The Tangibility of Magic by Jolly Rancher

Chapter 1- Old Friends

He was dreaming again. Thankfully, it wasn't about Sirius and the Veil, but just of a family eating dinner. Harry smiled, he was glad to get away from his usual nightmares. There were four people in the family, the parents, and their kids, and son and a daughter. He watched as the brother teased his little sister about her new boyfriend. Suddenly, the door burst open in a shower of wood, and men dressed in black robes appeared. Harry froze in fear. The whole family had screamed as one when the Death Eaters came, and now the father had gotten up angrily.

"Hey! What the hell do you loonies think you're doing? Get the hell out of my house before I call the cops!" He said.

The robed men did nothing but laugh.

"Silence, filth! You will show respect to your betters! Now, bow before Lord Voldemort." One of the men said.

They then made two lines facing each other, with enough space in the middle for a man to go through. Then, came a horrific monster, ones that were only real in dreams. It had red eyes, and slits for a nose. The family felt chills to the very core of their being as they watched this creature come toward them and laugh cruelly. Harry watched as Voldemort walked over to the girl and lifted her chin up. "What a pretty little girl. Lucius, you and the others can have her for your pleasure."

"Thank you my Lord, you are most gracious," Lucius said as he took the trembling girl by her hair, and dragged her to the other side of the room.

The father and brother immediately charged forward to save their sister, but suddenly found themselves hovering in midair. The woman screamed. Harry could take no more, and with a shout, he ran forward and tried to tackle Malfoy, but just fell right through him. He could do nothing but watch and cry as the Death Eaters raped the girl, and Lord Voldemort tortured the rest of the family.

He woke up drenched in cold sweat, trembling. He started to cry, the feeling of guilt starting to overwhelm him.

Why the hell can't I do anything? Why the fuck am I so weak? These thoughts ran through the head of Harry Potter as he curled up into a fetal position on his bed.

He could not get back to sleep. Every time he tried, the thoughts of the raped girl came back to him. It made him want to retch. He paced around his room for a few minutes trying to get his mind off of his dream. He was pulled suddenly from his thoughts when an owl tapped at the window. He quickly went to the window and pulled it open. The owl, it was a barn owl, flew in and dropped a package on Harry's bed. It then flew out, just a quickly as it came. Harry walked over to his bed and picked up the package. It felt like a book. He noticed a letter tied to the package, so he untied it, and started to read it.

Dear Harry,

Well, if you're reading this, then I'm dead, to put it bluntly enough. I can only hope that I died fighting until the last breath. I sent you this letter to help explain to you a few things, and to get you to stop wallowing in self-pity. Please don't be sorry that I'm dead, just think of it as another reason to kill Voldemort. Anyways, enough with the mushy stuff, lets get on to the interesting part of this letter. Have you ever wondered why Voldemort came after you and your parents? I keep trying to get Dumbledore to tell you, but he refuses. I'm about to tell you. Just after you were born, Harry, there was a prophecy made by Trelawney. This wasn't her normal bullshit, but actually the real thing. I can't remember it word for word exactly, but it basically said that at the end of the seventh month, which is July, a baby would be born with the power to defeat Lord Voldemort. Now, this is all the Voldemort knows, his spy did not hear the rest of the prophecy. To the best of my knowledge, only Dumbledore knows the full prophecy, other than me. I was told of it because I was your parent's secret keeper. The rest of the prophecy tells us that Voldemort will mark the child as his equal. The next part is the worst; the prophesied child must kill the Dark Lord, or else be killed. Neither can live while the other survives. That's basically the gist of it. You are the prophesied child, Harry. You were born on July 31, the end of the seventh month. He marked you as his equal when he gave you that scar. You are the only one who can defeat him, Harry. I know that this is a lot to take it right now, but you must accept this as the truth. You must train to defeat him, not just in Light Magic, but in Dark. You are biased against dark magic because you think of it as evil, but ask yourself this question. Is magic tangible? It is wizards who classify magic as light and dark, magic is just, simply put, magic. The main reason Dumbledore cannot defeat Voldemort, though being on the same magical level as him, is because he refuses to use any magic that is considered dark. Voldemort, on the other hand, has no qualms about using both light and dark magic when he fights. The book I sent you will start you off on the dark arts, but you must study more. Do not let Dumbledore control you anymore, like he has controlled you these past years, like he is controlling me now. Let me finish with an old muggle quote. "Know thy enemy."


Look at the end of the book, I scribbled down a spell that I think you'll like. Don't give this spell to anyone else; just use it for yourself.

With all my love and more,


Harry sat unmoving on his bed, silent tears pouring down his face. He suddenly curled up on his bed and started sobbing uncontrollably. Once he started he could not stop. He cried out for everything that had happened to him in his short life. He cried for his parents. He cried for Cedric. He cried for Sirius. He cried most of all for the girl that would wake up with the knowledge that she was raped, and her family killed. After an hour of crying, he gradually stopped, and wiped away his tears. Sirius was right; he should stop wallowing in self-pity and guilt. He would train, not just for himself, but also for everyone whose life had been ruined by Tom Marvolo Riddle. He went to the restroom to wash of his face, and then went back to his room to take a look at the book that Sirius had sent him.

The Dark Arts by Lucida Anguine

Introduction: Take Caution

The Dark Arts is not something to be trifled with. It is the most dangerous, and most misunderstood, branch of magic. Once you embark on this path, it will be hard to keep control and not misuse this new power. Take this as your last warning, close this book now if you do not think you have the willpower to succeed in controlling yourself. If you do, turn the page to chapter one.

Is this what happened to Voldemort? Was he too weak to control the urge to misuse the power of the dark arts? Harry thought to himself as he read the introduction to the book. As he read further into the book, he learned of the different types of creatures that were considered 'dark', for instance werewolves, vampires, and lethifolds. He then got to the spells section. There were many types of different spells, spells that would create a gas that would put everyone in the room, excluding the caster, into a magical coma. In this particular spell, only the caster could remove the curse. There were also many wards that would kill anyone that put one foot inside of he warded area. As Harry got more and more into the book, the more he despised the wizarding world. The majority of them were biased, whether it be against muggles, or dark wizards. Just because someone is dark does not make them evil. He decided from then on that he would be known as a dark wizard, and to hell with everybody else that thinks that he was evil. He put the book away, ready to go back to sleep. Just as he closed the book, he remembered what Sirius had written in his postscript. He quickly opened the book back up, and flipped to the back cover of the book.

Shieldus ex Magicka astomini Detectora- This spell will remove any detection charms placed on your wand. This includes anything the Ministry put on it to check for underage wizardry. Just don't misuse this, just like all the other spells in this book. This spell is highly illegal, so I don't recommend telling anyone about this. This is the spell that wizards use to take off the charm that alerts the ministry to the use of the Unforgivables. Have fun, Harry!

Harry wanted to shout for joy. If this spell worked, then the Dursley's could do nothing to him this summer. He could finish all of his chores in a matter of seconds. And most importantly, he could practice all the new spells he would be learning to defeat Voldemort. He quickly got his wand out from underneath his pillow, and cast the spell.

"Shieldus ex Magicka astomini Detectora!" He said while waving his wand around in a circle.

His wand was enveloped in a red light, then gold slowly overtook the red. Finally, the whole wand was sheathed in a gold light, and then the color vanished. Shivering with excitement, Harry cast a silencing charm on the room, to block out Dudley's snores. He waited in trepidation for a ministry owl to come tapping at his window, and when none came, he let out a shout of joy, the silencing charm blocking any noise coming out of his room as well as into.

"Collorportus!" He cast a locking charm on the door, so his aunt couldn't come in to wake him up in the morning.

He then proceeded to liven up his room. He first fixed Dudley's old desk and chair. The desk had been broken when Dudley jumped on it in a tantrum, and the chair had been broken simply because Dudley had sat on it. The Dursley's were feeling especially generous that day, so they decided to give them to Harry. He then transfigured his rock-hard twin bed into a soft, fluffy queen sized four-poster. He made the curtains a deep green, with silver lacing, and made the bedsheets Gryffindor colors. He decided to make the curtains Slytherin colors because he had realized that not all Slytherins were bad, and to be frank, too much maroon and gold made his head spin. He fixed the broken down bookshelf, and put all of his school books in it. He then went to his bed and lay down for a good sleep.

As he started to fall asleep he remembered what Quirrell said to him at the end of his first year at Hogwarts. "There is no good and evil, there is only power, and those too weak to seek it..." Harry reflected upon this remark, and realized how true it was. He didn't fully agree with Voldemort, and he knew that there were such things as good and evil, but this statement was truer than anything Dumbledore had ever said to him. Who was to say what a 'good' person is and what an 'evil' person is? With that thought, Harry fell asleep.

Harry awoke the next morning refreshed and content. Last night's activities made his heart swell with happiness. When he looked at the clock (he had fixed the one Dudley through out the window), he was surprised when he saw that it was one o' clock. Well, maybe not too surprising, considering the fact that I went to sleep at about 4 in the morning. Harry thought to himself.

He got up with a great yawn, smacking his lips together, trying to get rid of the rotten taste in his mouth. Even though he slept a long time, his movements were still sluggish. He smacked his forehead when he remembered that he could do magic.

"Navitas!" He cast a temporary energizing charm on himself, and immediately felt better. He got his towel and went to the bathroom across the hall. As he walked through the hallway, he noticed that nobody was home, due to the lack of noise. Hmm, I guess Uncle Vernon is at work, and Dudley's probably off getting high somewhere. Aunt Petunia must be out shopping.

He was at the door of the bathroom, when he suddenly had a thought. As long as the Dursley's aren't here, why not take a long, hot soak in the Master bathroom?

He smirked evilly, and changed direction, this time going towards the Dursley's master bedroom. He had never been allowed to take a long bath, and he was looking forward to it. After he spent a half-hour getting wrinkled and pruny in the tub, he got out, dried off, and brushed his teeth. He had thoroughly enjoyed it, but he was hungry. He went and changed into some of his cloths, and decided then and there that he had to get an entirely new wardrobe. For now, he settled on casting a few cutting charms on his shirt sleeves and on the bottom of his jeans. He went downstairs to get something to eat, but all he found was a note on the kitchen table.


I don't give a damn about what those freaks said at Kings Cross! Next time your aunt calls you down for breakfast, you better damn well come down. How dare you barricade your door! Just for this, we are leaving you with nothing to eat for breakfast. You ungrateful little whelp, there had better not be a replay of this ever again.

Uncle Vernon

Damn, now how am I supposed to get anything decent to eat around here? I don't want to eat another grapefruit! Damn it, I am hungry. Harry sat back in his chair, pondering over what to do for food. He suddenly had a thought. He went up to Dudley's room and went through his drawers. He finally found what he was looking for. Dudley's emergency stash. In case he ran out of kids to steal from to get weed, Dudley had this stash.

Considering all that I have done for the Dursley's, its only fair that I get something back. Still, the one hundred pounds that consisted of the emergency stash didn't even come close to paying Harry for all the work he had done for the Dursley's. He went to his room, and got his invisibility cloak out. He opened his window, and jumped out onto the tree branch a few feet away. He knew that an Order member was around, and he didn't want anyone to follow him. He quickly climbed down the tree, and stood still for a minute. He put a silencing charm on his trainers, and walked a little ways away. He then ducked behind a hedge, and took the cloak off, shrunk it, and put it in his pocket. He then walked to a restaurant called The Point. He had never gone to any restaurant, but he had overheard Dudley talking about it to his friends. Apparently it was really popular in the area.

When he walked in the restaurant, the first thing he noticed was the ridiculous amount of teenagers in the room. Almost every table was full, with only a few adults in sight. Huh, this must be a hangout for teenagers. He thought absently as he waited in line to make his order.

Wow, they have a good selection here. Let's see, they have hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, sodas, milkshakes, chips, and more. Hmm...maybe I'll ge-

"Welcome to The Point, may I take your order, sir?" Said the cashier.

With a start Harry realized that he was at the front of the line. "Oh, sorry. I'll have two hamburgers, a regular coke, and large fries."

"All right, that will be five pounds, sir. Here is your receipt, your order number is on the top."

Harry paid the man, and stepped to the side as he waited for his food to get ready. He didn't have to wait long before getting his food, and went to an unoccupied table. He had just gotten through his first hamburger when someone approached him.

"Excuse me, I'm sorry for bothering you, but do we know each other?"

Harry looked up and saw a girl standing over him. She was very pretty, with a white blouse, and form-fitting jeans. She looked very familiar, but he couldn't place her.

He replied, "Erm, I think we do, you look very familiar. I'm Harry. Harry Potter."

"Harry Potter? Oh! I do remember you! I'm Catherine, Catherine Fields!" She said excitedly.

"Cathy? Wow, you've changed a lot!" Harry replied.


It was Harry's first day of his fifth year in his muggle primary school. At lunch time he went outside to the playground, since Aunt Petunia never packed him any lunch. It wouldn't do him much good anyway; Dudley would just take it from him, like he did everything else. He was sitting below the giant oak tree, drawing designs in the dirt. He was drawing a picture of Dudley imploding from the consumption of too much food when he was interrupted.

"Hello." A timid voice said.

He looked up, and saw a girl about his age looking at him. She had messy blond hair tied up in pigtails, and had glasses that looked almost as bad as Harry's, if that was even possible.

"Hi, my name is Harry, what's yours?"

"Cathy, Cathy Fields. I'm new here, so is it alright if I play with you?"

"Okay." He handed her a bark of wood, so that she could draw in the dirt too.

She giggled, "That pictures funny. It looks just like that mean boy who teased me about my glasses!"

Harry smiled and laughed along with her. So, she was an outcast just like him. As they all say, misery loves company. They sat and drew pictures with each other in companionable silence, when someone suddenly stepped in the drawings.

"What are you doing here, Fields? You're not supposed to be hanging around the freak." Dudley said, "I'll let you off this time, since you're new and all."

Cathy stood her ground and said, "I can do anything I want to, you big fat jerk!"

She was suddenly pushed to the ground. "Shut up four-eyes! No one calls me fat!" Dudley screamed, as his face got purple with rage. Suddenly, a great pile of dirt was thrown in Dudley's mouth. He spluttered incoherently while trying to get the dirt out of his mouth. Harry looked at his hand in fright, then started to run. He couldn't believe that he had just done that! His Aunt and Uncle were going to kill him! Dudley finished getting the dirt out of his mouth, and immediately started to chase after Harry, his gang following him loyally. They chased him until he somehow got stuck on the roof of the school. Needless to say, he was severely punished when he went to his 'home.'

Cathy talked to Harry after that, but not that much. She was too scared of being beat up by Dudley to risk it. They never became friends, just acquaintances.

End Flashback

Cathy gave a laugh, "Yeah, I got rid of my pigtails, and got contacts. It made a world of difference. So, where have you been all this time? The last time I saw was at the end of fifth year. Did you go to a different school?"

Harry smiled, "Here, take a seat. And, yes, I do go to a different school. It's a boarding school up north."

"One second, let me get my meal, they just called my number."


A minute later she returned with her food, and sat down to eat with Harry. They shot the breeze while they ate, learning of what happened to the other during the last five years. Of course, Harry didn't tell her he was a wizard, just about his friends and such. She was glad to learn that he finally had friends, and apologized for being a coward when they were younger.

"Oh, its okay, Cathy, Dudley scared everyone from being my friend. I don't hold it against you." He said as he finished off the last of his chips.

As he waited for her to finish her meal, he had a sudden thought. "Cathy, I know this'll sound strange, since I just met you and all, but can I ask you a favor?"

Cathy looked up, curiosity piqued. "Sure, Harry, just depends on the favor."

"Could you take me shopping tomorrow? Right now I'm wearing Dudley's old castoffs, so I really need a whole new wardrobe." He said, gesturing at his cloths.

She smiled, "Of course I will Harry! I absolutely love shopping! We can even go now if you want."

"Sorry, but I need to go and get the money first."

"Oh, well, that's alright. Should I meet you here tomorrow then?" She said.

"That'll be great, how about twelve o' clock, so we can eat lunch, and then go."

"Okay! So I'll see you tomorrow."

Harry smiled at her, "Yeah, thank you so much for this."

"It's no problem, I already told you, I love to shop!"

As they took their leave of each other Harry looked at his watch. It was 1:40. Perfect, I have enough time to go to Diagon Alley.

1-Taken from Shezza88's list of spells in the story Harry Potter and the Future Remapped

2-Taken from Chapter 17 of JKR's Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

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