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Summary: Sasuke, now a 16 year-old ANBU gets a mission to track down the Akatsuki hideout. But during the mission, in order to save Naruto's life, he gets captured. This leads to something much more than he has ever bargained for.

Warning: Incestuous yaoi. Violence. Bondage. Semi-rape. Some OC. Crossdressing. If you find any of the said materials disturbing, I suggest you leave this page immediately. You've been warned, so please don't flame me about that.

Pairing: Eventually Itachi/Sasuke and slight Sasuke/Naruto

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Chapter I: Chain

Cold. Sharp numbing coldness cut into his skin, stinging him--neck, wrists and ankles. It was hard to move, even more so to breathe. The shackle on his neck was so tight that it was almost suffocating. Not to mention the wounds he had got from earlier. Every blow was meant to be fatal yet he managed to avoid getting cut in the vital spots, thus he was now still alive. But that wasn't spare him from this humiliation.

The Uchiha heir growled, pulling harshly at the chains. Normally, he would have freed himself by now with the unbinding jutsu but now that he tried to concentrate on his chakra, he felt nothing at all. He yanked, yanked, yanked and yanked but it seemed that only bring his wrists to hurt more. Damnit. He mentally cursed, wanting nothing more than to tear the chains off like they were only sweet meat.Of all the restrainers restrained him, he hated the neck shackle most. It made him feel like being someone's pet.

He, the most talented ninja in Konoha, the best of his class, the successor of Uchiha heritage, reduced to be someone's pet.

He moved his head a bit, the said metal made a clink-clank sound just to glared reproachfully down at the said restrainer. The strong metal glared coldly back at him, giving him the sight of thin silver line despite the heavy darkness that enveloped him, blinding his sight. His long midnight-black bangs that veiled one of his eyes didn't help either, only blinding the sight more. Sighing deeply, he let all of the tension leave his tired body. He really needed rest. No matter how brief it was.

As he closed both of those obsidian orbs, the images of earlier event flashed in his mind like a camera shot...

Baka Naruto

xxxxx Flashback xxxxx

A blond boy, around the age of sixteen, jumped down from his perch on the branch. Readjusting his ANBU mask, he looked around, scanning the area. Safe. There was no sign of any Akatsuki member. He then turned to have a good look at the surprisingly extravagant mansion, where it was reported to be the hideout for dangerous S rank criminal organized. The Akatsuki Organization. The boy tried to suppress his excited grin. It was four years back from now that he remembered encountering two of them. They were very powerful and he was no match for them. But at the moment, he wasn't a young boy who needed anyone's help or protection anymore. He, Uzumaki Naruto, was going to prove them. He would show his rival, the pretty boy, Uchiha Sasuke that he was the one getting them first.

Well, there was another reason that he wasn't sure himself. But...

He didn't want Sasuke to meet his older brother.

True. That man was a powerful opponent. And a goddamned good-looking one. That's it. Naruto didn't know why but somehow he found the knowledge of listening to Sasuke's speech of avenging his clan so disturbing lately. And it wasn't disturbing because he had heard that for the thousandth time. It was just that... he was jealous. And that didn't make sense. He knew Sasuke and Itachi were brothers and they wanted nothing but to shed each other's blood. Actually, he couldn't say that for Itachi but for Sasuke, yes. So why was he feeling like this?

It isn't like I'm in love with that Ice Bitch, right? Right?

No way. Naruto shook his head. There was no way he was in love with Sasuke. After confirming himself that, he took out a kunai, holding it in a tight grip and made his way toward the towering mansion. He had no idea he was being watched by one of his fellow comrade from another tree.

What does that dobe think he's doing? Hell, he'd better not ruin the plan

The raven haired-boy frowned, measuring the cost through and fro if he should go after the blond boy or not. But...

"Damn! It's a trap!"

On hearing that, the Uchiha boy rushed forward to the direction Naruto's voice came from.

"Look at what we have here." Kisame sneered, putting off the boy's mask. "The Kyuubi itself eagerly comes into the trap. How convenient"

"Kyuubi? You mean this boy's...?" Another man with him asked, peering at the boy with curiosity. Naruto glared at the man, his hands trying to free himself from the net that hung to the tree. "Are you sure it's this boy, Kisame? He looks stupid."

"Who are you calling stupid!?" Naruto snarled angrily. The man smirked and shook his head slowly--chestnut hair swishing this way and that. "He's really stupid." He nodded to himself and turned to Kisame. "Are you sure?"

"Of course, Shiryuu. You can ask Itachi-san if you don't believe my words." replied the shark-like man.

The chestnut haired-man known as Shiryuu went silent at the mere mentioning of the name, his violet eyes sparkling dangerously. He hated Uchiha Itachi with all of his being. He didn't understand why their leader seemed to favor the Uchiha bastard so much. Sure the man was incredibly beautiful, he admitted but he was also untouchable. The bastard was like a show thing in an exhibition. You can look but you can't touch. And that knowledge made the chestnut haired-man hated him more.

Naruto didn't miss this. "You seem to fear Uchiha Itachi a lot, eh? I'm not surprise you're no match for him. You're so weak that you have to use this trap, aren't you? I bet if you fight me, you don't stand a chance to win!" He mocked, raising his chin challengingly as if to anger the man even more. "You are such a weakling."

Shiryuu snapped. He quickly took out his kunai, ready to stab Naruto through the heart before Kisame could stop him.


Another Kunai flew past his shoulder, making a swift cut across the man's cheek before cutting the net. Naruto fell to the ground with a thud, seeing a black blur in front of him. That was when Kisame decided to take out his Samehada, swinging it at the Kyuubi's rescuer, who evaded it easily in one fluid motion. Behind the ANBU mask, Kisame saw two glowing blood-red orbs fixing toward him with intensity. Now he knew who it was.

"Sasuke?" Naruto voiced.

"Hn. Dobe, always get yourself into trouble." The Uchiha boy said, unsheathing his katana and blocked the flying needles coming right at them.

Naruto stood up and took a fighting stance. "Che. If it wasn't because of that stupid trap, I would have beaten the ass out of that fag!" That comment made the chestnut haired-man become even more irritated. "Watch you mouth, boy!" And with that, he disappeared from where he was in a blink and appeared behind Sasuke and Naruto while Kisame landed another blow in front of them, barely missing its targets by a few strands of hair. Both boys then turned to see hundreds of deadly needles fly their way.

ShitToo late to evade

Clink. Clink. Clink.

Some of the needles were blocked away with katana but some of them were able to come past the guards, embedding themselves in their skins. Yet the attack wasn't that powerful to prevent them from keeping fighting. With a battle cry, Naruto charged forward at Shiryuu. He was about to attack with Rasengan. But suddenly…!

"W-what!?" Naruto stopped dead in his track. His entire body became paralyzed. Shiryuu smiled victoriously. "Do you think I'm merely using such needles for attacking? That's really stupid. Now you're going to pay for your dirty mouth, brat!" He bent down and picked up Naruto's dropped katana.

"Hey, Shiryuu, we can't kill this boy!" Kisame protested.


Blood splashed.

"Sasuke! Why did you-" Naruto began, staring at the boy before him in horror but Sasuke quickly shut him up. "Shut up, dobe. Run! Now!"

"But you-" Naruto swallowed the lump in his throat as he saw Sasuke's Sharingan glare dangerously at him. "Naruto, listen. They want the Kyuubi. We can't let them have it. You understand? Go!"

Naruto looked hesitant. He turned and saw the two Akatsuki approach. He bit his lips. "I'll come back for you, Sasuke. I promise!" And taking one last glance at the raven haired-boy, he ran off.

"You won't going anywhere!" Kisame roared, running after the boy but Sasuke blocked the way.

"Your opponent is me." said the Uchiha boy, putting off his ANBU mask, revealing his face and two deadly Sharingan orbs. Mangekyo Sharingan, to be exact.

"You...!" Shiryuu stared at the boy before him in shock.

Kisame sniggered. He'd already guessed what the chestnut haired-man's reaction might be seeing the boy's face but seeing it was just priceless. He didn't like the man much but this wasn't time for that. He had matter at hands to do. Dealing with Mange Sharingan meant getting into big trouble but the boy wasn't in his best condition. And the Kyuubi did said it was going to be back.

Kisame grinned. He knew who was going to win.

xxxxx End Flashback xxxxx

Sasuke opened his eyes at the sound of the door being slid open. Bright light from the outside pierced through the darkness of the room in a straight line before the door was closed again, leaving him back in the blackness. Then there was a rustle of clothes and the room was illuminated with the light from the expensive chandelier as someone turned on the switch.

The young Uchiha's composure went tensed. He glared at the man before him hatefully yet he didn't struggle against the chains nor make some useless speeches. He knew it was no use doing so. He still wanted revenge but he wasn't so hatred driven as he was four years ago. He had to control that or else being possessed by the cursed seal. So he merely glared, maintaining cool composure.

Itachi studied his little brother's feature, memorizing every bit of the vision displayed before him. The little runt had grown up, turning into this beautiful complexion of a sixteen year-old boy. His look almost mirrored Itachi himself yet there was no ugly scar that marred his milky-white skin...maybe saved for the one he had left in his heart since Sasuke was eight. Those black strands weren't spiky but grew out long, though not as long as Itachi's, past his shoulders and was tied into a ponytail, which ended at the middle of his back...

Sasuke jerked as Itachi's hand slid up his thigh. He stared at the man before him with wide eyes. Itachi ignored that and plopped a small blue pill into his mouth before grabbing the boy's delicate chin with his other hand.

"W-what're you doing?" That was the last sentence Sasuke could say before his brother's warm lips silenced him—tongue invading, forcing that little pill down his throat.

Chapter II: Broken Pride

Sasuke's throat suddenly went dry despite the wet, sneaky tongue that was his brother's.

His own brother...

That fact made the situation twice as bad as it used to be. As much as he hated being chained like a lowly pet, as much as he hated admitting defeat, those humiliations were nothing compared to what was happening here and now. Itachi, his own brother, the man he dreamt of killing so much was here, in front of him, kissing him, stealing his breath...and maybe...his soul also, for as much as he hated to admit it, Sasuke knew he was enjoying the forbidden kiss himself.

And that thought scared him. Scared him more than the knowledge of coming death. And he began struggling, trying to turn away. Yet he couldn't. As a warning, Itachi's grip on his chin became stronger--those long black painted fingernails dug into his milky-white skin like vice and he bit down on Sasuke's lower lips. Hard. Blood trickled down from the little wound there like a crimson rivulet, which Itachi eagerly lapped away with his tongue.

Their eyes met, ruby red against obsidian black as Itachi returned Sasuke's hate filled gaze with a cold look.

"Bastard!" spat Sasuke, his swollen lips quivering slightly. He felt disgusted. If it wasn't for the chains, he would want to wipe his lips many, many times that it hurt just to get rid of the painful taste of that forbidden yet sweet ambrosia. "What did you give me!?"

"...Antidote." replied Itachi in his usual monotone voice, his face was expressionless yet amusement could be seen dancing behind those blood-red Sharingan eyes if his, making them look like a roaring flame. "Shiryuu's poison not only stops the flow of chakra in your body but also destroys your nervous system as well."

Sasuke frowned. That guy must have been a medicinal ninja before...to be able to mix up this kind of poison. That meant only the members of Akatsuki had the antidote. His thought then went back to Naruto. He quickly shook the worry out of his head. He knew Tsunade could find a way to cure him. She wasn't a legendary sennin and medicinal ninja for nothing. Certainly she could find an antidote. Wait! Antidote!?

"Why did you hel-" Sasuke stopped mid-sentence. He felt lightheaded for all of a sudden.

"But it also has a side effect." smirked Itachi, his hand toying with the chain that restrained his younger brother's delicate neck as he watched Sasuke's pale skin flush rosy pink. The boy's breathing became short and labored as if he found it difficult to just simply breathe. Sasuke looked so delicious now yet...

Itachi tugged at the silver chain, using it to pull Sasuke closer to him. His strong yet slender hand quickly went up to untie Sasuke's ponytail. A minute later, long tresses of midnight-black hair were set free, cascading down the younger boy's back like a dark silky waterfall, framing his usually stoic face, making it more feminine than usual. "Now that's better."

It was, of course, better since Itachi wouldn't feel like fucking himself. He then reached out to touch those fine raven strands, feeling them slip through his fingers fluidly like water. Sasuke jerked away from the gentle touch, his eyes blazing dangerously as he growled. "Don't touch me, you bastard!"

"I don't think you really mean that, little brother." said Itachi, pulling Sasuke back with a harsh yank at the chain before brushing his lips teasingly at the boy's exposed shoulder availed by the ANBU uniform. Sasuke gasped. It felt like his flesh was burning at the mere contact. Blood rushed faster and faster through his veins--so fast that he feared they might break and he began to sweat. Itachi smirked his arrogant smirk before he sank his teeth deep in Sasuke's shoulder. So hard that the tender flesh trembled and broke, tarnishing the white skin with crimson red.

Yet the wound Sasuke got didn't bother him as much as how his body seemed to react to Itachi's every single touch. It had gone out of his control, singing its own song of unleashed desire, yearning for more. Sasuke bit his already bleeding lips, drawing more blood. No. He wasn't going to beg. No fucking way.

The older Uchiha moved back to ravage the boy's throat, nibbling and suckling continually until it hurt, leaving a bruise mark there. He watched as Sasuke's throat vibrated, wanting to let out the moan detained there. "Stubborn, you are." And he pushed Sasuke back forcefully, sending him fall on his back against the soft mattress. For the first time, Sasuke realized he was chained to the rich ebony bedpost. He narrowed his eyes at the man looming over him as Itachi took out his kunai. "I hate you." And he meant every word of it. Yet the words came out weaker than he expected. His voice sounded strangely hoarse even to his own ears.

"That's because I told you to do so." came Itachi's deep voice as the older Uchiha grazed his kunai across Sasuke's ANBU outfit, tearing it apart, not caring if the sharp metal was cutting into his brother's soft skin or not. More blood surfaced the milky-white skin, marring it with long red traces. Bare and vulnerable. Such humiliation...so degrading. The younger Uchiha pulled and pulled and pulled at his restrainers but it only resulted as giving him more bleeding wounds.

Hungry gaze explored the exposed beauty before him. His little brother looked so luscious lying there, naked and bleeding. The little runt he knew grew up to be so beautiful... So beautiful that Itachi doubted he was still a virgin.

The younger one shifted uncomfortably, feeling his brother's weight on him. Although Itachi didn't weigh much, the sensation of contact of skin against skin was too much for him to bare. "I hate you." he hissed through gritted teeth, trying to suppress the shiver as the other's tongue traced his jaw--slowly and sensually.

"I told you to, brother." Itachi murmured into his throat, where it supposed to be his favorite spot. "You're so easy to manipulate. It was predictable that you're going to be here." It took all Sasuke's will power to stop himself from moaning as Itachi slid his hand up his sensitive inner thighs. He could feel the increasing friction between them despite many layers of fabrics of Itachi's clothes. Sasuke mentally cursed himself as his traitorous body instantly reacted, bucking his hips up to feel more of it. He was losing control, he knew.

"I own you, little brother."

That deep, husky voice made the boy pant harder--almost feverishly and Sasuke's last grip of control fled away as his brother's soft hand played with his nipple, tweaking it until it throbbed badly while his other hand wrapped around his aroused shaft, squeezing and pumping hard. Frustrated tears slid down Sasuke's flushed cheeks as the unwanted lust shot through him and he glared balefully at his brother.

A fiendish smile curved Itachi's lips. He bent down and brushed his soft lips teasingly against the younger boy's blood streaked ones before pulling away. He did this over and over again, smiling satisfactorily as Sasuke tilted his head up, seeking desperately for the other's warm lips. "Fuck you!" The younger boy swore as more of the frustrated tears ran down his cheeks. The metallic chains made a clink-clank sound as Sasuke struggled against the chains, moving his head up to meet with Itachi's awaiting lips in a hungry kiss--their tongues danced and entwined together in a fierce battle.

"I think it's the other way around." said Itachi as they parted, breathless. He then stood up and began stripping. The heavy fabrics fell to the ground piece by piece--each with a swift rustle, exposing the glorious beauty bit by bit. "I'll kill you one day..." came Sasuke's ragged voice yet he couldn't help but staring, appreciating his brother's fine feature. Damn. The younger Uchiha mentally cursed himself.

Itachi crawled back into the bed a minute later, his blood-red Sharingan eyes gazed at the boy beneath him like a predator hunting for prey. His slender hands clutched tightly at the both of the boy's shoulders. The grip was so tight that the cuts Sasuke got from fighting earlier started bleeding again. The older one lowered himself until their chests touched, heat radiating from the mere contact, making Sasuke arched up with undesired wanton. "Patience, Sasuke, you act as if you were a virgin." Itachi said in a sarcastically big-brother-like tone, his hand dancing across his brother's flat navel.

Sasuke blushed furiously, his breath heaved yet before he could stop himself the words escaped him. "I am."

A surprise look passed across Itachi's usually stoic feature on hearing those two simple words. It was gone in a milli-second, Sasuke noticed it, though. The younger Uchiha turned away, finding it oddly embarrassing to meet Itachi in the eyes. Yet he didn't hope that truth was getting him out of this hell of a situation. He knew Itachi better. He wasn't going to stop until he took away the last shred of his remaining dignity...

Sharp pain penetrated him, searing white-hot and he had to bit his tongue this time to stop himself from crying out in agony. Yet despite the unbearable pain, his sweaty body screamed for more. As much as he hated this, he hated himself. Loathing himself for being so weak. Fresh tears didn't stop coming, streaming down his flushed face. He didn't want to cry. He didn't want pity. Long, dark lashes fell as the younger one closed his eyes. He was shutting himself away from the rest of the world.


The older Uchiha leaned down and licked the salty tears away. Gentle and caring the gesture was and that startled the beautiful S rank criminal. Yet the torture continued, shattering the younger boy's pride shred by shred until he finally came, screaming out loud and the last shred of his over-rated dignity was gone from the broken core.

"You're mine."



The scream rang through the hallway of the mansion. A chestnut-hair woman frowned, turning to her shark-like companion. Her violet eyes shone with worry as she asked: "Is he gonna be alright?"

"You know how long Tsukiyomi lasts, Shiki." Kisame said, looking straight ahead. If it wasn't that Shiki was Shiryuu's twin sister, he would have laughed his head off at the man's 24 hours of painful experience. Well, come to think of it, he might enjoying it since he was having lots of Itachi-look-alike stabbing him days and nights. Kisame knew the man had his eyes set on his beautiful partner a long time ago but for Shiryuu, Itachi was more than just unreachable. Shiryuu was egotistic and the truth that Itachi was stronger than him twisted his lust for the Uchiha beauty into some kind of outrageous hatred. Kisame mentally grinned.

There, Shiryuu, you got your lesson.

Tapping Samehade on his broad shoulder, Kisame turned to Shiki. "I'm going to see how the brat's doing." with that, he left.

Shiki watched until Kisame's back disappeared down the hallway. The frown never left her face. Unlike her twin, Shiki was calm and collected yet at the moment she felt the urge to cover her hands with blood. If that boy wasn't Uchiha Itachi's brother, she would have killed him by now. She slit her violet eyes. Now she would have to find something else to kill. Ah yes, the Kyuubi said it was going to be back soon. Although they were ordered not to kill the vessel, she doubt their target was coming here alone. She licked her lips in anticipation.


Chapter III: Animated Doll

Naruto winced slightly as the poisonous needles were removed one by one. Tsunade sighed and picked one of them up, examining it carefully. This is... She then frowned, looking back at the blond teen. "It's gonna hurt a bit." She said and grabbed an operating knife from the prepared tray, resting the sharp edge lightly against Naruto's upper arm as if asking the boy for his permission to slice.

"Do it already." said Naruto. "I'm not that kind of a kid that easily whines like a little baby. It's just a little cut, isn't it?"

Godaime smiled. "Mark your words, Naruto." The sharp silver blade bit in to Naruto's tanned skin slowly as if to make it the more painful. The Kyuubi vessel gritted his teeth as his blood seeped out along with the poison. When Tsunade was sure, all the poison was out of Naruto's vein, she placed her hand on the open wound and began healing it with her chakra.

"Take this." She said, handing Naruto a red pill and a glass of water when the wound was completely closed. "I can't really say that you're completely fine now, Naruto. The poison still has its effect. You should take a rest." She turned and was about to leave when...

"Where's my shuriken hoister?"

"Naruto, I said you should take a rest." Tsunade whirled back to face the blond boy, a deep frown displaying across her youthful feature.

"I know but I can't sit here and wait. I must go save Sasuke!"

"No. You have to stay here." Tsunade said firmly, stepping to block Naruto's way to the door. "This is an order."

"Are you crazy, old hag!? He might get killed!" yelled Naruto angrily. "Get out of my way!"

Tsunade took a deep breath and did what she used to do to the boy when they first met four years ago...


With one snap of her fingers, Naruto was sent flying backward to land on his back on the bed behind, clutching his forehead. "What the-"

"Listen, Naruto." said Tsunade, her face serious. "They aren't going to kill Sasuke yet. They're using him as a bait. If you go, that means going straight into their trap. They've already prepared for it. They know you're going to go back. Do you understand?"

"But-" Sitting up, Naruto tried to protest.

"No 'but' here, Naruto. We've to wait for an appropriate time to act. Let me hear from the scouts first. Now you've to rest." She said and turned her back on him.

"..." Naruto watched her walk toward the door in silence that didn't suit his usually cheerful personality, his hand curling tightly into a white knuckled fist.

"Oh, and don't even think of going alone because..." Tsunade turned to give him a glance as her hand reached for the doorknob. "I will know." with that, she left.

"Bullshit!" Naruto cursed, slamming his fist on the wooden table. Out of the window, he could see two ANBUs guarding the front door. There were more of them, Naruto knew. He was being watched.


Kisame's lips curved up in to a sly grin as he opened the door and was greeted with a sight of a sleeping raven haired-boy. The light had been turned on and from where he stood he could see everything clearly. The white sheet was stained with blood and... From the smell of it, floating over the entire room and mingling with that of the blood, the shark-like man was sure it was...semen.

"Did you have fun, Itachi-san?" he voiced, grinning knowingly at his naked partner, who was lying on his stomach next to their captive and lazily playing with his brother's silky black locks.

"...Why're you here, Kisame?" Itachi's head shot up as he narrowed his eyes at his partner.

"Don't be mean. I just want to check how the boy is doing. But..." Kisame chuckled, eyeing his partner's naked form from head to toe. "I don't think I am needed for that since you're doing the job yourself."

The Uchiha prodigy glared. He didn't miss what the shark-like man was implying. "No one touches my brother but me." He said, his voice low and dangerous.

"Try talking that to Shiryuu. I think he needs it better than me." said Kisame.


"Oh, and there's another thing that I think you might need to know. There're going to be a big party tomorrow evening and boss wants everyone of us to attend to it. Do you have any idea what this is all about?"

"...Leave, Kisame." came the monotone voice, in which a little glimpse of annoyance could be detected.

Wordlessly, Kisame complied.

The Uchiha prodigy frowned. He never liked big parties. To say it correctly, he hated big parties. Yet he knew exactly what their leader thought. During all these years Akatsuki had become more than just a small organization that only searched for power from scrolls and demon. The objective had changed as their leader tried to gain an influence over the country's business and politics. That meant contacting people from businessmen to daimyos. And as their leader wanted, this resulted in wealth and power.

To tell the truth, Itachi didn't care much about all that. He just did the missions and killed as he was ordered like it used to be four years before. Yet socializing with non-shinobi people and trying to act like one of those businessmen really did something to his nerve. It sometimes gave him the idea of leaving the organization.


The silver metals chimed sharply as the lithe form beside him moved slightly, stirring in his sleep. Those restraints didn't give the boy's position any comfort.

Well, at least he still had his prize here.


Sasuke lifted his heavy eyelids slowly. The numbness he had felt from earlier had faded, replacing with great soreness and a strange feeling of emptiness. Despite the deep slumber he had just woken up from, he still felt tired and he had to use one of his hands to support himself just to sit up. Obsidian eyes then widened slightly when he noticed that the shackles were all gone saved for the one around his neck--the one he loathed most. He frowned.

"Feeling any better?" A deep voice rang from his left and the raven haired-boy turned to glare hatefully at its owner. "No."

"You should know better, bastard." said Sasuke spitefully, pulling the sheet up to cover his nakedness.

"Stop calling me 'bastard' already." said Itachi, tugging the other end of the remaining chain to pull his little brother closer. "I'd prefer it if you call me 'master'." Sasuke squirmed uncomfortably as he felt his brother's hot breath against the flesh of his ear. He tried to get away but it was no use as he was drawn into a rough kiss. Their saliva mingled and dripped down the younger boy's soft lips as Itachi drew back, eyeing him with amusement. The older Uchiha then leant back and licked the dripping droplets that were the mixture of the same DNA away while his other hand tracing the rim of the tarnished sheet.

Sasuke held on to the sheet that covered the lower half of his body as if it was his last resort in the world, for he feared of what might happen again the next second. Wasn't he humiliated enough?

Yet his tormentor didn't pull the sheet away. Sasuke's eyes widened as he was lifted up to sit on Itachi's laps. Blood crept up his face and made itself known as the faint red tints marring both of his pale cheeks. Even with the fabric of the sheet, Sasuke could still feel the touch of his brother's flesh. Hell, am I blushing? He bit his lips bitterly, feeling like a little boy as one of Itachi's thin hands rubbed his back soothingly in a circle while the other held him still in place.

"Why are you doing this?" He asked weakly, unable to hide the blush on his cheeks.

"...You look as if you were going to cry." came the calm answer.

Liar. Why do you care if I did really cry? "I still think you are a bas-" The rest of the word was cut off by another kiss, which, compared to those previous ones, was surprisingly gentle.

You never care when I cried during those years of loneliness, thinking about what you have done.

As they parted, the younger Uchiha gazed at his brother in utter silence for a while before he said: "You will be sorry giving me the antidote." He knew his strength would recover soon and he wasn't going to give up his chance to kill Itachi.

You never care when I cried being all alone and had no one to trust.

The older Uchiha didn't look even bit fazed. "You can try killing me any time you wanted, little brother." he said and pulled the dirty sheet away. His fingers traced the long trail of blood that had now dried and caked on the ivory skin.

You're the one starting every pain and sorrow. So why should I believe what you say?

Black manicured nails dug into the pale skin again, drawing more blood to the surface.

Why should I believe what you say because I've already known that you're just doing all this for your own amusement?

Bleeding. Hatred. Lust.

You are a bastard, Itachi. And I hate you.

"I hate you." He felt like a trapped animal, having no chance to escape but whine pitifully for its captor's mercy...the captor who enjoyed watching it struggle, appreciating every sign of weakness that the prey showed. Sasuke didn't want to be like that. He wasn't going to forfeit the game even though he knew that he had already lost. He was being manipulated like an animated doll, dancing along the rhythm of Itachi's fingers' movement.

I'll always hate you.

Soft moan finally escaped his lips as Itachi's tongue licked away the blood, drinking down his throat the same blood of his own like it was his favorite drinks. It seemed his body automatically reacted to the forbidden touches even though the effect of the poison had already worn off. And he hated himself for it.

When the older Uchiha was sure the wound was clean, he stood up, yanking the boy along with him. Surprise crossed Sasuke's flushed feature at the sudden unexpected gesture.

As if sensing this Itachi poked him on the forehead with two fingers and said: "That can wait for later. Now I'm going to bathe you clean first, my beautiful doll."

Chapter V: Sweetest Lie (Chapter IV is cut off her because of its mature content. Check the link in my profile if you want to read that part. My humblest apology.)

Have you ever been betrayed by the one you loved most? The one you respected and idolized? Have you ever seen something a child only eight years old shouldn't? So much blood...so many death...a vicious sight that surely wasn't for a child so young and naive. What if someone told you that someone you've known for all your little life was just an illusion? A pleasant illusion that never really existed?

You might not believe him at first. You might scream and cry and say repeatedly to yourself that it was just a nightmare and hopelessly wish that you would wake up. But years had passed and the child had grown, no longer young and naive. And he had begun to realize that whether what he was told was a lie or not, there was no more of that someone he had once known.

He lied awake as the second ticked. Second to minute...minute to hour...the time had passed yet he couldn't force himself to sleep--no matter how exhausted he felt from the earlier activity. Even though he hated it, he knew he enjoyed it. And that thought made his stomach churn with revolt and a sudden urge to throw up.

"You look as if you were going to cry."

He could feel the other's arms wrap around him--so warm and protective. The familiar warmth he had almost forgotten, being all on his own and distancing himself from people. He yearned for it badly but he knew he shouldn't be feeling like this. It was just another illusion. All the brotherly gestures were mockery...to make fun of his weakness. To Itachi, Sasuke was just a play toy he could play with and break. He had done that before. Why wouldn't he now?

"Remember, Sasuke, you belong to me and no one else."

Sasuke bit his lips bitterly. All the years that he had spent training to beat Itachi seemed completely worthless. He might be far superior from the fellow shinobi but compared to his older brother, he was nothing but an animated doll. Itachi was always the winner. He always had the influence over him. He was always the winner in every way. No matter how hard Sasuke tried, Itachi was still so far away. There was always a distance between them. Even now...

He could hear the other's soft steady breathing. He could feel those well-built muscles rise and fall, being hold so close to the other, bare back against bare chest. Those midnight-black tresses, similar to his own, tickled him, cheek and shoulder, those velvety lips barely brushing his ears. So close yet so far.

Sasuke's eyes narrowed into slits as he caught the sharp flash of silver metal. It was the kunai Itachi used for tearing his clothes from earlier, lying surprisingly in reach as if Itachi intended to leave it there.

"You can try killing me any time you want, little brother."

Sasuke hated it when someone was able to read him like an open book. Itachi knew he wasn't going to try that right now. He knew Sasuke wanted his pride back. And to bring back that lost pride, he needed a clean victory. He turned to face the sleeping Uchiha.

You may be the winner this time. But you won't be the winner forever, for I won't stop trying. I won't stop hating you.

His posture became relax as he studied his brother's sleeping face. Peaceful and vulnerable. Another side of Uchiha Itachi that no one had ever seen. Maybe...even their own parents. He raised his hand up to touch the smooth silkiness that was his brother's cheek, his fingers brushing the stray locks aside.

Yet for once, I will just close my eyes and believe my own sweetest lie that you're the same caring brother I used to love most years ago...


His head was heavy and it throbbed badly as if it was going to explode. His eyes were wary and he found it difficult to lift his eyelids. His breathing was labored, his chest heaved and he felt so cold even despite the warm weather.

Footsteps. Someone was approaching.

Something warm and soft touched his burning cheek and forehead. With a little difficulty, the little boy lifted his heavy eyelids. "Nii-san..." The older boy nodded. And withdrawing his hand, he stood up. Yet he was stopped with a small hand on his wrist. "Nii-san, don't go. It's so cold. Cold..." The younger one said feverishly.

"...I will be back." The older one said and left. He came back shortly after that with a small bucket filled with cold water and a small clothes. "Nii-san, you take it too long."

The older one sighed, placing the wet clothes on his little brother's forehead. "Patience, Sasuke. That's what you should learn if you want to be a fine shinobi. It's just a few minutes." He said and put the sheet over the boy. "Still cold?"

"...No." The younger boy replied though he didn't stop shaking.

The older boy shook his head at his little brother's innocence. "You should be patient but you shouldn't lie, little one."

"But you always lie." The younger boy said, turning his head to the side.

"I do?" The older one raised his elegant eyebrows questioningly. His younger brother turned back slowly, meeting his gaze. "Yeah... you said you'll teach me new shuriken techniques but you never did. You always say 'next time' but you never keep your promise."

"...Then, I'll teach you one when you're fully recover, alright?"

"Really!?" The younger one brightened. "Promise?"

"Really. Promise."



"I love you."


His body clock rang, waking him up automatically. It was morning already. Sasuke snapped his eyes open, revealing two obsidian orbs yet as soon as they took in the sight before him, they instantly bled red like blood.

"Still want to kill me?" Itachi smirked, not even bit intimidate under the intense gaze of the Sharingan. "You seem to be strong enough to try." His hand reached out to grab some of the long black locks, bringing them to his lips. "Or maybe you just want another round."

"You bas-" The rest of the word was cut off as the S rank criminal tugged at the chain and crushed their lips together to silence him. "I told you to stop calling me that." The older Uchiha said, lowering his eyelashes as he pinned his brother to lie back the bed. Sasuke glared heatedly back at him. "I can kill you now."

The chain on Sasuke's neck broke suddenly. The hard metal shattered into pieces--some falling on the sheet and some on the floor with a clink sound. Yet the older Uchiha didn't seem to be surprised. "With what, little brother?" He asked, his nail tracing the wound on the younger boy's right shoulder. "You're still bleeding."

"Why do you care?"

...You still lie.

"Any doujutsu doesn't work with me."

You always lie.

"Why should I believe you?"

"You can try but as I've told you, it's worthless. You're wasting your chakra uselessly." The older Uchiha eyed him knowingly, cupping his chin with one of his hands. "When you should save it...for your special blond friend."

On hearing that, the younger Uchiha's eyes widened.

"I'll come back for you, Sasuke. I promise."


"Why do you care? Akatsuki wants the Kyuubi anyway."

"...I don't care of what Akatsuki would do." Itachi said, one finger trailing down his brother's jaw line, down his neck, and then stopped at the very base.

"Why?" Sasuke asked. His voice sounded vague and utterly soft. Something he didn't meant it to come out like. It made him sound so vulnerable.


Itachi said nothing as he got off his little brother and picked the one of the two food trays the maids had brought him earlier when Sasuke was still asleep up, handing it to Sasuke. "Eat, little brother."


"It isn't poisoned." Itachi added as his brother denied to take the tray from him. He brought one spoonful of food to the boy's lips. "Eat."

Sasuke scowled and took the spoon from Itachi, along with the tray. "I can eat by myself."


"Are you alright?"

"Urgh...my head." The chestnut haired man shook his head as if to get rid of the terrible headache. Shiki eyed her twin worriedly. It's all because of that brat. "Are you alright?" She asked again.

Shiryuu shook his head again and looked up, his violet eyes narrowing dangerously. "Where's that brat?"

Shiki smiled slightly, seeing that her brother was alright. But soon her smile faded. "Uchiha Itachi has him."


Shiki sighed. Even though her brother had never spoken of his secret lust for Uchiha Itachi, she knew. And it wouldn't be good telling him the very detail Kisame had told her. The shark-like man was never fond of her brother but at least he was rather nice to her in a way. Well, it was 'nice' as in the degree of alliance not that 'nice.'

"It seems Uchiha Itachi want to take care of his brother himself." She said, choosing the words carefully.

"That bastard...he didn't do anything but got the prize." Shiryuu seethed. "What's so special of him!?"

Prize? Shiki's eyes widened as she heard that. Yes, that boy looks so much like Uchiha Itachi. No doubt Shiryuu's... She frowned. At this rate, her brother's obsession for the Uchiha prodigy was more than just unhealthy. It was devastating and might lead to his downfall some days.

"Forget that." Shiki said, trying to change the topic. "Boss's having important guests and a big party will be held tonight. And he wants everyone to attend."

Shiryuu raised his eyebrows. "Everyone?"

"No exception."



"Yes. But it isn't expected that they haven't known we're going to strike." Tsunade said. "They know but this is the most appropriate time. It'll be easier to sneak in." She watched the blond boy's lips quirked into a big smile--a confident one as he got everything ready. She frowned.


"Yeah?" The kitsune boy turned.

"Since you insist on going, you should make sure they don't know it's you."

Naruto grinned cheekily. "Don't worry. I have an idea."

Tsunade sighed. It wasn't that she didn't trust the boy but...she was still worried. "The other ANBUs will wait outside. Escape as fast as possible in case anything happen. Remember, we are there to rescue Sasuke not to fight them."

Chapter VI: Dangerous Game

Night wasn't as pleasant as it was expected to be--either for the Konoha nins or the Akatsuki. It was a rainy night--moody and stormy like the long-restrained rage of the sky being unleashed and poured down upon the earth. Yet Sasuke admired it. He stood before the window, watching the cold raindrops hit the glassy surface. The sky was dark-grey with heavy black clouds shrouding the pale crescent moon. Dark and gloomy, cold yet raging and stormy. It suited his mood well. He raised one of his hands up and rest it on the window-glass. The surface was numbingly cold and rigid.

Yet he didn't bother to pull his hand away. His ruby red eyes stared past his own transparent reflection in the glassy surface, down upon the scenery that was the humid green forest below. The rain cast upon the leaves, making the forest look even greener. Even from where he stood, the raven-haired teen felt like he could smell its earthy scent. Yet unlike those swaying leaves, he didn't feel replenished or happy. How could he be happy in a situation like this?

"You're wasting your chakra worthlessly when you should save it for your special blond friend."

From what Itachi had said, he had already known that Naruto was going to be back. And Sasuke was sure the other members of Akatsuki knew this as well. Yet he didn't how soon Naruto was going to be back. He might want to get out of here but to risk his best friend's life... The friend who had saved him from the darkness...the friend who he had shared many things with--whether it was their growing friendship or competitive rivalry, even his bitter past that he didn't want to share...someone who he had learnt to trust with all his heart even though he had never said it...

The young Uchiha heir frowned.

...It wasn't worth it. It would never worth it.

His hand that was rest on the window had become so cold and numb that he didn't feel anything. Outside the window, lightning flashed occasionally, illuminating the night sky as bright as day. Bright but not lively. Sasuke watched as those large droplets continue to hit the transparent surface and slid down, leaving long tear-like trails. Out of the blue, an offensive thunder struck down on a large tree, setting it on fire. The fierce roar was like that of the devil from the deepest abyss. And with another flash of lightning came the living representative of the devil. That was...if this person wasn't the devil himself.

"Thinking of your sweetheart?" A hot, tickling breath caressed his ear teasingly but its owner voice was too monotonous to be called teasing or joking. Those velvety lips brushed across his sensitive earlobe casually yet it sent a rush of shivers down his spine. One strong arm draped around his waist casually. Yet Sasuke knew he was now completely trapped.

"Naruto and I are friends." He said in a plain voice, void of any emotion. His blood-red gaze fixed upon the wild fire that reflected the redness of his eyes, which didn't stop consuming the large tree despite the heavy rain.

Itachi nibbled at his brother's earlobe softly but his loose hold on the boy became tight and harsh as if intending to break his captive's bones as he pulled the younger boy closer against him. "He's coming for you tonight." he whispered into the boy's ear, his lips travelling toward the boy's porcelain cheek.

"Why do you care? Akatsuki wants the Kyuubi anyway."

Sasuke's free hand balled into a white-knuckled fist while his older brother's warm tongue swept across his cheek and swept back when it touched the very corner of his mouth, leaving the wetness to cool when touched by the air.

"I don't care of what Akatsuki would do."

"What're you thinking, Itachi?" He asked quietly but loud enough for the other to hear, a dark look passing across his face. He didn't really expected the older Uchiha to reply.

"..." As expected, Itachi's only answer was silence.

Another crackle of the lightning. The white flash lit up the blackness of the sky once more, contrasting with Sasuke's red eyes as he turned--his lips barely brushing with his brother's. Itachi didn't wait but roughly shoved him back against the cold window. The coldness piercing into his bare skin that he had to restrain himself from shivering as he met the other's lips in a fierce heat of lust that equalled that wild flame if not more. He might not know what his brother was thinking but if he wanted to save his best friend, he would have to play along with Itachi's strings.

Itachi might win this time but he wouldn't let him win in the end.

His dark lashes lowered, leaving only the intense blood-red orbs to see as their kiss deepened and he hooked his arms around his brother's neck. His fingers entangled themselves in the dark wondrous locks. He was playing a dangerous game, he knew... But if was worth to risk.


"Are you sure it's going to work?" Hyuuga Neji asked, eyeing his friend with uncertainty.

Naruto shrugged. "It never fails before."

"..." Neji shifted his gaze toward the thunder rolling night sky, from which the rain didn't stop pouring down. The weather was bad. It wasn't a good significance. The earth was wet and muddy, making it more difficult for them to get moving without too early ringing alarm for their enemies. It wasn't that he didn't know they were going right into the tiger's cave or he had never been on a suiciding mission before. He remembered the crucial one he got when he was still a genin four years ago. That was to go after Sasuke and bring him back when he was persuaded by Orochimaru. This time wasn't that different but...

It was still dangerous.

The Hyuuga genius closed his eyes. The coldness of raindrops tingled his face and lips. And when he opened his eyes again, he activated Byakkugan. "A carriage is coming." He said grimly. "We're waiting outside. When you find Sasuke, escape as quickly as you can. Don't let them catch you."

"You sound a lot like Tsunade-baba, Neji." Naruto joked and moved into the roadway, pulling his...well...'her' dress up a little so that she didn't trip over.

"Naruto." She turned slightly as Neji called. "Yes?"

"...Take care."

The blonde smiled and gave him a thumb-up.

(A/N: To make it less confusing, since Naruto was in his sexy-no-jutsu form, from now on I'm going to call his female form 'Naruko'. Sorry, if you find that disturbing.)


A well-dressed middle-aged man was sleeping in his carriage, letting his servant, the young charioteer did his job. The young charioteer managed his job well and the carriage was moving smoothly until...

The carriage halted all of a sudden, causing the sleeping man to wake up. "What's wrong?" He poked his head out of the window and he was surprised to see a young blonde beauty standing before the carriage. She was wearing a long elegant blue dress that matched her cerulean eyes well and the rich clothes was now wet and clung to her smooth flesh like a second layer of skin. The ornaments in her hair shone brightly in addition to her already stunning feature as the lighning flashed. And she was looking at him with a sad big blue eyes.

Naruko lowered her eyes, making she look even more sad as she voiced in her sweetest voice: "I'm lost."

The man raised his eyebrows, finding it hard to take his eyes off her fascinating feature. "Where're you going, fair lady?"

On hearing this, it had taken all her will power to suppress the mischievous smile from forming on her lips. "Akatsuki mansion."

The man smiled widely as he heard that. "You can come with me." The man was even more than happy if the beauty was joining him in his boring ride to the extravagant party.

This time, the smile curved Naruko's lips. No need to hide it anymore. "Thank you." She said, brightened up.

To Neji and the others' surprise, Naruto was right. The sexy-no-jutsu had never failed. And as quietly as possible, they followed the carriage without making themselves known.

The sky flashed another shade of temporary white, along with a echoing roar. The rain wasn't going to stop that easily.


The inside of the mansion, it was a lot warmer but Naruko still felt cold from the weather outside and the thinness of the fabric of her dress. Her eyes scanning the large hall. There were so many people but all of them were definitely rich, considering just from their dressing alone. Just the lights from the gigantic crystal chandelier in the middle of the ceiling bouncing off their expensive ornaments were about to make her blind. Yet...there was still not even a shadow of Sasuke.

Of course, Sasuke is held captive, how can he be in this party, you moron!?

He has to be in some room...

...But which?

The mansion was so large. It sure wasn't an easy task.

On the corner of her eyes, she saw the chestnut-haired man, Shiryuu talk to a woman whose look almost mirrored him. Maybe they're twins. Standing in the opposite corner was the shark-like man, Kisame. Naruko frowned. Itachi wasn't there. She didn't know why but she had a bad feeling about this. She'd better find Sasuke.

A big hand touched her hip from behind and she quickly spun around to meet its owner. It was the man who had accompanied her here. She looked at him questioningly but he didn't let go of her. That hand of his slid down her leg slowly yet he said nothing but tried to look innocent. That moment the blonde wanted nothing more than just to punch the old pervert off but that would make her disguise fail, so...

"I'm wet all over. Do you have some dry clothes for me to change?"

This caught Shiki's attention. She turned from talking to her brother and saw what the man was doing to the blonde girl. And she absolutely didn't like that but she said nothing about the man's rude manner. Instead, she calmly said: "You can change mine, ma'am."

The man felt uncomfortable under her intense violet gaze and quickly let go of Naruko.


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