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Chapter 1: The Week Off

"Mom!! I'm home early!"

The sound of a lock clicking open then a door closing permeates through the noticeably empty apartment as a teenager of a slightly-taller-than-average height walks in. As he turns on the lights, we get a better view of him. His messy blond hair falls down to slightly below his neck, with a few bangs reaching below his ears. He has a slight build, not exactly the person you would expect to be the captain of the varsity basketball team. However, his most noticeable feature would be his eyes. They are a deep, ocean blue, but also have an aesthetic aura that portrays a sense of wisdom one would associate with elderly scholars and prophets, not a young boy of 14.

Yet, in those short fourteen years, he has experienced more than half the people of the world do in a lifetime. Forcing to live a kill or be killed lifestyle in the Digital World since the age of 8 can tell you many things. Not to mention a tragic divorce that still haunts him to this day. Yes, this boy, named Takeru Takaishi, has lived a hard lifestyle, but it isn't even half over for him...


I just found out about a huge story on an up and coming diva from America. I have to fly there and spend the week in San Francisco. Call me if you need me, you have my cell number. I'm sure Matt can help you with anything in my absence.


"Sigh...And I thought this day couldn't turn bad." It had turned out that during fourth period, someone had set the school on fire and half of it burned to the ground. The fire, incidentally, seemed to come from the Home Ec room where a certain spikey-haired brunette with goggles was having a cooking exam.

"I always told Davis that he should've taken lessons from Matt. But at least he managed to get us a week off from school. My teachers were starting to go medieval on me with homework." He grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge, sat down on the couch and flipped on the TV. The station he was watching was showing pictures of said burning of said school.

"Earlier, today, at around 12 PM, Odaiba Jr. High School caught fire and burned to the ground. Analysists believed the fire was started from a cooking experiment gone horribly wrong. And now for the weather with RING..."

"Now would know to call me now. Technically, I should still be in school." Takeru mumbled as he walked over to the phone.

"Hello, Takaishi residence. Takeru spea...."

"How many times must I tell you to skip the pleasantries when I'm calling? I swear, for my brother, you are way too formal."

Takeru smiled as he recognized the voice on the line almost as instantly as just about any girl in Japan would. Matt's band, "The Teenage Wolves" had spread out from Tokyo and was one of the top bands in all of Japan. Matt was lucky not to get mobbed walking down the street from his "fan club". "How are you doing, Matt? Why are you calling me, now? It wasn't your school that burned to a crisp, now was it?"

"Nah, I'm in Sushimaru-sensei's class now and he's pretty cool with cell phones. I just so happen to be watching a news broadcast about the same subject, but I figured I could leak more info from you. So, was it Goggle brain Jr.?"

TK laughed at his brother's appropriate nickname for Davis. Davis literally was becoming a Tai clone between clothing and hairstyle (Tai finally got his hair cut). "I'm not exactly 100 sure, but I would think that 99.9 sure would be nearly as good wouldn't it?"

"Nope, nowhere near as accurate. I better start preparing myself for teaching him the way of cooking, though. Maybe then he could actually pass that class."

"I think you should. I don't want the world to blow up underneath me when all he does is turn on the microwave."

"Not good at all. So, what's up? Anything new? Any crushes? As brother of the lead singer of the most popular band in Japan, you have to have a love life. It's a rule!"

"I'm not saying a word. Mom's out of the country though. I have the week to myself."

"That's good. You can finally relax. You were driving us up the wall with your ranting of how evil your teachers are. I'd better go; the bell rang."

"Alright, see ya later, Yamato." Click 'Now what to do? What to do? I'm so bored.'

The door to his bedroom swung open as an orange and white hamster-looking thing with bat wings flew into the room. "Yawn TK? What...are....you...yaaawn.."

TK smiled as he looked at his partner in crime, Patamon. "I see I woke you up from a nap. Davis set the school on fire and mom's MIA so I have the week to myself without school."

"That's nice. Why don't we go to the Digi-world? We can go to your secret base and swim!" Patamon seemed to be awake after that.

"Patamon, shhhh! Only you and I know about it! I don't want someone to hear you!"

"TK, lighten up. You're always so overprotective of the location of your secret base. We two are the only ones that know it exists let alone know where it is. Besides, who's gonna hear me? There's no one here but us!"

"You're right. Let's go!"

Off the NW coast of server about 100 mi. there is a chain of islands that as you can imagine is isolated from the main swing of things. The Kaiser himself didn't know it was there, not even Gennai knows of its true whereabouts. In fact, the only ones who do beside the digi-sovereign and the occasional water digimon that passes by, would be TK and Patamon. They discovered it when a boat they were traveling in went of course in a storm. The secret base is a cave on the northernmost island that is on a beach. The duo use it as their get-away-from-it-all place. I mean he may be friendly and people oriented, but that doesn't mean he doesn't want alone time as well, right? Unfortunately for him, he's going to get his alone time and then some in the near future...