Chapter 18: The End!

Dib bit his lip, looking down at the male alien's flushed face, parted lips and tear streaked cheeks. His words echoed wildly around in the boy's head, breaking out the set of questions he'd thought he'd already answered himself previously, and knocking the answers loose so they didn't fit anymore.

The fact that Zim was male didn't surprise him as much as he thought it should. He'd known Zim as a male for most of his life, and the affection he felt...the 'love' he had for the invader of his heart remained unchanged, whether he was a she, a he or an it. Zim was still Zim.

Zim kissed him then, a deep, crushing, desperate kiss. Yet even then, Dib's mind insisted on being skeptical. Zim was still drunk. When he sobered up, he'd deny having said anything. He'd never forgive the human for letting him lose his crown. They'd go back to being enemies either way, leaving bittersweet memories of their truce to rot and fester in the middle of the fragile bridge of trust they'd built between them, a bridge that would be burned along with the memory's carcass. This is what his logical self told him, the one he'd always listened to, had come to depend on, most of his life. It was usually right, too.

He made his decision then.

Zim redoubled his efforts and tightened his grip, as if he sensed what the boy's answer would be and thought he could kiss him forever, in that way preventing the fate from happening.

Gently, but firmly, Dib took hold of Zim's shoulders and pushed him back. Realizing he couldn't hold back time, Zim stopped fighting and just stood there at Dib's arm's length, waiting.

"I love you too, Zim." he said softly. "And I want to be with you no matter what, but..."

The human gulped nervously, steeling his mind to see through the choice he was about to make, spoke:

"Can you forgive me for not knowing what that meant until now?"

Gasps were heard all around the room, but Dib ignored them, turning his attention to Shirley instead, one hand holding his bewildered alien close and the other reaching up to remove his own crown.

"You can have mine, too!"

He tossed it next to Zim's at the shocked girl's feet. He'd done entirely too much thinking with his brain, and not enough with his heart, that fact being the cause of his constant failures and misery. He'd saved the world enough times and given it plenty chances to save itself, but it always chose to stay happy in its ignorance. It was his turn to be happy now.

He smiled at the source of that happiness, "Let's get out of here."

"YES!" Zim leapt onto his waist and locked his legs behind Dib's back; cupping the human's cheeks, he proceeded to fervently plant little kisses all over his face.

Blinded as he was by this, Dib still managed to guide himself and his prize towards the exit.

Halfway there, Zim paused and looked over Dib's shoulder to center stage.

"HAHAHAHA! Victory for ZIM! Kiss my voluptuous, green ass, bitch! Woo!"

Dib grinned slyly as they exited the door, making a run for the limo and jumping in as soon as they left the building. "Home, Jeeves!"

"My name is HENRY, sir!" the irate driver said as he pulled out of the parking lot, "And need I remind you to please get your head out of my rearview...? Er, thank you."

Zim was laid down atop the human boy, still focused on his attentions to Dib's face, both feeling too anxious to wait until they got back to his base.

They had some next times to catch up on...

(End Dancing Queen!)

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