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Chapter 9

He had never liked going into the chamber, and no one could blame him. He had been the messenger for the master for almost 5 months now. Normally, that would be a short amount of time, but this was an exception. His master wasn't exactly known for calmness of the mind. In fact, Lord Drogomon was infamous among the realm of shadow as being the worst person to cross beside maybe the head hancho himself. 'At least,' thought the relatively tiny Scubamon, 'I'm bringing good news today. But, he specifically said for no one to bother him.' "gulp Here I go…"

As fitting the master's size, Drogomon's chamber was understandably large. In fact you could probably fit a large forest inside, and still have enough room to breathe. It was in the largest cavern near the deepest trench in the entire Ocean of Despair. It consisted of a grand hallway approximately 200 meters tall and twice that many wide. The hallway went on for a ways until you reached the throne. Obviously, the room expanded outward at this point. The throne itself where the master usually waited was constructed purely from pearl. One could only imagine how long it took to gather enough oysters to construct it. This time, however, the chamber had shrunk to normal size. The scubamon, unfazed by this magic act, cautiously stepped down the hall until he saw his master in a human-like form flirting with three Earth girls. He had jet-black hair that was tied back into a long, sleek ponytail that reached down to his knees. Long bangs covered his forehead and ears. He was wearing a dark navy kimono with a long, sea green sash. Seeing his messenger, he dismissed the three 'ladies' into his bedchamber and turned towards the unwanted visitor with a scowl.

"I had thought that I had given specific orders not to be disturbed! What is going on? What is so drastically important that you interrupted me?"

"I'm terribly sorry, Lord Drogomon, but I have wonderful news! The barrier protecting the Digital World and Real World has vanished"

"Really, now? Tell me then, messenger, how is it possible that humans are in my palace if I hadn't known that the barrier was down? Hm?" His master's deceitfully calm voice had a slight tint of anger and annoyance in it. It was obvious that this particular Scubamon might not last longer. However, he continued, knowing full well that this next piece of information had not reached Drogomon yet, and that it was something that he would find to be interesting.

"May I continue, sir? There's more..."

"Go on. But, make it quick. I can't keep people waiting forever you know…And, I wonder what they would think if I came in covered with your blood…Not a good sight at all and terrible for my image."

"Well, you see…it involves the Hope Child."

"The Hope Child…? Oh, yes…that blond kid that had spoiled my plans and then inadvertently sealed off the Ocean of Despair. I hope he isn't well."

"Not well at all, milord. Our spies were working overtime after the barrier fell, and we found out about a third party, one from a different world from the three that we know of."

"Really, well I hadn't heard of any of this. Is this group willing to help us or fight us."

"I don't think they want to help us, per se, but they plan on wiping out humanity just the same."

"This sounds interesting…but, what does this have to do with the Takaishi kid?"

"They…killed him, sir."

"WHAT?" Drogomon's temper flared for a second or two. Normally, he would be very happy that the child who was the antithesis of his world was gone. However, he wanted to be the one to do it, not some other, neutral party. His reputation would go out the window. But, then he thought about it some more…"Are you sure?"

"Positive. Our scanners and genetic trackers can find no trace of him in any of the known worlds."

"Hmm…Messenger? Are you still there?"

"Um…yes, sir?" 'Here it is,' he thought…

"Please contact General Daemon and tell him to meet me here first thing in the morning. Tell him that it's extremely urgent and under no circumstances is he to skip it. Understand?"

"Yes, milord, right away." 'Phew…'

Drogomon watched as the messenger ran out of the room. He remembered about three years back to when the demonic digimon first entered the Sea of Despair. They shared many emotions, thoughts, likes and dislikes and became respected allies. Drogomon was clearly the better of the two, and never let the red-cloaked digimon forget it. Daemon was now his commanding general…under himself, of course. "Well, I'd better get back to my room. I don't like to make people wait…especially the Child of Light…"


The scene in the waiting room was terribly grim, but more so from silence than the diagnosis. It was now 11:30 at night, and still there had not been any news about Sora's condition. The various Digidestined were all finding something to do to occupy their time, but after waiting for 3 hours, even the most patient were getting restless. They had called Mr. And Mrs. Takenouchi almost immediately after they reached the hospital and they waited with them ever since. Matt had tried to call his brother, but either TK wasn't answering or he was already asleep, so he left a…few…messages on his cell phone, and an equal amount of e-mails in his box.

Tai and Matt were having a nice game of cards with Izzy and Joe. They had started out with normal 5-card stud, then moved on to Spades, Texas Hold-em, Rummy, BS, Hearts, even Bridge. Now, for lack of anything else to do, they were playing a heart-pounding game of…Go Fish.

Mimi, Yolie and Kari were sitting in the corner. At the beginning they were having the occasional talk while Mimi was braiding the other girls' hair. Then was a not so exciting game of Truth or Dare, before they eventually settled on reading magazines.

Which left everyone else (Davis, Cody, Ken, Mr. & Mrs. Takenouchi) to watch TV. It was currently tuned to Comedy Central; however, barely a chuckle was heard every five minutes or so.

Half an hour later, around midnight, a kindly middle-aged doctor appeared through the door. Immediately all focus was on her. Not a noise was heard until she decided to clear her throat. "I assume you're all here for Ms. Sora Takenouchi?"

There were various grunts, nods and other gestures universally known as "Yes" all around the room including hai's, yup's and an "affirmative" from Izzy. The lady continued. "Well, simply put, we're completely baffled. We've done full-scale scans, MRI's, blood samplings, but we have absolutely no idea why she isn't conscious or that she should be sick at all in the first place."

"W-wait a minute…what exactly are you saying?"

The doctor sighed before leaning against the door frame for support. Apparently, she was very tired. "I thought I was quite clear. There's nothing wrong with her. As far as we can tell, she's as normal and healthy as any person in this room, probably healthier! But, she's obviously not…"


"Wake Up, TK! There's someone here!" Magna Patamon's voice, still the exact same as Patamon's, woke me up from my sleep.

"Wha?" It took me about five minutes to stand up and register this remark in my head. What? Don't tell me that you're not a little slow in the morning, too! "Wait, someone's in the apartment? Who?"

"Hm. You'll just have to find out! Hm hm!" With that, he fazed into the wall. Weird. clunk clunk I heard noises coming from the kitchen. He was right, there was someone or something in the apartment other than he and myself. I slowly and cautiously opened the door and peered out. No one in the hallway: good. Silently I crept along until I got a good glimpse of the 'trespasser.' In the kitchen was my mom, making breakfast. I let out a breath that I didn't know I was holding.

"Good morning, mom." Luckily, I was looking like my usual self.

"Oh, hello, Takeru! How are you doing? Did you have a nice day and a half to yourself?" She finished with the eggs and started flipping pancakes.

"Yes, mom, I did. But, can I ask why you're home so early? I thought you were supposed to be in California for a week! And why are you going out of your way to make all this? You usually don't make all this unless we have guests!" It was true. Usually, I had to fix myself a bowl of cereal or oatmeal in the morning. But, here she was making French toast, pancakes, sunny-side up eggs, bacon and sausage! I mean, my mom is a good cook and all, but…this is a little too much.

"You wouldn't believe it! The moment I got in the airport, I got a call saying that she had caught pneumonia. We had to postpone our interview by seven months! So, I took the next flight home. I came in at around 5 o'clock this morning, and I couldn't get to sleep, so I decided to make a great breakfast for my son! Dig in!" She handed me a plate. I looked at it skeptically. Something about her story didn't seem…right.

It was at that moment that I remembered one important detail about my life during the past two days. I hadn't eaten a thing! And…I'm not hungry at all! Maybe it was a side effect from my "transformation." Or, I had subconsciously become anorexic and didn't know it. Either way, I didn't feel like eating. It was just that simple. "I-I-I'm sorry, mom, it's just…I'm not hungry. You caught me at a bad time." She didn't seem too surprised, which made me wonder a bit.

"Oh, come on, Takeru! I'm sorry to hear about Patamon, but you have got to move on!" Ah ha! The plot thickens… "Normally, you love my cooking! Here!" She grabbed a forkful of eggs. Oh no, she's not doing what I think she's doing…

gulp GAG "Aahh!" I choked it all out. It tasted HORRIBLE! Like paper mixed with sawdust combined with broccoli served au jus of more sawdust! It had NO taste whatsoever. "Man, mom! What did you put into that! Ugh!"

"Is something wrong? I used the same recipe I always use! There shouldn't be anything wrong with it…" She took a forkful for herself. "Hm. It tastes just fine! I don't know what you're going on about." She seemed a bit disappointed…

I knew it. There is definitely something wrong with me. Not like that was painfully obvious before.

"Oh, by the way, Matt called and left a message last night. Did you get it?"

"No…what happened?"

Her face softened as she replied, "Apparently Sora's in the hospital. She collapsed last night while they were in a restaurant. She's in a coma, and the doctors have no idea why."


"Apparently Matt and the others were waiting in the Emergency Room for almost four hours last night."

I was flabbergasted, shell-shocked; you name it. I mean, we weren't on the friendliest of terms, but…they definitely should have told me about this! "W-Wow! No one told me anything. I mean, I checked my cell phone & my D-terminal before I went to bed last night, and there weren't any messages!"

"Still, maybe you should go and visit her. You may find out something."

"Huh?" That…did not exactly sound like my mom.

"Oh, here!" She went into her bedroom and pulled out two orchid plants. Sora's favorite. They were both healthy and in bloom. One had many purple flowers with white veins and the other was more of a yellowish color."When I heard about what happened, I just had to get these. I hope she doesn't mind that I bought them from her mom's store..."

"No, she won't, mom. I'll go give these to her, right now!"


The hospital was about 20 minutes from my apartment; in fact, it was a block away from my school. Smart place to put it. I entered the mostly white building to find that there was more white inside. All this white…it's too unnerving. They need some color. The old lady at the desk also fit in with the white theme, with a white nurse cap, white nurse dress, white hair, the works. I felt out of place with my dark navy blue shirt and black pants. "Um, excuse me, I'm here to see Sora Takenouchi."

The lady looked up at me. "You and everyone else in the world. I heard she had about fifteen people waiting, and there's definitely been about twenty people come to see her today. Though, I'm not exactly complaining to see a person get visited, I'm just sick and tired of telling people that she's in Room no. 518."

"So…is she...?"


"Um…OK. Thank you." I followed the hallway that the lady gestured to. Following the signs and my internal sense of direction, I found myself outside a door labeled "518" on the fifth floor near the far corner sandwiched between a work elevator and what appeared to be a tearoom. Nearing the door, I was afraid about what I was going to see. I had heard rumors on my way here from nurses and doctors concerning "a sweet young redhead that had no hope of survival." Things weren't looking good…

I was about to knock on the door, when, very cartoonishly, it flung outward smacking me into the wall behind it. After stifling a few expletives, and ignoring the increasing throbbing on my forehead and nose, I turned to see who had dared hit me with the door. There walking away were some of Sora's friends from tennis. I don't remember their names, but all three, two girls and a guy, had tears down their cheeks. Definitely not looking good…

After five minutes of massaging my forehead and nose, and gathering up the courage, I picked up the bag that had the two flowers in it and walked into the room. I was really surprised at what I saw. I had imagined Sora's lifeless body lying motionlessly on the cold hard bed with various feeding tubes stuffed harshly into her arms. Through all of the possible images I could have thought of, I wasn't expecting to see Sora sitting up in her bed, staring thoughtfully through the window while brushing her hair.

"Hello, TK. How are you today?"

"Hi, Sora... how are you feeling?"

She put down her hair brush on the end table. "Please tell everyone that they shouldn't worry about me like they are. I just can't bear watching them, and not being able to do anything about it... I want to tell them that I'll be okay."

"Um... OK. I'll tell them." I sat down on the bed next to her and placed the orchids on the end table. "But, don't you think that you should tell them yourself?"

"I can't..." She turned to look at me. "You're the only one I can talk to. You see, my... I'm currently separated from my body."

"What? That... doesn't make sense. Why would you be separated from your body?"

"Because... I've been talking with Koi."

Ah, yes, that would make perfect sense... Sora was the Love Crest holder, and Koi was the Love Spirit and is now... I don't know where.
Wait a minute, now that you mention it... the Mon no spirits have been very quiet today.

"Please, TK. Koi told me everything. And... it sounds like you are the only one who can do this. We, the Digidestined, will try to help you in any way we can, but I think the best thing we can do is stay out of your way. Now, I must go. Good bye, and thank you for the orchids." The Sora I was talking to faded away to reveal the real Sora laying lifeless on the bed with an IV tube stuck in her upper arm. Her hands, whether as a cruel joke or not, were placed folded together like a dead body's, so that they could hold something, usually flowers. Wait...


Room 518

YES no

Sora is lying down on the bed. However, her hands look like she should be holding something...


Orb of Sands Key Item ------
2 Small Stones Key Item
Crest of Miracles Key Item
D-Terminal Key Item
Twin Daggers Weapon
Cell Phone Key Item
Wallet Key Item- You have 1000 yen.

Use Orb of Sands?
YES no

TK Used Orb of Sands.

TK Placed Orb of Sands in Sora's hands.

Sora: "Wh...wha...?"


I watched as Sora opened her eyes. She seemed confused as she looked around the room before finally resting her eyes on me. "TK, what's going on?"

I took the sphere from her hands and showed it to her. For some reason... it was now half-empty... "This came from Koi." And that's all I had to say for her to understand.

She sat up to look at me. "If... this is the case... then, please revive Biyomon as well. She was with Koi and me. She's at Gennai's House right now. Please."

"SORA!" I jumped five feet into the air before I realized who made me permanently deaf. Mimi was standing in the doorway, her hands on her head in shock. Next to her, carrying bags and also cradling his ears, was Taichi. "Sora Sora Sora Sora Sora!"


"Sora, you're okay! YOU'RE OKAY!" I took the opportunity while Mimi and Tai were standing in a stupor to quickly whisper a good-bye to Sora. I walked out of the room, Tai and Mimi becoming coherent for a second to say good-bye to me as well. I quickly made my way to the elevator as fast as possible to save my hearing. Unfortunately for me, my weird experiences for the day weren't over. As the elevator was going down, something in my pocket started shining. I reached in and pulled out the Crest of Miracles. There was that sign again, the greek letter sigma encompassed by a theta, both in liquid gold with a pure white background... It floated out of my hand and then went completely berserk with light. I'm now deaf and blind. Wonderful.

When the light faded, I found myself in a large cathedral. It wasn't the same as the one in my mind, as it was much larger and more ornate.

"Hello, Takeru. Welcome to the Crest of Miracles."

I swung around. Most of the Mon no siblings and Makra, in front of them, were standing there.

"Your mind was too small for all of us, so we moved here." YES! No more Psychological problems for me!

"Anyway, sorry about the abrupt departure from reality, but I figured that this is very important and you needed to know about it. We, er... discovered some important information."

"Did you find a vaccine?"

"Well..." It is very hard to imagine a self-proclaimed man of knowledge with a look of uncertainty in his eyes. "No. However, we did discover why you reacted to the virus the way you did. It is... very interesting. Please follow me."

Well, at least one mystery is about to be solved.

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