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Evocation 08

• Destiny •

The Auror that showed up to investigate the explosion at the Malfoy Manor was astonished to find Mrs. Malfoy sitting on the lawn crying, with Harry Potters head in her lap.

The north wing of the manor had been reduced to rubble, and several frightened house-elves were scurrying around trying to save the rest of the house from the fire that was spreading.

More Aurors appeared within minutes, because anything involving Harry Potter was not a trivial thing.

Narcissa cried and cried, ignoring those who appeared around her, ignoring the questions that were brought up. It wasn't long before a hand touched her shoulder and a warm body slid to his knees next to her. She recognized Luna Lovegood, the woman who was Harry's only other confidant, the one he'd called his sister.

Narcissa wept harder as Luna touched Harry's face gently. "He told me he loved me," she confessed, staring at his slack face and crying harder.

A green eyes little girl was in her arms. Luna blinked and looked around, unsure of her current predicament. She'd had flashes before. Sometimes they were the past, of peoples memories, or her own. Sometimes they were the future, of what would happen. And, sometimes they were just things that she saw, things that never happened.

She smiled and tugged on Luna's hair. "Play!" she said, giggling.

Luna stared into her eyes, feeling lost. She had Harry's eyes. But her hair was blonde, and as far as Luna knew no potter was ever blonde. "Fairy Godmother!" the child taunted. "Daddy says you'll take me to the races because mummy won't let him take me."

A dark haired child approached. He was a bit older, but not quite old enough to be going to school yet, at least not a magical school. He smiled grimly, brushing away the hair that had been combed down, but didn't seem to want to stay. "Mother says that we can go as long as you take us. Father always gets too excited and ends up trying to enter himself."

Luna looked up to see the largest cat she'd ever seen bounding across the yard she was standing in. It took a flying leap and changed, mid-jump, into Harry Potter. He tackled the dark haired youth and wrestled with him on the ground for a second before standing up and trying, unsuccessfully, to brush himself off. He gave Luna a lopsided grin. "Mother says that I'm not allowed to go to any more events that have anything to do with a broom, says I'm a danger to myself."

Then he leaned in and whispered. "She wants to spend some time alone with me. We haven't had much of it since the brats got summer vacation. Besides, it's part of the job of being a godmother, letting us have some fun once in a while. You already spoil them rotten, might as well make it convenient for us."

Luna nodded mildly, understanding that Harry wanted to have a romantic day with Narcissa. She was went along with everything, not mentioning she didn't know where the race was, or who was racing. She knew one of the children would.

"Come on you two," she said, smiling. "Let's let mother and father have a boring day while we go have some fun."

"Luna," Harry said and she turned to him, feeling slightly dazed. He bent in and kissed her on the cheek. "Don't do anything I wouldn't do. We wouldn't want these rascals to get into trouble."

He smiled and turned back to head towards the house. Luna smiled thoughtfully as one of the children dragged her down the path. "The Knight Bus!" one of them said before the memory faded.

"He'll be fine," Luna said with a smile on her lips. She was going to be a godmother of two beautiful children.

Narcissa's head whipped around so fast that her hair snapped at Luna. Luna only blinked, completely unfazed. She smiled and leaned in closer so that the Aurors that were around couldn't hear. She wasn't worried about them keeping it a secret, she just preferred they not hear it in the first place. Harry didn't like people knowing.

"During the last battle, after Harry had dueled Voldemort and had won the fight, he was on the verge of collapsing. A Death Eater was able to get close to him and used the Avada Kedavra curse on him," she explained quietly. She wasn't all that worried about Narcissa knowing, not after that flash of the future. She smiled again, touching the side of Harry's face as she remembered it. She was there when it happened, and she too had been in Narcissa's place for different reasons, hating to see Harry die, but unable to change it.

By that time Ron had been dead for a few months, and Hermione had died earlier in the battle. Luna had been fighting alongside Harry until Voldemort had appeared out of the mist like a creature in storybooks, challenging Harry to a duel. She'd seen the whole thing from the ground. A curse had disabled her and she'd been ignored since, stuck on the ground watching the two duel while the curse slowly drained the life from her.

When the curse of death had struck Harry there was an explosion that resounded miles and miles away. It was unlike anything Luna had ever witnessed before. "A lot of people thought that the explosion was the final moments of Voldemort," Luna explained. "It's what the paper wrote, and what everyone believed. However, that doesn't really matter, what does matter is that he lived. You see, his mother placed a powerful charm on him when he was a child, and though Voldemort could get through, other dark magic that was targeting him specifically did not work properly. That is why he lived, and why he's alive now."

"So he is alive?" Narcissa asked, tears in her eyes.

"Unconscious," she said. "I wasn't there afterwards, but Harry said that he was unconscious for almost a day before he woke."

Two weeks later, Harry led Narcissa into a nearly empty plaza where music played. Luna watched from the side dressed in a set of beautiful blue dress robes and a wry smile on her face. Another man smiled brightly as Harry appeared and then handed him a bag of bird feed before talking a few steps back and finding a seat.

Slowly Harry reached up and unbound the handkerchief that had blocked Narcissa's vision.

"Dance with me?" he asked, taking her hand "… Mrs. Potter."

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