to her knees, but refused to give up. Just when she felt that she was going to be blown back by the extreme flails of energy, a pair of strong arms wrapped around her waist and held her tightly. Billy gave her a smile, before concentrating on feeding his energy into the silver crystal.

"Come on guys, let's give our powers to Kat!" Tommy ordered. Tommy and Kimberly joined hands.

"Venus Star Power!" they called, as their orange and white beam of power was fed to Kat's beam.

"Mars Star Power!" Jason and Trini called, as their beam joined the fight.

"Jupiter Star Power!" Rocky and Aisha called, as they too joined.

"Mercury Star Power!" Adam and Tanya called.

"Uranus Planet Power!" Amara called.

"Neptune Planet Power!" Michelle called. Wes demorphed from his red ranger form and transformed into a deep jade green and black armor. Wes joined hands with Jen.

"Pluto Planet Power!" they called, as they too fed their beam to the cause. With the arrival of each beam of power from their friends, they were soon pushing Vile back.

With renewed energy, Kat pushed harder. The zeo crystal manifested itself from the purity chalice and began to suck the evil around them. Vile began to scream in agony, as he felt his very existence be torn away from him.

Kat pushed the silver crystal to the limit. With the combined powers of the zeo crystal and the silver crystal, Vile and Pharoh 90 were destroyed forever. But the immense drain of power of the silver crystal caused it to crumble. Kat's sapphire eyes dimmed and she fell back into her prince's arms, lifeless.

"Kat, wake up. Katherine, wake up!" Billy said, as panic entered his voice. He cradled her in his arms and tears began to fall down his cheeks when she didn't respond.

"She's gone," Amara said.

"She's not gone! She can't be gone! I need you Kat, you can't die," Billy cried. Each scout and knight was crying by now.

"Young prince, there is still hope for your princess," a voice said. Billy looked up, only to see a beautiful woman who looked like Scorpina, only

completely human.

"Who are you?" Billy asked.

"I was the one you formerly knew as Scorpina, but the power of the zeo crystal and the silver crystal have returned me to the person I used to be. The person I was before Master Vile turned me evil. Now that he is gone, I am finally free. My name is Sabrina and I owe my freedom to the moon princess, so it is my turn to bestow a gift to her," As she said that, a pure white lily appeared in her hand. She touched the pure flower to Billy's lips.

"Feed this sweet nectar to your princess and it will restore her to life," Sabrina explained. Billy kissed Katherine's lips passionately, feeding the nectar to her. The essence of the flower restored her scorched compact to new and restored the power of the silver crystal within her. Her sapphire eyes slowly opened and focused on her prince.

"Did we win?" Kat asked. Billy chuckled.

"Yea, we won," Billy replied, as he captured her lips in a heated kiss.

"Come on, let's get back to the power chamber so we can make sure that you're fully healed," Billy said, as he lifted her into his arms. Suddenly, it felt like the palace was lifting into the air. The scouts and knight teleported out, as Zedd's palace returned to the moon.

Billy finished scanning Katherine and she seemed to be fine.

"Is mama-Kat okay?" Larisa asked.

"Yep, she's fully healed," Billy said, as he picked her up.

"Did we beat the bad guys?" the little girl asked.

"Yes, and they won't ever bother your friend Kira again either," Kat said.

"I'm gonna go see if she wants to play!" Larisa said. Billy put her down and wrapped his arms around Kat, who was still sitting on the medical table. Kat wrapped her arms around his neck, as he kissed her hungrily.

"I was so scared when I thought I had lost you," Billy told her.

"But you didn't and you never will," she replied.

"Hey, we're going to the youth center to cool off. We'd like you guys to come unless you'd rather play kissie face some more," Rocky teased.

"We'll be along in a minute," Billy replied. Rocky rolled his eyes and left with the others. Kat and Billy spent a few more minutes in each other's arms, before they joined their friends. The harsh battle had made everyone quite hungry.

One week later...

"We're going to miss you so much," Kat said, as she hugged Larisa. It was had been a week since she and the others had defeated Master Vile and it was time for Larisa to return to the future. Billy hugged her tightly as well.

"I'm gonna miss everyone too," Larisa said, as she hugged her best friend Kira. The others also hugged the little girl they had all grown very fond of.

"Good bye everybody! I'll come back and visit soon!" Larisa waved, as she the time hole opened. Wes and Jen were waiting for her and escorted her through the time warp and back to the future.

"I'm going to miss her," Kat said.

"Me too, but I can only imagine how much we're missing her in the future," Billy replied.

"I never thought of it like that. I'm surprised our future selves even let her go," Kat said. Billy smiled and kissed her lips sweetly.

"Well, if you two lovebirds are done, then let's go cool off at the youth center," Rocky said.

"You guys go ahead, we'll be there in a bit," Kat replied, as she captured his lips again.

"Don't you two ever quit?" Rocky wondered, as he and the others left for the youth center.

Billy left her lips and trailed kisses down her neck. Kat giggled, as it began to tickle.

"Can you believe that we actually won? I wasn't sure if we had a chance there for a while," Kat said.

"You were incredible out there. I almost lost you," Billy said.

"But you didn't, I'm fine. And I couldn't have done without everyone's help, especially yours," Kat replied. Billy kissed her again, before taking her hand and heading to the youth center.

Once again, the earth was safe from the forces of evil. But each of the scouts knew that they still had the ultimate battle ahead of them. They would have to continue to adjust to their new lives and adapt to where their destinies were taking them. But they would do it together and together they would prevail over all evil.

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